Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Insanity

So, The Man thinks I have a form of Christmas Insanity because I have more than one Decorated Tree in the house. *Smiles*  In fact, we have five that are Decorated, but three of those are very small tabletop Trees, so do they really count?  *Winks*

Now to be sure I cannot rival the Extreme Christmas Tree Decorators who Create Christmas on Steroids at their Homes or Shops.  *LOL*   In fact, in our New Home, due to it's size, the Christmas Decor actually looks quite Spartan and Reserved to me.

In the Livingroom we have our Main Tree which is full sized, but Slender... and on a Table in the same room is a miniature identical version of that Tree which is only about 3 ft. high.    They are Green faux Trees with some Flocking, Berries and Pine Cones on the branches.

The Man hates the Flocking because every year some falls off along with a Berry or two.  In a few years I'm sure they won't look much like Flocked Trees at all, but I liked the Look, more Realistic and they actually look Pretty even Un-decorated.

In the Informal Diningroom we have a full sized Champagne Tinsel Pencil Tree {pictured} and an identical one about 3 ft. high which sit side by side. They stay up year round actually to Showcase my Vintage Blinged Show Ribbon Collection... and well, because I just like the way they look in there so why ever take them down?  *Winks*

The Formal Diningroom has a very small Charlie Brown Type sparkly Tree on the Antique Fireplace Mantle that isn't even two ft. high.  It too stays up year round and I hang some of my Bohemian Bling on it so that it's easily accessible for whenever I wanna wear it.

Oddly he's not very bothered by the three that stay up year round, I don't even know why?   And so why he thinks putting up a Main Tree with a Mini-Me Version in the same room only at Christmastime is Insane, well... go figure?  I do much more truly Insane things throughout the year than THAT!!! *Bwahahahaha!*

Now, to be sure there is the general consensus among the trio that I Decorate with some very Strange Ornamentation... thus the occasional Freak Out like Princess T initially had this year about why we never have a 'Normal' Tree?  *Winks*   But then again, after I'm done Decorating they all have to Confess that it looks pretty Awesome regardless of Abnormalities and my general Insanity!  *LOL*

Does anyone else do more than one Christmas Tree during the Holidays at their Homes?   I know that it's only a select few of us who have the Urge or Desire to do that, most peeps seem loathe to even bother to put up and Decorate one, never mind extras!!!   And some refuse to Decorate for the Holidays or bother putting up a Tree at all!  *Gasp!*

And I ain't gonna lie, regardless of how any of us in the Family Feels about having one or more in our own Home... they flock with me to see the Extreme Decorator's Homes during the Holidays!!!   I mean really, who cannot be Impressed with an Extreme Christmas Display you didn't have to put the Work into and still get to Enjoy via the Sharing of it with the Community?  *Smiles*

There used to be more Extreme Decorators in the Valley in the Past than we now have in the Present, or might have in the Future.  In fact, certain Eras were prone to the Competitive Christmas Decorating Spirit.  Trying to outdo each other and have the most Lights, the most Trees, the MOST whatever!  Think Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

I think the Seventies and Eighties were when all that peaked actually... now most of those Extreme Decorators are either too Old to partake of all that Work anymore or have passed from Time into Eternity now.   If the Legacy of that Tradition, Obsession and Labor of Love wasn't passed on to subsequent Generations, it just dies out with the last of them.

We sure do Miss some of the Extreme Decorators of our City... like the Twin Rix Brothers, Bern and Bob who did it for decades.  I visited each of their Homes before I had Kids, during my Children's Era and into my Grandkid's Era!   I was particularly saddened to see that this year Bob Rix Historic 1930's Tudor Style Home was razed and was an empty lot being Sold to Investors. *Sob!*

Bob Rix had the largest 'Studio 56' Christmas Village Collection I have ever seen, even Retail Stores that carried the Line didn't have as much as he had amassed and put on Display each year!   He had several Model Trains that used to snake thru the Rooms of 'Studio 56' Villages, three entire rooms of his Lovely Historic Home actually... it was Mind Boggling to behold and Pure Christmas Magic in Miniature!

It became a Family Tradition to visit both Brother's Homes in the Valley and the Kids would Delight to make Donations and toss their Dollars into Villages... Make It Rain!!!   I'm sure the Utility bills during the period they did the Extreme Light Displays were outrageous, so it really was Sacrificial Sharing to their Communities every Holiday Season.

We still visit The Christmas House which has been doing their multiple Extreme Christmas Tree Decorating and Open House every Holiday Season for Decades too.   They Decorate over Fifty Christmas Trees and every part of the Home and Yard is a Magical and Enchanting Christmas Wonderland Creation!  My Five pale by comparison!  I'm a complete Amateur compared to Dedicated Pros like that!! *Smiles*

I'm actually looking forward to making the trek to see The Christmas House soon, perhaps even Tomorrow Night after I pick The G-Kid Force up from their Uncle's.   Usually they have the Open House right after Thanksgiving right up until just after Christmas Day.

And I know I for one will be Saddened when nobody does these kinds of Extreme Christmas Decorating anymore.  Many of the Malls that used to in fact have ceased to.  And it's no longer a Destination to visit many Major Retail Chains like 'Dillards' that used to have the Grandest and Opulent of Christmas Tree Displays and now do not.


In fact this year when I went into many of the Major upscale Retail Stores they barely had a Christmas Section at all anymore, it almost looked like an afterthought.  Compared to previous years it was practically non-existent now and the selection was pitiful and not at all Impressive nor Inspiring.  Small Businesses and Events around Town do a better selection and why I Shop Christmas at Small Businesses around the City now.

It looks as if Christmas has now been relegated to the Big Box Stores exclusively like Wal-Mart and Target as far as Big Businesses are concerned?   To be sure some, like Target, have really upped their Game when it comes to quality and selection of Seasonal Inventory and I really dig it.  But I am saddened to see so many others have dismissed Holiday Decor almost entirely from their merchandising.

Because I don't know about you my Lovelies, but I sure do Enjoy me some Extreme Christmas Insanity!!!   Making an Ordinary Holiday Extraordinary!!!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love your "abnormal" trees lol! I used to love extreme decorating too, I used to go crazy and over the top, used to do three trees. But as I ran into people who needed trees I slowly gave away my other two and now only do one tree. But I decorate it to the hilt with all of our family ornaments. When I had country decorations years ago in the 1990s I had a cow themed tree it was cute and even had cow lights...I need to find those pictures and revisit that happy I took lots of pictures over the years...but this year I am doing one treasured tree and it will be a fabulous tree! I think it is because the putting away of three trees worth of stuff wore me out lol! But some day I will probably find a way to do it again because I love a house full of trees and yours are scrumptious to look at! We will fill our tree this year with the ornaments I have given my children each year for the last 20 years, handmade ornaments that make me think about and remember people in my life that are still here or have passed on, ornaments of past and present pets we have loved and cherished, ornaments gifted from treasured friendships and family members....each year I get to excited to pull them out and touch them and remember what is special about each and every one of I can hardly wait to put up the tree tonight! Thanks was fun thinking about how wonderful and special and individual Christmas trees are to us!

    1. Oh I do Hope you'll be Sharing your finished Christmas Tree once it's up, it sounds amazing. I too Love the Memory Trees best since I'm such a Sentimental and Nostalgic Soul. Thanks for the sweet words and for coming by for a Holiday Blog Visit and Sharing your Christmases Past and the Vision for this Christmas' Tree... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I have stepped into the land of insanity Christmas, I worked for three big box companies as the 'floral and floor designer' for 20 years==responsible for setting the theme for Christmas as well as doing the main store decor. Now of course they don't do that, everything is planned at corporate down to the last inch, whether you are in an area that appreciates that 'particular look' or not.

    My own shop had a max of 6-8 trees, themed out with product or handmade ornaments.

    At home the most I have done is 5-6 trees and one outside. Sigh, but we are getting to old to be that crazy now. But I do recycle them in and out. This year, we will have two table top trees and one large one, that may not be that large.

    I have an antique fence/tree stand in the car---lol, I got two weeks ago and yesterday I picked up a very expensive---feather looking primitive tree to go in it---at Good will for 9.99. Sometimes the Universe does provide, as I have been feverishly looking for one and the lower end was a 5' for 179.00 online.

    So we will see if Hubby has a conniption fit over not putting up 1500 ornaments and this year doing the sparse thingy--with antique toys...LOL.

    But onward, I won't be decorating for another week, I need to gather strength, LOL.
    Great share here, love your stuff, it's just so darn much fun! Sandi


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