Friday, October 14, 2016

The Autumn Fly By

Autumn seems to be flying by fast... much too fast... and I want to linger in it longer than I know I'll be able to.   I don't know why the Seasons I like best seem to go by so quickly, much faster than the Seasons I'm not as Passionate about!   And Today happens to be our Youngest Daughter's Birthday and I was glad to be able to Video Chat with her Yesterday from Mexico... Technology spans the miles so effortlessly.

I want to languish longer in Ghoulish Whimsy, though I have scaled way back on the exterior Decor.  So that it's more an Inviting Harvest Natural Splendor and not as inclined to scare the younger Trick-Or-Treating Kiddos away.  After all, we ARE the 'Scary People' so unless they step or peek INSIDE we might pass as more 'Normal' and approachable folks? *Winks*

See, they're not so Terrifying after all, they have benign Decor outside for Halloween... and awww, look, the Sweet Grandfather is sitting outside at the Bistro Table handing out Candy and Smiling harmlessly.  And that Spooky Wife of his and The Addams Family Children Of The Corn are nowhere to be seen... so PERHAPS it's even Safe to walk up?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Actually, compared to living in our Honestly Spooky Historic alleged For Real Haunted Home we get a lot more Trick-Or-Treating Kiddos at New Villa Boheme'!  Santa Barbara Tuscan Style McManse's aren't known for Hauntings and don't look at all ominous.  *Smiles*

Of coarse if any should venture INSIDE, well, that would be another story entirely now wouldn't it?  Our Addams Family Sensibilities do freak out or alarm some folks that have never been over to the Dark Side of Decorating and just don't 'get it'.  *LOL*   BTW: I was Jazzed to get my 'Thing' Votive Holder from 'Target', last one they had left!  *Whew!*  We promptly gave it a hasty Mani utilizing Princess T's Blood Red fingernail polish.

And 'Spirit' Store had the Fab Ouija Fabric Tablecloth... last one left too!  *Whew!*  Honestly, the best Halloween Decor flies out of the Shops faster that Autumn is flying by!  To be sure now the Christmas Inventory is taking over the Showrooms of all the Major Retailers and so I'm soaking in my last of Halloween Window Shopping excursions before it's all gone for another year.  *Le Sigh*

Another Shopper was lamenting that she hasn't even started getting her Halloween stuff together and already it might be too late to buy anything new or even get the best selection of Candies!?!   I stockpile early for that very reason and forget about After Halloween Sales to try to glean a Bargain.  Unlike most Holidays there is precious little left AFTER the Holiday... there is precious little left NOW and it's still a fortnight away!

I try thruout the year to also find Vintage Halloween Decor whenever I can locate any.   My Morticia Aesthetic is pretty much year round anyway so it's always Welcome to be used for Styling options other than just All Hallow's Eve at our Home!  In fact, I almost never put it all away like other Seasonal Decor, it just goes from Background to Foreground this time of year in Displays and Vignettes.

The Man and The G-Kid Force don't mind at all, we are in Unity with the mindset that we surround ourselves with things we Enjoy and Love, regardless of Popular Opinion or Decorating 'Rules'.  A Home should reflect the Personality and Imagination of it's occupants.

We still have a lot of Activities of the Season that we'll be participating in all this coming week, now that The G-Kid Force is out of School for a week on Fall Break.  There are Pumpkin Festivals, Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas being Created, Hay Rides, Harvest & Halloween Inspired Art Festivals... we can hardly wait!

Princess T has been counting down the days 'til the Kick-Off of all of our Seasonal Traditions and Rituals begin in earnest.  She's Calendared it all and is emphatic that nothing will be sidelined or altered one iota from how it's always been.  I'm actually very glad that the G-Kids Enjoy our Family Traditions and Rituals of each Holiday or Holy Day and find it so meaningful they will probably pass them down to Future Generations to Enjoy.

This year the number of Shops offering a greater selection of Gorgeous Heirloom Pumpkins and Gourds has greatly expanded.  I'm relieved, since it has driven the pricing down to be very competitive and they don't Sell Out so quickly that you have to buy them too early and risk rot in this heat.

I'm still debating how many to buy for our Front Courtyard Harvest Theme this year?  We don't generally carve the Heirloom Varieties into Jack-O-Lanterns since the skins tend to be very thick and many shapes are too squat.  So every year our Jack-O-Lanterns are Traditional Pumpkins the G-Force glean from a Pumpkin Patch and not a Store.  The Hunt in the Pumpkin Patch is part of the Tradition the G-Force Cherish, especially Princess T. The Man likes the Gourds best so we'll probably get a bag of them too, they dry nicely and can be utilized for Art Projects long after the Holidays are over.

I will probably stack some of the squat varieties into a Pumpkin Tower, I like the way it looks.  I also always Salvage the Pumpkin Stems for Creating Fabric Pumpkins with later.   I have a virtual Hoard of years of gleaning Pumpkin Stems.  During The G-Kid Force's Pumpkin Patch Hunt for the Great Pumpkins that will become our Jack-O-Lanterns for the Front Courtyard, I am the gleaner behind them and picking up discarded Pumpkin Stems laying all over the Pumpkin Patch that are no longer attached to their Pumpkins.  I have been known to pick an Heirloom Pumpkin mostly because of it's Awesome Stem!  Look at that nice big fat one on the Green Heirloom Pumpkin!  *LOL*

Oh Yes, I'm like a Big Kid myself this time of year and giddy with Delight of everything Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Autumn Inspired!!!   Usually I don't visit regular Malls or Big Box Stores very often during the year, but Halloween is an exception, I want to see what they ALL have in Stock in the way of their Halloween Inventory?!?

And it is the one exception too where I'm not beyond buying the occasional mass produced Seasonal Item if it's really Cool.  *Smiles*  Of coarse most of my Seasonal Decor for this time of year is still OOAK and Artisan Created or Vintage, since that is my preference for the majority of my Seasonal Collection to Style with.

And because Autumn always Inspires me in the way of what can be Harvested and used in our meals that would be Fresh, I also spend more time Gardening now that the intense Heat of Summer is behind us.  Yes, it's still Hot but beginning in October many Herbs and Veggies thrive and produce quite a bounty here in the Desert where it stays temperate longer.


And my Front Courtyard is sheltered from a lot of direct Sun, Winds and Cold so it's the perfect location for potted Herb and Veggie Gardens.  So I've got my Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Italian Oregano, Greek Oregano, Marjoram, Husky Red Tomatoes & Sweet Basil planted already.

I still need to get my Mint varieties, Dill, Thai Basil, Garlic, Artichoke, Spinach, Lettuce and Kale in... but some of those will go in the Victory Garden out back and not necessarily in the Potted Garden in the Courtyard.  I'm out of Pots actually since many from last Season got damaged or were aging so we didn't bring them over from the Old House and I need to replace them.

I'm a Fan of the Talavera Style Pots for my Potted Garden, they are so Bright, Cheerful and Festive.   The Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Trio I got from 'Trader Joe's' who had them planted together for one low price.  It makes the Front Courtyard smell Heavenly when there are a lot of Fresh Herbs growing out there and makes Harvesting them for meals easy and convenient.  Also keeps them Safe from Gophers using Pots, which were a scourge in my above Ground Victory Gardens at the Old Homestead some years.

Miss Priss Patrols the Courtyards diligently, she hasn't forgotten how to be a Working Cat even tho' she's semi-retired out here and getting fat and sassy in the burbs.  *LOL*  And Courtyard vermin hunting is way easier than trying to catch them in their burrows when they can tunnel under a ground Garden and wreck the Harvest by devouring it before we can!

So I've spent a considerable amount of time inside and outside lately trying to put the finishing touches on my Seasonal Projects and Displays.  I think I'm just about done now, with just a little tweaking of Vignettes up until Halloween Night.   Princess T has her 'Cheerless Leader' Costume at the ready for when she'll go Trick-Or-Treating, I'm so glad we bought it early.

This year she's really Freaked Out about the Creepy Clown thing going on across the Nation and so we only have one Rule this year for The Young Prince... No Creepy Clowns, not even as a Joke to Prank his little Sister!  He knows it's not funny given the climate of the Creepy Clown thing getting out of control... the little ones are genuinely frightened.  Tho' we did have some giggles in the 'Spirit' Store getting her to reluctantly pose next to this one, which was unplugged!   Look at her Body Language, it speaks volumes!  *LOL*

I was actually Surprised they were still Selling the Creepy Clown Inventory given how things have gone over the edge and ruined that genre of Costume now.  There isn't much Creepier than a demented looking Clown, that's for sure, this Mask almost looked Alive and even Creeped me out!  *Yikes!*

I think The Young Prince might be leaning more towards something Skeletal, he's been infatuated with his Anatomy Class at School so his Morbid Curiosity is in High Gear lately.   Usually all I need to buy for him is Make-Up since he prefers to Create his own Characters and Costumes each Halloween now.  Typically the Teens do a House Party being Hosted at one of his Friends and each year they do a Theme... so long as it's not Creepy Clowns I'll back it. *Smiles*  We don't need anyone getting Arrested this Halloween, I'm short on Bail Money!!!  *LOL*

Apparently this is his Standard Pose for reluctantly allowing his Pathological Picture Taking Gramma to take a couple frames of him in 'Spirit' Store!  *Ha ha ha*   But at least he obliged and didn't run and hide from me... he's been in a relatively pleasant Mood lately and not overflowing with Teen Angst or being Brother Darkness towards his pesky Little Sister.

In fact, Tonight we all went to a Guitar Jam Session at one of his Favorite Teen Clubs and listened to some of the Young Local Talent playing Jazz and Blues... they were Awesome!!!   Apparently they do it every Friday Night, but usually he has his Football Game Performances and misses it.  Tonight was Homecoming Game and he didn't wanna be bothered, it's not his 'Thing' to do Homecoming and the Hype of it was sensory overload to him actually so he boycotted it.

He'd rather hang out with his Artsy Crowd... Musician Friends that play Instrument Jam Sessions and Read Poetry at these Teen Clubs.   With the exception of his Honor Guard Flag and Rifle Twirling he's just not that into Sporting Events or the Dances afterwards.  For the LGBT Child the Dances can be awkward anyway as far as who they would prefer to bring as a Date.  Yes, he could get just about any Female Friend to go with him as his Date since he's a Popular Guy with the Gals. He just doesn't want to not be authentic to Self or have a Nice Girl who is strictly a Friend get the wrong impression or mixed signals of the 'Date' aspect of it.

I Support his decision to boycott it and it was Nice to have Family Time Together doing something he preferred anyway.  He didn't even mind Inviting his Little Sister to join us though the Crowd was mostly Teens, Young Adults and their Parents.  I Love hearing Live Bands and these Young People were very good and playing my Favorite Genre of Music.  So I thoroughly Enjoyed the Evening of listening to their sets, talking about Music, Art and Poetry... and Enjoying the delicious Bar-B-Que and Buffet Spread they Hosted that was generously Sponsored by the Attorney General's Office and a Local Fire Dept... it's all totally my 'Thing' too.

I'm always Delighted to see Young People congregating and doing something Positive and Enriching... especially in the Arts.   This Club actually does STEAM which is the STEM Academics plus the Arts.  Many College Kids attending Tonight's Event and Jamming were actually getting Credit from their Professors for their Performances.   The Young Prince had been a part of this Club for years when it was at a location closer to the Old House, now it has moved North into the City and is therefore somewhat closer to our New Home.

The Professors and Architects who run it have been Wonderful Mentors to him and he's Learned so much from them that I'm glad to drive him into the City to be a part of it all when he can work it around his other obligations from School.  Tonight one of the College Kids was Teaching him to play a new Instrument called a Melodica.  It is something like an Accordion Keyboard attached to a Flute mouthpiece so it's a Blow Organ of sorts.  He did really good though getting used to playing a Keyboard sideways was a bit of a challenge at first, he eventually was playing Songs on it nicely for me with requests for Evanescence. *Smiles*

Yes, it's handy having a Kid who is Musically inclined and can pick up almost any instrument and learn to play it quickly, I Love listening to Live Music performances.   He's self-taught on most instruments he's learned to play and doesn't take much tutoring to learn from another Musician and Artist whose willing to show him some basics and then let him figure the rest out on his own.

I do Hope you've been Enjoying the Autumn Fly by as much as I have been?  Though lamenting that it is going by much too quickly, I am thoroughly Enjoying it regardless of it seeming to warp into hyper-drive and be over much too soon.   I won't be one to be rushing into Christmas however, I'll languish into my Autumn clear up until the day after Thanksgiving actually before my Christmas Transformation begins to take place here at Villa Boheme'.

Poor Thanksgiving being a much Neglected Holiday IMO I like to keep at least the Harvest Theme part going to Honor and Celebrate Thanksgiving properly and not just Rush by it.   The paltry offerings of Decor for Thanksgiving Styling always make me sad for that Holiday, because it is quite meaningful and there is so much to be Thankful for!!!

But for now, at least INSIDE Villa Boheme', it's all about reveling in the Halloween Spirit.   The Mannequin Gals are Masquerading in their Finery... Velvet and Fabric Pumpkins are everywhere... the Dia de los Muertos Ofrenda Altar is up...

I'm buying or Creating Party Platters for Buffet Spread Autumn munching... since The Man is pretty much glued to Football the majority of the time during this Season.  *Winks*   BTW: This particular Party Platter was exceptional and from a local Deli that has the BEST Cheeses and Meats I've ever had!!!  Nom Nom!!!

And next Thursday will be the 'Sweet Salvage' French Market Event, which is always a Popular Theme Favorite Show!   So I'll be getting my Francophile on for that day... Winks...

Yes our Autumn revelry has certainly now kicked into High Gear and it's been a flurry of activities and things to look forward to for the coming two weeks up ahead!   I know that here in The Land Of Blog there are certain to also be some Seasonal Blog Parties as well... I'm not certain yet how many I'll be able to be a Participant in... but I know I'll at least be a Spectator and Guest.

I'll try to keep you all Posted on those I know about and Hope you will do the same if you know of others Okay?   We'll Blog Party Hop and have a Big Time Virtually!!!   There are so many Kindred Spirits here that I just know you all will be Rockin' this Halloween in Spirit and Style my Friends!!!

I don't know how many Holiday Posts I'll be cramming in between now and Halloween... but I will try to Cover as many of the Events I go to as possible to take you along with us!!!   So some might be delayed Postings as Time permits to knock a Post out with the Imagery I've captured thru the Eye of my Lens.

I've shook the doldrums and felt a lot more like Posting and just Enjoying each day rather than dwelling on some of the present obstacles.   It's good to be 'back'... *Winks*   It's hard to have anything really be a 'Downer' during your Favorite time of year anyway... because in all the Darkness of the Season I actually often find my 'Light' because it shines brighter in Darkness.  *Smiles*

May your Light be Shining Brightly too my Friends... and be sure to come back and join us on our other Autumn Arizona Adventures... a whole lotta them will be crammed into the next two weeks!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad your feeling so much better and getting to enjoy your favorite season!

    1. Me too... the doldrums really sucked! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I love all the photos, as usual they are interesting and fun. I liked seeing the potted herbs in the Talavera style pots. It is the time of year for ghost stories, are you going to tell us why they call the Old Homestead haunted?

    1. Because so many people, just about anyone whose ever visited it over the 17 years we owned it... and long before we owned it actually, have experienced paranormal activities and had experiences of what can only be explained as Haunting activity. Nothing sinister IMO, but regular enough we just got used to it and Shared the space with Spirit... not so hard to co-exist if a mutual respect is established. *Winks* So long as no evil entities resided there I didn't have alarm about Spirit activities. Have often wondered who they used to be on this side of time and eternity, we only ever identified one for sure... when the Grandson was about two he saw a full apparition of the previous owner, explained in great detail the Old Man without a face and even clothing he was wearing. Mike had died many years previously and due to extreme disfigurement from skin cancer he never was photographed in latter years of his life, so my Grandson could never have known that much accurate detail... I liked Mike very much and our Church Ministered to him in last years of his life, so I suspect his great Love of his Family Homestead kept him there off and on to check on it and I didn't mind that at all. Being entrusted with a part of History is a privilege, just Hope whoever buys it from us feels the same way... only time will tell. Hope you enjoyed the Ghost Story of our Beloved Old Home? Thanks for coming for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. What a very cool story! I would welcome benevolent spirits, too. How amazing that your grandson was able to give such an accurate description. Younger children have minds that are so much more open and therefore more willing to believe what they see. . .It's sad that so many of us lose that ability as we get older.


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