Sunday, November 13, 2016

Highland Yard Vintage ~ 'Tis The Season ~ Part I

So I'd heard a lot of Impressive Reviews about it, a new Monthly Event on the Far Southeast Side of the Valley at HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE and I couldn't wait to make the Pilgrimage myself from the Far Northwest Side of the Valley... gathered The G-Kid Force together and set out on a ROAD TRIP for our Maiden Voyage there!

Okay, so they had me at the Entrance... there's never a 2nd Chance to make a Good 1st Impression and we were suitably Impressed and Eager to step inside!  This was already a Vibe I was totally diggin' just from the Vignettes out front.

We knew we'd come on the third day of the four day Event so I'm certain it was even more off the hook on Opening Day.   Alas, due to the very long commute and kiddos in School on Thursday, it is unlikely that I'll be able to make it on an Opening day unless they're on School Break.  *Le Sigh*

But nevermind, even on the third day I was still blown away and the Vignettes were still Impressive and the selection of Awesome Inventory still made my Heart skip a beat!   That enormous Fireplace Mantle for example!  *Swoon*

Since this Christmas I'm going for Simplicity and a Casual Rustic Vibe I got loads of Inspiration as well.  On how best to Create Christmas Enchantment using many objects I already have, as well as what I might want to add to Accessorize and Seek!  I've got Old Doors, Galvanized Tin galore... so now I'm in Accessory buying Mode!  *Winks*

Well now, you didn't think I'd say I already have every damn thing I think I'll Need did you?  *Bwahahahaha!*  There's always gotta be a just a 'lil somethin'-somethin' newly acquired to Dress Up whatever I already have!

Lucky... or perhaps Unlucky... for me... I had The Accountability Police in tow with me this day.  Namely the Chief of the Accountability Police Squad, the relentless Princess T who was keeping tabs on me like she was my Parole Officer... and there was no ditching her.  *Le Sigh*  Otherwise, one or more of these Killer Drawers might have come Home with me.  *Winks*

Sure, she was suitably Impressed and Enchanted too, but she had her Mind dead set on Ensuring that the Grandchild Fund for Christmas didn't get depleted by an overly Tempted Gramma!  *Smiles*  Remember Gramma, there's so many of us you have to do Christmas for!!!   She's got a valid point so I couldn't argue with that Logic.

But Lord have Mercy, the Temptations were virtually everywhere... and not just for Christmas Decor.  In my Mind's Eye I was picturing several Killer pieces that would look Fabulous in New Villa Boheme'... like that Black Chifferobe, which I'd seen online and just had to oogle and Lust after in Person!  *LOL* 

In fact we could have a very Black and Sepia Inspired Christmas and were discussing this, her and I, because she can relate to that rather Nightmare Before Christmas Vision since we're both Weird like that.  *Ha ha ha*

We both were gravitating towards the Vignettes in this Color Palette and Styling rather than the Traditional Christmas Color Palettes and Styling that tend to be more Popular.  Sure, a Traditional Christmas can be Magical and Beautiful, but we like to often Decorate outside of the proverbial box and utilize unusual Decor on hand.  Though that Antique Beaver Top Hat was Calling to me!  *Winks* When I picked it up I got a stern Gramma NO!!!!  *Le Sigh*

Remind me next Visit to try to ditch them BEFORE I leave the house Okay?  *Bwahahahaha!*  Young Prince because he Marathon Shops so he's Done before us Gals barely get started and claims he's already seen it all so when are we leaving already?  *Rolling my Eyes*   Go Zone Out on your Phone is my reply, we'll be Done when we're ready.  *Winks*

So he goes and Obediently does just that... I've drilled that Obedience is better than Sacrifice Mantra deeply into his Psyche I think.  *LOL*  Plus, what Teen doesn't want to Zone Out on their Phone and ignore the rest of you with your express permission to, right?

He did however refuse to allow me to Photograph him this day, said he wasn't 'Dressed' for it?!  WTF, what, were you supposed to be in your Santa or Elf Ensemble or somethin'?!  I wasn't even Sure what his response was supposed to mean???!??!   'Dressed' for 'it'????? *Bwahahahaha!*  He didn't elaborate so I respectfully declined to try to Photograph him since he clearly felt he was under-dressed for the Occasion?  *LOL*

Besides, I think the Novelty of hanging out with his Little Sister and Gramma this day was wearing off already.   Initially he hadn't wanted to come along but he was Bored enough to change his Mind and reconsider at the last minute... like he was doing us a Favor!  *LMAO*   A long drawn out O-K-A-Y with an audible Sigh... I'll come...  *She and I Roll our Eyeballs and stifle a Laugh!*

  So, with a stern Warning that if he became a Pain in the Arse and tried to Ruin our Good Time, we might just ditch him and he'd have to find his own way Home, we let him tag along.  He actually Believes we'd do that since we're clearly two unstable Crazy Chicks, his Sister and I.  One less Bell to answer, one less Egg to fry!!!  *LOL*

Well, actually they've heard the Stories that in fact I DID DO THAT to one Prodigal Teen Daughter, their Mom, back in da day!!!   I Confess during an outing with me where she got sneaky at a Major Mall, ditched me, had Friends come pick her up and thought I wouldn't notice.  I noticed... when I was done and she hadn't rendezvous at her check-point and time, I left and went Home without her.  When the Call came in {from a Pay Phone, there were no Cells in those days...} asking where I was, I casually told her, Home.

She petulantly asked how she was going to get Home now, I told her perhaps those Sneaky Ass Friends of hers she left the Mall with could give her a ride? *Winks* The Man took pity on her and went to retrieve her, after that she never missed a rendezvous when out with Mom, knowing this Home Girl don't Play... these have heard that True Story and they stick with me like White on Rice or hit their Rendezvous Time and Place to the Second!  *LOL*

I know, Pray for me, coddle Parenting just has never been my Style nor making Excuses for Bad Behavior... I mete out Consequences for it 100% of the time.  I'm Consistent like that since Disobedience and Bad Behavior just tends to set me off like a Firecracker every time... Kids learn this fast, even Kids that aren't mine.  *LOL*  And unless Consequences don't phase them {Yes, there are Kids like that, I Raised one... The Prodigal} you will get voluntary Compliance and Sincere Respect most of the time.

But enough of my Parenting Skills... or lack thereof... *Smiles*... did anyone else think this was a Cool Idea?   Crate Shadowbox mounted inside of empty Ornate Frame and holding something you wanted to Showcase?  As the Young Prince wandered off Zoned Out now on his Cellphone and resigned to just being there for however long we took, The Princess and I had more Time now sans his Incessant Complaining, to Enjoy the Details around us!  *Smiles*

We had time now to Get Lost in Admiring Cute little Ornaments made with Delightful Simplistic Rustic Elements that could Grace a Christmas Tree like the one we're Envisioning for this Christmas.

We both fell in Love with that Sepia Velvet Scrap wrapped Tree with Vintage Bohemian Bling Accents Decorating it on the Left.  But not so much was she smitten with it that she'd lapse on her diligent Duties and let me consider buying it... remember how many Grandkids you have to buy for Gramma was her stern Warning to put it back down.   She knows me actually holding something could be a precursor to it becoming attached to me!  *LOL*

Now, some of my very Talented Friends are indeed Stylists and Vendors there at this Event and so my Friend Mike, who Affectionately refers to me as an Extreme Blogger Friend *smiles, I like that!*,  Graciously introduced me to the Owners whose Vision this all was.  Such a Delightful Group of People have put this Vision together and their collaborative efforts are making this a Destination... I'll be back... as often as I can... you can count on it my Friends!

It is a Four Day Event from Thursday thru Sunday on the Second Week of every Month.  This Month's Event is "Tis The Season" and runs from November 10th-13th and next Month's Event is "Winter Wonderland" and will run December 8th-11th... I'm already Calendaring my next Road Trip Pilgrimage!  *Winks*

What's really Great is they are Expanding and have a lot of room to do so... and some of the Expansions are already taking place and are up and running in their Soft Openings.   So even MORE Delights are in store and since they are behind a very Popular Antique Mall MERCHANT'S SQUARE and PICKER'S ALLEY, well, you have MORE than a Trifecta of Fabulousness to browse thru, it's well worth the Trip from where ever you're coming from!

My dilemma always is getting Hopelessly Lost on the Far East Side of the Valley and gleefully Wandering, luckily The Son and his Family live out there and Guide me in by Phone.  Now, I don't mind being Lost since I'm a Journey Oriented Person, but it also means if I have Destination Oriented People in the vehicle they're freakin' out!  *LOL*  The Young Prince is Destination Oriented, he was freakin' out... since Princess T and I are Journey Oriented and kept stopping seemingly EVERYWHERE Interesting inbetween.  Casually saying not all who Wander are Lost, they may not know exactly where they're going but they're on their way to a Great Adventure!  *Winks*

But Gramma, at this rate we might not actually ever ARRIVE at our Destination... mebbe we'll even stray outside of Arizona and it will be Midnight... he was getting Anxious!  *Bwahahahaha*  He was Anxious because I thought I was going East and it turns out I was going South... he kept pointing to The Sun which should indicate direction according to all Men {it probably does, but who Notices is my response}... and to Call The Son, so I could get back on Track!

Okay then... I called The Son and paid attention to The Sun and where it was hanging in the Sky... and we Arrived at our Destination... better Late than Never.  *Smiles*  And so I can regale you with our Adventure and cannot cram it all into one mere Post so look forward to another... so be sure to come back and join us again my Friends.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How fun to find a new terrific destination!

    1. Absolutely, having even more to look forward to each Month is exciting! Thanks for joining us... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. How hilarious and frustrating having Princess T curtail your spending! And the Young Prince getting bored is sooo familiar :-D I'm so glad you managed to get there and back intact and saw some cool things! Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I know, Bored Teens is kind of a 'Given' isn't it? *LOL* And yes, she certainly had her heavy hand on the purse strings that day to ensure that every Grandchild has Christmas! *LOL* Thanks for coming by and joining us... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. It's nice you and Princess T enjoy these outings together so much ... too bad she isn't a little less stingy with the purse strings! lol


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