Friday, November 18, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort & Joy ~ Part II

I was absolutely in Lust with this Antique Mantle... the only thing that could have made it more Ideal for me would have been if it's original Color was painted Black!

I wasn't able to get close enough to it in order to check out the Price, which is just as well since I can't make any Major Purchases anyway.  I would have been crestfallen had it been affordable and I couldn't buy it, you know?

I have Fabulous Antique Mantles at Home which are equally Stunning, but one more... well, you know... I could Justify one more.  *Winks*   I'm sure Originally it wasn't painted at all and is clearly Victorian Era so is likely a nice quality Wood underneath the Paint.

But the Patina of the peeling White crackled Paint was Appealing to me so I doubt I'd want to strip the Paint or re-paint a piece like this and would have left it 'As Is'.   It was an enormous Mantle with high Fireplace opening so I would have Loved to have seen the Victorian Manse it came out of!  Grieves me no end to know it probably got razed tho' and Salvaged Architecture is all that remains of it's Grandeur.

In fact the Architectural Salvage of that Era was everywhere and as an Old Door Hoarder going way back... well... these two Doors caught my Eye... doesn't matter how many I already own, Love me some Old Doors!  *Winks*

The Cloche Displays were so Sweet... I really like the Bottle Brush Trees inserted into Old Silver Plate Serving Pieces.   Some of the Zinc Cloche Stands were very Appealing to me for the Christmas Season.  And you know my Mantra, everything looks more Important under Glass!

The White Christmas Decor Elements really made it Feel more like Winter... since here in the Desert we have to give the Illusion of Winter really.  I haven't done a White Themed Christmas in years and won't this year, but I do like the Look for the Season.

I Love Old Millinery and the Great Old Florals on several Vintage Hats was Sublime!   I've been known to buy even an Ugly or Funky Old Hat if it had great Old Floral Millinery on it!  *LOL*

I really, really Loved these Fantastic Old Velvet Millinery Flowers, especially the Sepia Hued ones.  So had to get in Close to get a better look with the Close-Up of what Appealed to me most.

Now this Great Old Wool Top Hat with Vintage Millinery I Loved everything about and would have kept it exactly as it is to use for Pimping out some Taxidermy.  *Smiles*

Yes this would have been a Fine Specimen to add to my Funky Old Hat Collection... alas, had to Pass on it... dammit!  Those Old Millinery Flowers were absolutely Divine, I was having an Epic Swoonfest about this piece I couldn't have!  *Pouting petulantly!*

Clearly I used Epic Restraint going to a Christmas Event and only coming Home with one Small inexpensive item... the Tabletop Sepia Christmas Tree.  It was hard though, so many Killer pieces Tempting me this Show that I would have preferred to have had a healthier Budget to splurge on some pieces for the New Home.

Though we are Editing and Purging many possessions since the Big Move we are still trying to Style and Decorate this New Home in a way that Compliments it nicely and rounds out every room Perfectly.  I've Culled so much that 'didn't work' here, since every Home has it's own Personality and Style that lends itself to the Architecture.

But I'm also Glad that it's a very Slow Evolution to Decorate and Style this Home so that I get it Just Right and with Just Enough and no more.  The Letting Go of what does not work here or is excess has been effortless really and funds Purchases for things that do work here.

I'm finding that I can Admire many things that I know would not work here at New Villa Boheme' and Feel absolutely no Desire to own any of it.   The ability to Edit and Curate is slowly but surely becoming more of a Natural Habit now that I've spent a few years Devoted to being better at it.

Of coarse there are some things I disposed of and Sold Off that now The Man or The G-Kid Force say they Wished I had not!  Imagine that... I'm the one they claimed was inclined to Hoard Up Nice things and once I began Letting Go en mass suddenly they're saying I'm getting TOO GOOD at it!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Princess T is Wishing I hadn't Let Go of all my Vintage Elf On The Shelf Collection circa 1960's.   I Sold every last one... they Sell well in fact!

But I try very hard not to re-purchase identical items to replace anything I already Edited and Purged from previous Collections... what would have been the Point, right?!   I'd Feel like I was backsliding instead of making Progress... so no Vintage Elf On The Shelf came Home in spite of her Missing of them now that they're Gone.

Okay, so I CAN Relate to her Sentiments tho'... don't you sometimes also see something you USED to have and got rid of and then have that nagging Attachment to it kinda for Nostalgia's sake?  Every so often I run into something like what I owned in the Past and still Feel an Emotional Connection due to that History and Remembrance of it from a bygone time in my Past.

I recognize that it's the Memory that is stirring up the Emotion tho', not necessarily the Object itself, sometimes it's an Object I didn't even LIKE!  *Ha ha ha*  I recently saw a Fur Koala Bear Toy identical to the ones my Dad sent us Kids from Vietnam during his R&R in Australia, where many Troops went for brief R&R during the Vietnam War.

Now, I ain't gonna Lie, I always thought that Rabbit Fur covered Koala Bear was Ugly and I didn't actually Like it or ever Play with it or Sleep with it or anything... I wasn't even Sad to Donate it a few years later. I didn't even ever think about or recall it all these years later 'til I saw an identical Vintage one recently!  But, since it was a Gift from my Beloved Dad... and Dad is Gone now and the Original Koala I had has been long gone now... it stirred up such strong Emotion and Attachment to that Memory that I almost bought the damned thing from the Antique Mall!  *LOL*

And since it's at our Antique Mall I often walk by it and stroke it's Ugly little Head fondly, recalling the Memory that is fonder actually than the Object it represents and I still don't Like or really want to re-own again.  *LOL*  Have you ever kept something too long that you really had zero Attachment to just becoz whoever Gifted it was so Precious to you?

And as I thought about that particular Old Koala Toy from long ago and read this Velveteen Rabbit Verse... I choked up... a really big lump in the throat choking up... because ain't that the Truth my Friends?   When I beheld it NOW all these years later, even tho' it wasn't my Original One from Dad... it almost COULDN'T be Ugly anymore... except to people who don't Understand.  Because that Memory was and still is so Poignant and Real... in such a Beautiful way that the Object Represents.


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. I think we all have a velveteen rabbit in our 'memory'. I know I was stricken by a velveteen, literally rabbit once at an antique store. It was so old and so limp, and so straggled, you know that it had been loved to 'death' basically. And I wanted to scoop him up and take him home, but he was $145 (tell me that the dealer wasn't Scrooge incarnate), and that simply wasn't doable. I returned a couple of days later with grocery money in hand. And the dealer said with a smirk(I swear) that he had been scooped up and went to a 'good home'. I almost wanted to deck the guy.

    Lesson learned, nostalgia is a state of being and not something to feed, LOL. Great post though, love all those pics and the plaids are great, thanks again for the smiles, Sandi


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