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Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort & Joy ~ Part V

So the Event is now a Wrap, but I've got about one more Post of Imagery after this one to Share so we'll extend the Comfort and Joy a couple more days shall we?   I don't mind extending Holiday Posts now, because between Black Friday and Christmas I try to avoid too much exposure to the Madness that retail will become!  *Smiles*

I've heard so many say they Enjoy the shopping Madness, especially of a Black Friday Sale... I DO NOT!  In fact, my whole Life, I have never attended a Black Friday Event... never, ever... ever... and I never will!   My Mom never did either and she was the consummate Soldier of Shopping!  *Smiles*  I have attended crowded and madly Popular Events, but when it tips to chaotic frenzy, I tap out!

I have never Camped Out to purchase anything.  I don't even like Camping Out when The Man used to want to do it in the pristine Wilderness of Campgrounds!  So I'm definitely not pitching a Tent and roughing it on some sidewalk or parking lot in the City just to get into a store and deal with Chaos reigning!  To try to snag the meager Teaser Items offered that only perhaps three people will actually 'Score'!

  In fact, the line to get into an Event such as Sweet every Month is about all I'm willing to wait and can handle.  If it's more than say an hour of waiting, or I am not standing in between Friends or other Sociable people who will strike up stimulating conversations and entertain me, my ADHD sets in too strongly to endure!   Waiting... for a person as hyper as me... is torturous you see!  *LOL*

I know you would find this hard to Believe, but if too many peeps are vying for the exact same item, I probably don't even really want it.   It doesn't happen much in my World anyway that everyone is clamoring for what Appeals to me since the stuff I covet tends to be very random, Odd and not necessarily having Mass Appeal.  Which is Great, because there's not much competition for it and thus, I'm Delighted.

Now, some things I really covet have Trended... but once they're On Trend I've usually already gotten my ample stash of it and the Cache' therefore just becomes more Valuable.   When few wanted it the perceived Value was minimal so I usually got mine at a killer Deal... or even Free... which is better!  *Winks*

I don't mind at all tho' once something I've always Loved becomes madly Popular because that means more of it will be Rescued and Saved.  Since if few want it or recognize any Value in an item, much of that item that has Survived is subject to be Lost otherwise and discarded as worthless.  That would make me Heartbroken more than someone else 'Scoring' it ahead of me!

I'm also Glad that items no longer have to be pristine or even in fairly good condition to be Rescued and Valued.   Used to be condition was everything... well, for most people.   I've never ascribed to that opinion that something couldn't have an iota of damage, wear, tear or showing Signs of it's History and Age.  I've always preferred the ravages of Time and Use of my Fav and most coveted Found Objects.

Now that's not to say that a Much Beloved Object has to show intense Use or even the ravages of Time.  Sometimes an Object has been so Lovingly Protected and Preserved that you'd never guess it's Age, Fragility or History by just looking at it.   I'm suitably Impressed when I can find Objects like that and marvel at how they've Survived so intact like that some kinda way!  Almost like they were in a Time Capsule awaiting a Reveal eons later!

And of coarse it does depend upon what Use or Purpose I have for the Object as to what condition it should be in and can be in.  Though to be sure, Objects of the Past tend to last and outlive many Modern disposable Era Objects regardless of how Ancient they already are.

I talked to some Friends who had just purchased a large Major Appliance, a very expensive one... and the first day it malfunctioned and they're going to have to take it back!   I thought about a similar Appliance I had left behind at Old Bohemian Valhalla that was over twenty years old and still going strong.  And an even more Ancient form of that same Appliance that I've seen in Antique Malls that are still operational.  We're talking about Refrigerators.  Yeah, they don't make 'em like THAT anymore!

And this is why I feel many Vintage and Antique Objects are still a good Investment, they will likely outlast anything New you could even buy at any price.   And even if they need Repairs, usually they at least CAN be repaired... disposable Era Objects typically cannot, they were never meant to last or be repaired!

Granted, there are exceptions to this Rule so before you tell me you can get your Rolex repaired so that it will last and you just throw your Timex away, I GET IT!  *Winks*   Yes, some well built Modern Objects that you pay a Premium for are the exception... but you will Pony Up for that Quality, in Spades!

Old Bohemian Valhalla was over a Century Old and it still looked Solid as a Brick Shit House... probably was more Solid actually since I don't know that any of those ever had fourteen to sixteen inch thick walls?!  *Winks*  Though New Villa Boheme' is touted as a Luxury Home and is Gorgeous, I'm Glad I won't have to see it a Hundred Plus years from now.  I can only Imagine what any Modern Subdivision will look like if they even last that long?  *Ha ha ha*

The decline has been ongoing and steady tho'.  My Parents had a Home built when they first moved to the Valley in the early Seventies.  I remember they had some structural problems from the get-go.  I attributed it to most peeps being High in the Seventies... so Lord knows what psychedelic influence played out in the building of anything during that Era?  *LMAO*   But what about now, what's the excuse for poor workmanship NOW on very Expensive and Major Investment Objects particularly, like a Home or a Vehicle?

Sure, I suppose it could be a similar excuse to the Psychedelic Era... but I don't know that I see a whole lotta obvious Crackheads and Tweakers working on the Construction sites... unless they're stealing something... but I could be mistaken?!?   I'm Assuming that most Manufacturing is being done by regular peeps who are clean and sober... and at least marginally skilled?  But Modern Construction pales by comparison to Vintage and Antique Workmanship.

Yes, I know, Mass Production has gotten prices allegedly down to where everyone can now afford damned near anything really.  I know this because I have seen a Homeless Man plug his Laptop into a City Outlet Downtown in The Deuce... True Story... and my Prodigal SMI Daughter has been Homeless by choice most of her Adult Life but she's almost always had a Cell Phone.  But do we have to compromise Quality and Workmanship on everything nowadays and have it be disposable?  Do we?!?

I prefer Vintage and Antique for that reason for most items... they last... they were well built and made of Quality materials.   And even some Modern items have deteriorated in Quality even if they have advanced Technologically.   I had a Flip Cell Phone for over Twenty years, it still worked perfectly when the Grands coerced me into upgrading it to my nifty Smart Phone. *Smiles* Which is already malfunctioning in it's second year of Ownership and I don't even use it that much!

I had upgraded The Young Prince's Cell Phone about four Months ago since Young People think they need regular upgrades and Trade-Ins, which fuels our disposable Economy.  His was going on the fritz too so we took both into our Provider and the Young Man behind the counter feigns that they might be repairable and then says, Well, we might have to hook you up with Newer Phones!   I dryly says, Newer than Four Months Old and less than Two Years Old??!? My Sarcasm was not lost on him.  *Winks*


Yeah, tho' I don't mind doing my part to Stimulate the Economy and all that...  that's just ridiculous IMO.   I tells the Young Man that if the replacement Phones aren't Free, I'm not Down for that since I haven't even finished making the payments on the Young Prince's last Upgrade... you know, a mere Four freakin' Months ago!  Besides, don't these things have any kind of Warranty anymore to Guarantee a modicum of Workmanship and Quality Control since they are never Cheap!?

I Wish I hadn't thrown away my Old Flip Phone now... *Winks*... besides, I'm sure it would now Qualify as authentic 'Vintage'... and who knows how Valuable and coveted that could be?!?!??!?  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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