Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Festival

Why Sure, I couldda taken the EASY route and just bought her Traditional Pumpkin from the Store that will be the Family carved Jack-O-Lantern...

But then we would have missed the Tradition and Ritual of the Season that she so eagerly looks forward to.  Or the Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch where we can have our bums and thighs impaled with straw and be heady with Tractor fumes!

And the Five A.M. wake up call with two hour commute across the City during Rush Hour so that we'd get there early enough to beat the massive crowds and long lines for choice parking and pick of the Pumpkins!

And getting semi-lost in the Hay Bale Maze... though Gramma always cheats since I'm tall enough to see over the bales and scope out the best way NOT to get lost in there for hours!  *Winks*  And the smaller Kiddos catch onto that real fast so I always have an entourage of extra kids trailing me out!  *LOL*

Sure, on the way in I only have one... but at the Exit I think I had five this year follow me out and then we had to guide their Parents out verbally as I kept them corralled at the other end 'til Moms & Dads could make their way out!  Evident Proof that little Kids are Smarter and Faster than most Parents!!! *Ha ha ha*

We would have missed her inspecting EVERY SINGLE ONE of these Pumpkins in the Patch for the very best ONE... the Cleanest one {she's a bit of a Germaphobe so it can't be Dirty, just one of her numerous Phobias}... the one with the best Stem... the best Shape... the best Color and Proportions!  Yes, she has a 'List' of prerequisites!

Mebbe it would be this one... take a picture with me by this one Gramma...

Oh No... mebbe it will be this one over there... take a picture of me with THAT one... as she flitted from Pumpkin to Pumpkin.   Mebbe it should be a Small one this year?  {Highly Unlikely}   Mebbe a Medium one that you can actually carry Gramma?  {Again, Highly Unlikely}

No... it shall be this ONE... this IS THE ONE!  Ta-Da!  Oh I was SO relieved because it was now beginning to get Hot and Crowds were starting to swarm in.  At least this one was not hundreds of pounds... Yes, I think you've made an Excellent Choice... LETS GO!   Vamonos, apurate!

Because I'd spied the Hayride Wagon with the Bench Seats that was ready to go back to the Festival Grounds and we wouldn't have to endure straws of hay up our arses for the return voyage!  *Bwahahaha!*   She was Golden with that too, the Novelty of actual hay on a Hayride had diminished significantly as she was impaled on the way TO the Pumpkin Patch!   Besides, they'd sprinkled some obligatory hay on the floors... so it was still kinda a Hayride, right?  *Winks*

A very Sweet Young Woman visiting from China had volunteered to take our pixs on the way into the Festival so I had the opportunity to get in front of the camera for a change.   See, I was even wearing my Jack-O-Lantern Shirt for the occasion so that I actually LOOKED like The Great Pumpkin!   *Winks*  Princess T of coarse had agonized for what seemed like an eternity to choose her ensemble... almost as long as the agonizing decision to pick the Perfect Pumpkin!  OCD Children are like that... just Roll with it.

The Saving Grace for me this year was that she didn't want to linger as long at the actual Festival Grounds playing the Games... it's for Kids she says... apparently she no longer Identifies as one.  *LOL*  And a Banjo Band Hootenanny wasn't gonna have a Hold on her either, she wanted to head straight for the Pumpkin Patch and barely allowed me time to Photograph the Pumpkin Carvers Creations!

She was racing far ahead of me towards the Hayride Waggons as I hobbled along trying to keep up.   No, the Surgery was a complete Success and Healing splendidly... but apparently wearing that dreaded post-surgical Boot has now Created a Complication on my heel pad that is excruciatingly painful now that I'm NOT wearing it anymore! *Le Sigh*

So I'm walking a bit like Walter Brennan of the Real McCoys for those first few steps of bearing weight on my foot until the pain subsides sufficiently that I'm no longer in agony and barely able to walk!   Needless to say once I'm on my feet and pushed past the intense pain I'm hesitant to stop and sit down again and have to do it all over when I get back up!   So the least amount of up and down was my Goal to remain ambulatory! 

Because I knew once we schlepped the Mega Pumpkin she picked back to the Truck, she would insist we do The Gardens again now that we'd renewed this year's Membership!   *LOL*   Saying Good-Bye to the Festival was short and Sweet, she wasn't that Into It this year... just the choosing of her Pumpkin for carving.

When I'm not in intense pain I look forward to these Traditions and Rituals playing out and am not in as much of a hurry and usually linger to Enjoy Savoring it all as much as the Children always have, but this year I cut myself some slack.   Besides, The Man and The Young Prince had not accompanied us this year so I was riding herd on HER myself, no small feat!  A two hour commute there had been a warm up to keeping her Mood stabilized!  *Winks*

Including hearing every Tween Idol belting out their Songs I can barely stand in the vehicle on the long commute there!   I will be eternally Grateful when her taste in Music Matures past Tween Idols!  *Smiles*

Since Vanity knows no bounds I have no trouble with this one while I'm in Pathological Picture Taking Mode.  *LOL*   She's very much like her Mother was about being in front of the Camera and the Center of the Universe whenever she can be!  *Ha ha ha*   We decided that whatever these Beautiful Flowering plants are we want some for our Courtyard Pots one day, we Loved the Interesting Root knarlings too.

And this one was called a Rock Fig or something along that line, because... well... ROCK!  *LOL*   The Docent told us that this specimen is 15 years old and they upgrade the Rock size as it continues Maturing.   I Love the Desert Botanical Gardens for this reason, so Informative about Plants, Animals, Landscaping and Gardening in this Arid harsh Climate.  The G-Kid Force soak the random Facts in like a Sponge!

This year they had some Lovely Bonsai Specimens in the Herb and Veggie Garden Section.   Though I abhor most Plant torture in the way of harsh pruning within an inch of their poor lives, I make an exception with Bonsai being a Form I can Admire.   Since they Survive so long with this type of Care I have to Imagine they aren't as brutalized as the plants being Tortured by many of my Neighbors in the burbs who are anal about pruning and often kill off their poor plants with over zealous Gardening Techniques?   I Imagine my Neighbors plants die to get away from and escape their Captivity?  *Ha ha ha*

The Princess and I J'Adored this Raspberry Painted Wall, we're now thinking it might make an excellent choice of a single Wall's Color in our Interior Courtyard!?

Right now all of Villa Boheme's exterior Walls are White and you know how I Feel about the Colorless Palette.  I'm Okay with a Tuscan Villa in White because it does Compliment the Architectural Style and Spanish Tile Roof we have... and it appeases the HOA.  But in our Private Spaces that are only for our Eyes, I need Pops of Color so we've been Debating which would be best... we're leaning towards this juicy Raspberry for Interior Courtyard Accent Wall.

And Front Courtyard Wall, to appease said HOA, I'm thinking we might could get away with a Lovely Deep Terra Cotta Accent Wall in the Inner Courtyard leading up to the Front Door since it's Semi-Private Space not easily seen from the Street?   So we're leaning towards a Deep Terra Cotta like this, doesn't it look Lovely with Vine Foliage?   I will also be planting Potted Vines in both Courtyards to climb up the Walls like this.

In fact, I think I MIGHT have lingered too long Debating Vines and Accent Wall Colors while we were in this Inner Courtyard of one of the Historic Pueblo Style Buildings of the Gardens judging by her Countenance, whaddya think?  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*   Sometimes she doesn't even have to Whine or say a Word, her Expression says it ALL and speaks volumes!    This is her "Really Gramma... Look", which is usually accompanied by deep sighing!  *Winks*

After all, there was much to Experience besides Paint Colors... she Enjoys the Herb and Veggie Gardens best because we're all about the Herbs and Veggies to learn more about growing our own most Successfully at Home.  We also want to attract the Butterflies and Hummingbirds to our own Gardens.

And we're close enough to the Natural Desert out here that we also get a lot of the Wildlife coming into our Subdivision to pay us a visit as well like the Cactus Wren, Quail, Dove, Roadrunner, Lizards... and some of the less Welcome Visitors like Coyote, Bobcat, Snake and Scorpions.  But hey, we're on their Turf and I greatly Respect that we've attempted to displace them from their Natural Habitat so I don't begrudge the occasional visit, they were here first and are Tolerating us better in fact than we Humans are Tolerating and co-existing with them.

Today tho' we were One with our Universe as we sipped Ice Cold Lemonades and Communed with Nature in the Cool of the Morning before it edged up into the Nineties this day.   Princess T is adamant we NEED an Infinity Fountain like this one, only Scaled smaller for our back Yard, I Agree, it's quite Soothing and Lovely, we Love Water Features of all kinds.

I am Missing the Mature Cacti on my Historic Acreage, since we had our own Mini Desert Botanical Gardens at the Old Property and plenty of room for them to grow gargantuan without Neighbor complaints of Plant Intrusions.  I am not Enjoying that in the Burbs Nature is kept up under such Submission and Control by the majority of the population of Subdivision Hell... I'm still trying to get used to that anal retentiveness of the Burbs.  *LOL*

Under my devoted Care our plants here are growing expediently and dwarfing the Neighbors plants already... in a New Subdivision it is fairly devoid of Mature Landscaping and I'm trying to make up for Lost Time with ours.   But alas, I shall never Live long enough to see Majestic Growth such as this at New Villa Boheme'... which is evident at the Gardens, or that which was on our Century Plus old Acreage at the Old House.  Time is not on my side for that Goal.

So... our Courtyards will never look like this Magnificent Grandiose Courtyard at one of the Historic Villas at the Gardens.   Gramma even YOU couldn't fit this much into our Courtyard Princess T advises me.  *Winks*

Such a Practical Child she is, have no Idea where she got THAT from... certainly NOT from my side of the Family that's for sure!    Don't tell me what I can't do Child, anything is possible in my World!  Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast, I'm completely Mad as a Hatter that way!  *Ha ha ha*

And she's not going to refute that Fact as she watches me say I'm going to now get a pix of that Bee in flight towards that Flower as I get in Nose Close to it, knowing full well I'm allergic to Bee Stings and could Die if things go awry!   See... there... DID IT!

See, just look at it cuddling up in there, totally oblivious to me... I Love watching Nature at Work!  Mebbe we should get one of these Flowering Vines as well, Nature seems to really Love this one's Flowers!

No, mebbe better Save for that tummy tuck and boob job instead after viewing this Shot... The Great Pumpkin indeed!   *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a beautiful post. Sorry about your heel pain, you're so strong pushing passed the pain.
    Looks like you both had a wonderful day.

  2. Those grandkids are mighty lucky to have a grandma like you! Anything new on the sale of the old Homestead?


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