Monday, November 14, 2016

Highland Yard Vintage ~ 'Tis The Season ~ Part II

So I see you're ready to begin a second day with us at HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE 'Tis The Season' Event.  It is now a Wrap, but I Hope I captured enough of the Enchantment to make you want to be waiting with Anticipation for next Month's Event 'Winter Wonderland'?

I'm very Glad they're doing two Christmas Seasonal Shows back to back, I particularly Enjoy the Seasonal Vignettes to get me into the Holiday Spirit.  I only regret I didn't make my Maiden Voyage to this Venue during the Halloween Season!  Oh well, you Live and Learn.

I was really Delighted to see so much Architectural Salvage Decor, which is something I've had Passion for since the Seventies when I began Collecting Architectural Salvage to Save it from being Landfill bound and forever Lost!  Back then there wasn't the Appreciation for it that there is now... I'm Relieved now that it's being sought after so more will be Rescued.

And I'm also Glad that a lot of the Utilitarian Vintage and Antique Furnishings in their original condition are also now being fully Appreciated.  Farmhouse and Ranch Rustic Furnishings are something I also have always had an affinity for.  The History and daily use of the pieces are so Rich and Evident in the Patina etched over Time.

I don't really have the room for too many more large pieces of Furniture unless I swap it with something I already have, but I still fully Appreciate pieces that I would Decorate our Home with if we had the Need or Space for it.  This Rustic Farmhouse Hutch was such a piece... Loved everything about it.

And this Wine Glass Rack Created from Fabricated Industrial Metals was way Cool too and a very Unique piece to Showcase your Wine Glasses and keep them handy.

Lately, more and more the Vintage Industrial Vibe is growing on me strongly.  The Man J'Adores Vintage Industrial Style and I could definitely see our Home incorporating more of it as a healthy collaboration of both of our preferences for Decor melding and Transforming more in that direction.

I also liked that there was a vast array of Bath and Beauty Products in great Organic Scents at the Event.   Princess T and I were Enjoying the Aromas of the different Scents and Products.   I have a Weakness for really Nice Bath and Beauty Products that we can indulge ourselves with when we Bathe and want to Relax with Spa Treatments at Home.

I was also very Impressed with how many Real Deal Patinas were evident on the Furnishings and Decor pieces.   I'm not completely opposed to faux finishes and refinishing, but I 100% of the time prefer The Authentic Real Deal Original Patina that only Time can impart on my pieces for Home.

And I completely have an Old Fireplace Mantle fetish, I always Imagine what the Original Fireplace might have looked like in the Historic Homes they came from?  Actually I always Imagine what the whole House looked like that they were Salvaged from... and when it might have been Lost and where it was?


Great Old Hardware is also a Weakness of mine... I pick it up whenever I find it even if I don't Need it for a Project right now.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I've Salvaged an Old Piece of Furniture and Upgraded it with Authentic matching Hardware if it was missing it's Original Hardware or I didn't like the Style of Hardware it had originally.  So having a huge Stash of Original Antique Hardware is Priceless.

In fact for this year's Christmas Tree I'm thinking strongly of temporarily using some of my Antique Hardware as Christmas Ornamentation for the Tree.  Quite often Antique Hardware are like miniature Works of Art and so Interesting in their Design and Aesthetic.

There was a lot of Whimsy and Vintage Toys at the Event, in hindsight I probably should have Photographed more of it.  But I got busy Socializing and you know how that goes, then I get off Task and forget what I Covered and didn't yet Cover of the Event.  *LOL*

Not to mention I had The Force with me and it had been a long Adventurous Day of Fun and they were beginning to fade by the time we reached this Event later in the day.  They both fell asleep early in fact, apparently I Wore them clean out!  *Winks*

The Lavender Scented Bath and Beauty Products happened to be the Favorite of Princess T and I... perhaps inhaling all that Fresh Lavender actually made her Sleepy?  *Smiles*   I have used Lavender for both Generations of Kiddos I've Raised to help them Naturally Relax and Feel Sleepy.  It is a great remedy for Insomnia if you keep Sachets of it under a Pillow to Relax and Unwind more effectively so as to drift off to Sleep.  We've always had Lavender Scented Boudoirs.

I could have lingered much longer at the Event had I not had Worn Out Children in tow.  But actually they were very Good the entire day and I liked that we had such Quality Time Together having Fun.   Sometimes its just better to Share an Adventure even if you have to cut it shorter if someone gets Tired earlier than you do.

The Young Prince rarely joins us anymore now that he's Sixteen and I miss him being along because he can be so Funny and keep everyone Laughing heartily.  He's got a very Wry sense of Humor and I Love that about him, since we're a little twisted from the Norm for sure so find Humor in strange things.  *Winks*

And though in the Shops we certainly Enjoy the Traditional Christmas Decor, we know that for our Home it isn't usually Traditional nor the Norm of Decor we prefer to Decorate with for our Holidays.  We like to try different things and think outside of the box as to what we might put on our Christmas Tree and make Vignettes with for the Holidays.

It's very seldom that we'd do Christmas Decor the same way twice... in fact, I can't remember that we've ever replicated a Christmas Decor Theme, we've always put a Twist on it even if it was remotely similar to a previous year.  So many possibilities, so few Christmases, you know?  *Smiles*

I know that many are Nostalgic about Ornamentation and to be sure we've kept a few Nostalgic and Sentimental Seasonal Decor items and Ornaments for the Tree.  I still have some European Glass Ornaments that were my Great Maternal Grandmothers and are well over a Century Old now.  But we don't use them all the time, we Keep them for posterity and to hand down eventually.

Perhaps they've lasted so long because we haven't used them so often that they've had a lot of handling actually?   When we do use them it brings back floods of Memories of Christmas Past that's for Sure and a Rush of Nostalgia of when my Parents used them and I used them on occasion when our Kids were growing up.

I haven't been beyond Decorating an entire Christmas Tree or even having a Holiday Theme based on one Inspirational Item I spied and then do the entire Holiday around it's Inspiration!  Sometimes I never even know what that Aha Moment will be or the Object that will Inspire a particular year's Theme until I spy it!

So I'm always on the Lookout for Objects that will perhaps flip the switch for an entire Holiday Theme I never would have thought of or Dreamed up had it not been for that item or Style!   Magic tends to happen when you become Inspired by something Random like that actually, some of our best Ideas have Manifested from those Moments of Pure Serendipity of Inspiration.

It could be something as Simple as a swatch of Fabric to Inspire a Holiday Color Theme... a Random Object of any kind and not even necessarily a Holiday Object at that, but an everyday one.  Or maybe a little piece of Creativity you saw and fell in Love with and decided you want to base an entire Holiday Theme around that.

I'm not doing it this year, but I did find that the Plain Fabric Ticking on those Farmhouse Inspired Pillows would indeed make a great Holiday Theme of both Color choice and Style for Christmas.  I could run with something like that if it Appeals to me strongly enough.  And even if it doesn't for this year, it might for another Holiday Celebration in the Future!

Both G-Kids are already Anxious to get the Christmas Trees out of Storage and put up!  This is the absolute earliest they've ever asked if we could and so we just might and have the Theme for this year Evolve slowly and more Organically over a longer period of time.

Usually I don't start until the day after Thanksgiving, but some years we've done it earlier, just not quite this early but I'm Down with starting now if they help me put Autumn Harvest Theme away and replace it with Christmas and Winter.  In fact, it would make it more Relaxing to Decorate at a slower Pace.

I don't know the Pace that you normally Decorate the Holidays with my Friends but for me I do like to take some Time and not Rush it.   If I can slowly start bringing things out of Seasonal Storage and begin, it can take however long it takes to actually put it all together to completion.

I did think to myself that these Hues for that bottom Pillow went together very well for a more Unusual Holiday Color Palette, don't you think?   I know that this year Burlap will be Evident, I like it a lot, I use it a lot, and Vintage Galvanized Tin.

This too would make an Interesting and Pretty Holiday Color Palette as well... Grey is a Hue that is gaining momentum in our Home and being incorporated more.   Since it is a Neutral it doesn't clash with any other Color you might have.

Suspending Shiny Brite Ornaments by clear Fishing Line looks so Ethereal.  I'm not sure I have the Patience for any Labor Intensive Treatments this year in my Decor tho' so I'm going with a more Time Sensitive Styling.  *Winks... what a delicate way to say Lazy, right?  LOL*

I'm also liking this Idea of just adding pieces of Antique Hardware to some great Old Drawers with Original Paint and Patina evident.  I like to store things in great Old Drawers so I've Salvaged just the Drawers sometimes on pieces of Furniture that are incomplete or have seen better days and cannot be redeemed as a whole.   Well, most can actually be redeemed or repurposed if you have the Time and disposition to be Mad Creative... but often I just don't.  *Smiles*

Because due to our recent profound Loss of Mom and the Political Climate such that it currently is, I just want a Simple and Meditative Type of Holiday Season this year, nothing Complicated or Stressful at all.  Just quiet Contemplation of the Reason for this Season to us and Rejoicing that regardless of Circumstances Christ is still Lord and our Source of Hope Eternal!  


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I do like the looks of the shiny oenament hanging in the window!

    1. Labor Intensive though so I doubt I'll be having Shiny Brites cascading down from my windowpanes! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Some lovely ideas here. Good idea to decorate organically and slowly.
    What a great idea using door knobs etc for ornaments! Will be on the look out.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes, I need everything right now to move more slowly and deliberately, though the Grief Process for Mom seems to be easier than I expected it to be. I think she fought so long and so hard I had time to Let Go and have a Peace about it being best for her to be released from time into eternity. Thanks for stopping by for a Bloggy visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Such a lot of fun in this post. LOVE all the Junque, as my mother would call prized pieces. Hoping to get my mess here, organized for the holidays, Grins and thanks for the inspirations, Sandi


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