Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Unity Rather Than Polarization

I don't think in Memory I've seen a more Polarizing and divisive Election than this one has been.  I had anticipated some flashback from folks who clearly would be angry and fearful or deeply hurt by whatever the Outcome was since there would be a losing Party and shocked Supporters.  I expected it to be close actually so that was no Surprise.  I knew perhaps half the Country would be let down, but I didn't expect the extent of it until I ventured outside the day after and encountered random hostility so clearly evident!  Everyone seemed to be talking about it...Anger was indiscriminately spewed and vented as some tried to do their jobs and serve customers but could not regulate their intense Emotions appropriately!  Wow!  Anger inappropriately directed is never OK, it was both scary and heart rendering to see some Hostile reactions aimed at random folks like that who were just trying to be Customers!  *Yikes*  I didn't even want to be out in it, but I had to be due to Calendared appointments and picking up Rx Scripts.  Thankfully most peeps were holding it together regardless of Feelings about it all.

As an individual that chose to vote Independent because I could not endorse either candidate without feeling like I'd only be hoping to choose what ever I Personally Felt was the lesser of two Evils, perhaps I've just had more time over all these Months of Campaigning to Feel and Process whatever I Felt about the disappointment and embarrassment that this is what it's come to in our Nation Politically?   But more than that I'm Sad to see what it has clearly brought out in so many People in the way of Division rather than Unity as Americans first and foremost!  It's brought out some really UGLY stuff that's for sure, Fear often fosters really Ugly stuff to surface and become evident.   So much so that some folks are eyeballing other folks differently now, as the potential Enemy from within... and that is some heavy stuff, I have no Words for that sentiment so I'll just leave it at that!   I think a prevailing Sentiment I often heard was that folks felt like their 'Choice' was a devil they knew or a devil they didn't.  Seems the main Concern I'm hearing now is they got the devil they didn't!

I'm not at all a Political Person nor inclined to put any Trust in Politics or Politicians since my Trust is in God, so there I Personally choose to place my dependency and Hope.   I Pray daily that my Lord Guide whatever Leadership we have now or have had in the Past, whether I happen to like any of them from either Major Party!   My Dearly Departed Dad always told me that where ever you placed your Dependency would ultimately Control you... and I don't mind at all being Controlled by a Loving Savior that is Guiding my Path and ultimate Destiny.  I don't Fear God except in Faithful Reverence, I Trust Him completely, always have, always will.   Politics on the other hand, well, just look at the track record for too long and know exactly why so much Fear was fostered for this Election and manipulated and exploited by both sides in my humble opinion. 

The Commercials from both Camps just wanted to make me Weep {or vomit} every time they rolled them out to sway a Vote, I was so Thankful it was now over so I didn't have to watch any of them anymore or get the incessant calls.  What makes me want to Weep more now is the climate of the aftermath... what I'm reading on Social Media sites, Blogs, seeing out in Public... so much Anger, Hurt, Fear, Polarization of the People and insecurity for the Future.  I would rather see Unity rather than Polarization and perhaps over time a Healing will come and folks can Calm down?  Perhaps the Good of the Country and of ALL People will prevail if everyone in a position of Leadership can put partisan affiliation enough aside to do the right thing to bring America together and acknowledge the Hurt, the Anger the Insecurity and the Fear so prevalent?

Even Internationally it is Evident since the entire World it seems has been in constant unrest and upheaval, going through so much.   I'd like to Believe that the Negative Vibrations will be quelled by Positive Energy that the Human Spirit can muster.  That Calm and Peace among People be Restored to Unite and not further Separate us.  Collectively I do Believe that Love prevails and promotes Healing and mutual Cooperation, where Hate can never accomplish those things.  I have a lot of adjectives I COULD use about my own Opinions about each candidate we have, few of them flattering actually, since I'm rather a Guarded Person when it comes to the Political Arena in general and the Motives and Agendas of Powerful People overall.   It has been said that Power corrupts and absolute Power absolutely corrupts... I know this to be an unfortunate Truth too much of the time when one wields too much Power over others... including Governments.

I knew that my one small Voice was Lost and so I reconciled myself to knowing that the Majority would rule one way or another to choose a Leadership I was not in Agreement with and was opposed to either way actually.    So I had time to just Accept that as being the Reality I would wake up with the day after Election Day.  To Process my Emotions effectively as to how I'd function as a Proud American regardless of who would be our next President.   The Man, who Served with Dignity for his Country for 39 years and Sacrificed much for it said most eloquently that though he Loves his Country and always will, he doesn't always Trust his Government.  Yeah, I'd have to be in Agreement with that sentiment... but I do still Pray for them daily that they have the Wisdom and Divine Guidance to Serve the People Honorably and not take any of us for Granted.  There is too much at stake and to lose if they don't.


Blessings and Big Hugs to the Hurting and the Fearful this day... Dawn... The Bohemian

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