Friday, October 7, 2016

Melrose Vintage ~ Rust & Roses ~ Girl's Day Out Cont.

Our Girl's Day Out will now Continue... we spent most of our time Photographing Lovelies at MELROSE VINTAGE and RUST & ROSES during this outing, since those were on my List and Princess T had her own List which was much more extensive and not so Photo Op worthy.  *LOL*  Hey, what can I say, the places an eleven year old Girl wants to go aren't necessarily Grandparent Inspiration Heaven or remotely Interesting destinations for Blog fodder, but I'm a Trooper!   So No, I will not be regaling you with Imagery from the Toy Dept. at 'Target' or the 'Build A Bear' Workshop at the Mall!   I will spare you enduring the plethora of little Girl Shoes she wanted to try on and Model at 'Dillards'.  Or engage you in the agonizing debate she insisted we have about which hair Bows would look Best with every piece of Wardrobe she has in her Closet that does not yet have a matching hair Bow and the merits of each!?  *LOL*

My eyes probably glazed over starting at 'Target' and I'm quite sure I was on Auto Pilot for all the rest, I vaguely recall any of it, but she thoroughly Enjoyed having me as her Minion during Girl's Day Out and that's what counts, right?  Does she really Care that I'm probably not that adept at feigning Interest in what makes the World go round for eleven year old Girls?   Probably not, it's an Egocentric World when you're eleven and a Girl, you barely Care what anyone else has Interest in, it's ALL about YOU... and she even has a T-Shirt I bought her with that saying on it to prove it!  *LOL*   After all, she is a fairly Good Sport about going to where ever Gramma is Inspired without much complaint.  It helps that my Friends Adore her and lets face it, Adoration directed towards eleven year old Girls is always received well and basked in, it would take a lot of that to kill her.  *Smiles*

Do I dread visits to The Mall... any Mall?  Well, of coarse, who doesn't, right?  I think I was 'over' Malls before I finished being a Teenager... and Yes, they HAD Malls when I was a Teenager.  *Ha ha ha*   I'm only Hopeful she'll be 'over' Malls at about the same milestone... so I have perhaps just less than a decade more to endure being dragged to them?!   I'm doing the Math in my head right now on how old I'll be in just less than a decade more of Mall Torture, it's very sobering to contemplate.  In fact it makes me not want to be sober, I think I need a drink just thinking about it!  *Bwahahahaha!*   But, she Loves The Mall... and I 'get' the Appeal, when my Brother and I were very Young we Loved The Mall too and have many fond Memories of trips to many different ones and particularly our Favorite ones.  But The Mall has evolved a great deal since the Dark Ages of the Malls of our Youth.  *Smiles*

Remember the Mall Arcades?  Well, they generally don't have them anymore... the Mall Arcades were a Big Deal in our Youth, Friends would meet there to compete against each other on the Games and Socialize.  You had bragging rights if you had Top Score on specific Games... my Brother being the Pinball Wizard and Video Game Jedi of his Time I think he had Top Score on most of them!  Because back then everyone didn't have those things at their disposal in the Privacy and comfort of their own Homes... so you HAD to go to The Mall or where ever else might have Pinball Machines, Video Games and the like.   Hell, I think we were just about grown before 'Pong' came out on Home Gaming Systems and wasn't that the Bomb!? 

I am pretty certain our TV we played it on was a Brick just like this one too!  And I probably had a Terrarium Plant somewhere nearby as well probably hanging in Macrame... hey it was the early Seventies, what can I say?    But I'm pretty Sure I was not wearing long sleeved Gingham... Gak... my Seventies attire was much more Psychedelic with Love Beads and flowing Caftans or skimpy Halter Tops and Ditto hip hugger Jeans with my navel on prominent display!  *LOL*  And my Brother wasn't that clean cut looking either, I'm sure he had MUCH longer hair and mebbe the beginnings of a Porn Mustache!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Yep, my Memory serves me correctly...

Love Beads... check... and though you can't see it, I was wearing a Dashiki when this was taken... *Ha ha ha*

Love Beads again and in this one I had what my Dad used to call the remnants of clothing in the way of skimpy Halter Top and very low slung Hip Hugger Bell Bottoms with extra heavily embroidered Hippie fabric inserts to make them flare all the more... I looked like I was levitating!   I'm fairly certain I was probably also wearing Ziggy Stardust Metallic Blue Eyeshadow as well!  Such a Flower Child!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  That's my Childhood BFF Debbie, also wearing Love Beads and equally skimpy ensemble.   She was 6'2" ... I was 5'2" so we were Stork and Sparrow!  *Smiles*

Okay, so snapping back to the Present... and Princess T dragging me around Modern Mall Hell... I'm reminded of how much The Mall has changed in well over forty plus years.   Which is why I only go now Under Protest and Duress forced upon me by The G-Kid Force!  *LOL*   The only place I do Enjoy is the Food Court... some things never change... Food Courts still Rock!  *Winks*  Only now you don't see folks sitting around Socializing at the Food Court... they're all on their Phones ignoring one another and barely Present in the Moment at all or looking up.   I am fully convinced that some Modern folks cannot Shop without multi-tasking on their Phones simultaneously, I don't think they're ever not on their Phones?  I Wonder, do they Sleep with them?  I know The Young Prince does... which is why I can always reach him by his Electronic Leash... unless he's in the Shower!   *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

And he knows better than to not answer his Phone when I call or I'll blow up his Phone with incessant Calls and extremely long convoluted Texts that he'll have to scroll forever to read, so it's just easier to answer that first Call.  *Winks*  The Son tells me, Mom, please don't Text, it's like reading an epic Novel, just Call okay?!  *Smiles*   Sometimes I leave mine behind on Purpose because if I'm out and about, well, I don't want to be bothered with Calls... I'm busy.  But what if we have an Emergency the Family whines when they know I don't have my Electronic Leash?  Well, why Call me if it's an Emergency, call 9-1-1!!!  *Duh!*

So anyway, before the ADHD totally distracted me and sent me in many different directions off Topic for this Post... and before Princess T and The Man came in numerous times and broke my rhythm because they want to tell me all about the 'American Ninja Warrior' Episode they're watching on TV in the other room... *Le Sigh*... I actually had a Story Line I was going to write about... but now I can't even remember?!   *Shaking head*   So I Hope you're not totally Lost and Confused by what this Post is remotely about?  Well, mebbe you are any time you visit... but Today just happens to be a very distracting day for me so it's more random than most Musings.   In fact, I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to have a follow-up Post to our Girl's Day Out to finish Sharing Images.   I may even have to Create another one to use them all, it was a very pathological picture taking type of day while we were where I wanted to trawl.  *Smiles*

Loved these Lacy Fabric hanging Lampshades in the perfect Sepia Hue... along with Loving some of the Vintage Carnival Kitsch Prizes like the Dog in the first Image wearing the Free Kisses Bling as a Collar.   Should have bought him actually... if he's still there when I go back I probably will.

We weren't really in Shopping Mode that day tho', we were in Window Shopping Mode and had no particular Agenda.   I know, that almost never happens, but sometimes it does.   Sometimes we're Content with just looking or with Daydream Purchasing... you know, if Money were no object we'd get this, that and the third.  *LOL*

For example, if Money were no object both Top Hats, the Silk one and the Beaver one, would come Home with me.   I Love embellished Antique Top Hats... in fact, I Love all kinds of Quirky Antique Millinery and Haberdashery.  I have stashes of it, but I can't help but want to add to them when I see a Fine specimen at a decent price.   And so Yes, I did pick up an inexpensive Vintage Hat this day... the little Peach Silk number pictured twice in this Post, with the Vintage Velvet Floral accents.   I got it mostly because of the Vintage Velvet Floral accents in fact.

I resisted the Vintage Tambourine... like I don't already have a Hoard of those... but you know, I like to tie Vintage Seam Binding and Trims to them and use them as Decorations.   I've even bought some already adorned with Lovely Seam Binding and Trims from my Friend Shelly's Shop.   If you ever want to have a Jam Session with Vintage Tambourines, my place would be the spot to Host it, I've got enough for everyone in the Band!  *Ha ha ha*

My Vintage Lighting is still mostly laying around everywhere not illuminating a damned thing... I need to Work on that Project of getting them all up or Sold Off.  With the ceilings being so high here tho' I really need to just hire someone to come install it all so we don't have to go up the Ladder of Death so high AND be messing with Electricity... just seems like a bad combo for old folks.  *LOL*

I mean even changing a Light Bulb or an Air Vent Filter is a huge Ordeal now and takes us sending the Young Prince up the Ladder of Death to do it!  It's very Grandiose and all having these enormously high Ceilings, but not very Practical.

Here's a Close-Up of that Gorgeous Vintage Velvet Floral adorning that Hat!  *Swooning*   One of the Taxidermy or Mannequin Gals will eventually end up Modeling it.   Right now it's on a Boy Child Mannequin Torso, don't even ask me why, I couldn't tell you...   But I do Hope you've Enjoyed coming along with us again?


Til next time... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can only say----one must surround yourself with friends that make you feel 'normal'

    Hence, blogging, lol. Sandi

  2. Oh, and we are normal, Dawn, right? Sandi, snort!

    1. LMAO... well, lets just say Normal is a very subjective term, right?! Bwahahahaha... You cracked me up, which I needed Today... Dawn... The Bohemian


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