Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort & Joy ~ Part III

Now that I'm downloading comparable Images taken by a Good Camera and my Cell Phone I'm realizing that what I really would like to do is to find a Camera with a Memory Card that takes the crisp effortless Photography of a Cell Phone!  How is it that the Cameras on our Phones are now so much better than actual Cameras?!?  *LOL*

I mean Seriously, I'm always Amazed at the Quality of the Photos taken by everyone's Cell Phones!  I practically Feel like a Professional Photographer with mine, but alas, I can't and don't use it that much for Photos.  Due to it taking up so much Phone Memory and not being able to preserve the Images elsewhere except here in The Land Of Blog when I Share them and then delete them on the Phone to free up limited space.

I'm a Hoarder of Images you see... I have a little box now with the Memory Cards filled with Photos I've taken... as a backup.  Older People are like that, we're distrustful of Technology just enough to need and want a backup.  You know, just in case Technology fails us and everything on our Computers were to be accidentally erased or be unable to be retrieved some day?!?

Even back in da day I used to Save all my Negatives of 35mm Film... and even some Negatives older than that form of Photography... that my Parents had taken.  It was only once we moved from Old Bohemian Valhalla recently that I finally tossed them all in the Great Purge required for a Big Move... reluctantly... since God knows I thought I'd one day regret the decision?!?  *Smiles*

I have an Insane Data Bank of Photography Folders stored on this Computer... my Grown Kids and Grands think it hysterical and claim it's bogging down the speed of my Old Computer.  But I know if I delete any of them it deletes the Imagery off my Blog from Archived Posts... and I cannot bring myself to Purge Old Posts either... I know... I'm a Sick Woman!  *Bwahahaha!*

Why do I Care, I don't even really know... I can't even tell you the last time I actually re-read or visited an Archived Post of my Blog.  Or during all those years of Storing Negatives how infrequently I actually Created a duplicate Image from a Negative.  Or Created a hard copy of a Photograph anymore for an Old School Photo Album off of the Memory Cards holding years of more Modern Photographs taken!  Like almost never... so it was all rather pointless really... and yet...

I just tend to be one of those people who instinctively Feel the Need to Save things, mostly things that are Important to me in some way or I really Believe I might Need or Use at some Future point in time.  I know, the definition and epitome of a Hoarder really right?  *LOL* 

 Thankfully eventually I grow weary of having Saved something too long and do away with it, which is quite Liberating, so I Wish I could do it more often and consistently.  So I must be a low level Hoarder on the scale of Hoarding affliction?!  *Whew!  Winks*  If it's a Tiny Hoard I don't mind so much Keeping it practically indefinitely tho', my Memory Cards are such a Tiny Hoard that they take up no space at all really even if they languish in that box practically Forgotten.

Which is why my Purging of Teeny Tiny Bits and Bobs, the Smalls of Life, tends to never happen and thus the accumulation of them gets Epic... because they don't bother me and don't overwhelm any space.   Larger items or too much of something and clutter, that bothers me... which is why my perpetual Editing and Purging is ongoing so that there doesn't have to be an Intervention run by Family and Friends!  *Smiles*

Which is also why those who hardly even know me but see me every now and again at an Event... or visit me here in The Land Of Blog, query about Why I would bother to buy even one more thing in this Lifetime?   Knowing that I've been on a perpetual Quest to Downsize!  I know, the Question makes Perfect Sense and is a Valid one... why should anything come In if you're always Working on things going Out?

And I Meditated upon it actually... only to come to the conclusion that if I actually were to never, ever buy another thing in this Lifetime that wasn't absolutely necessary for Survival, how would I Feel about that and how Tormented would I be to permanently Resist the Urge to?   Even for those of you who are Moderate or Frugal in being a Consumer, could you never, ever buy another thing in this Lifetime actually that wasn't NECESSARY?

And I'm not talking about out of Necessity... like when you're in abject Poverty... and it's not even an option so you couldn't even if you wanted to.  I've had Seasons of Life that were such that out of Necessity I couldn't buy anything that wasn't absolutely necessary... or even things that were necessary but I couldn't even afford that... it can really Suck.   I mean, how many of us only want what is absolutely necessary for minimal Survival?

But that is an extreme end of the spectrum I know... so lets say, what if you had everything you really Needed and so you just avoided those extra things you just Wanted?   Could you consistently Resist the Urge to get at least some of the Wants satisfied and scratch that itch?  Or could you go Cold Turkey and say, it's not Needed so No, I won't get it?!?  I mean sometimes I do that... so I know that I CAN do that... but do I Want to?  All of the time especially?  Nope... that's my Final Answer!  *Winks*

And Yes, some folks can and do lead Spartan Lives by Choice and live the Simple Life, not just by Necessity.   Some have always done it and others have come to a Season of their Lives where they chose to become way more Minimalistic for whatever reasons that prompted them to change their Lifestyle drastically.   Simple can be very Freeing of burdens, that's for sure... I've lived a Simple Life and had next to nothing, it's easy to take care of Nothing actually.  *Winks* It wasn't that Contentment only comes from having stuff either, absence of stuff can be something you can be Content with. 

But I happen to Love Nice things... I Love to surround myself with them... and if the Home is in Order I don't mind having a lot OR having a little.  I've been Content with either Lifestyle actually... right now I'm in the Middle of balancing what is Just Enough for me though?   I haven't decided how much to get rid of nor how much to add... and more importantly WHAT?!

I also find that Life can be quite the Evolutionary Process for us as Time marches on.   We change and evolve constantly in subtle or even major ways as we go thru the Seasons of Life.   So how I Feel right now about what I have... or what I'd like to have... can be subject to change without notice actually.  And it is that constant Metamorphosis that I find to be most Exciting actually.

Besides, I haven't yet Seen everything nor Experienced everything and so when I see something New... or experience something new... I might want it for more than that fleeting moment of just laying Eyes upon it or Experiencing it for the first, and perhaps last, time!  Other times the fleeting moment is enough, you just never know.  Sometimes the fleeting moment just has to be enough.

I do think part of the Human Experience is our ability to be able to actually Enjoy our Environment in ways that the Animal Kingdom might be more limited in doing.   I'm not really Sure if my Cat is Attached to very many things in her World or not, she doesn't seem to be... tho' she is rather Fond of Princess T, her Human.  *Winks*

I think most Creatures do Need their place of refuge... but with Humans, we tend to Decorate it some kinda way to reflect our Individual Essences.  For some it's clearly more Important than with others... I've seen some Hot Messes of refuges that were utter Chaos or deplorable, so for some it seems pretty basic and not necessarily a priority what their Nest is like.

That may or may not have to do with how one was Raised or other Life factors... but by and large, most people do make a House a Home.   What that looks like and Feels like for each Individual can be quite Unique and varied.   I think Shopping therefore is that Instinctive Hunter-Gatherer Quest to Feather the Nest so to speak for us Humans... especially us Female Humans.  *Winks*

It's where we will Live and Raise our Families, Entertain our Friends and retreat to when the World needs to be shut out... it is our Refuge.  So it should look like and Feel like we NEED for it to at any specific point in Time.  It should bring us Comfort and Joy!   And not just during the Holidays...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I keep my photo chips too! For what I don't know!

  2. Dear Dawn. You are like me and need to be visually stimulated...and bogland is such a wonderful place to soak up visuals as well as share. For years I walked around with a camera and took pictures, for absolutely no reason. Not like I had a place to share them, occasionally with a bit of poetry, but alas, now I wish I could take photos for no reason.

    Never stop and by all means at the price of photo them. EXCEPT when cameras' die, as well as the platform they were originally on...UGH!

    Grins and best Thanksgiving of all to you and your family! Sandi


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