Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's Quickly Approaching

** NOTE: This was a pre-scheduled Post before my Mom passed away... but I'm going to let it ride... as a Positive Blog installment appreciating what we Enjoy most during this Season... which for me now is forever changed due to profound loss during this year's October Celebrations.  Will it continue to be my Favorite Month of the year now... as each Anniversary of Mom's death rolls around every October... honestly, I don't know and cannot say. **


October always flies by for me... it's my absolute Favorite Month of the entire Year.   I just Love everything about it, from the Weather to the Activities, Ambiance and Holidays, thus I would like to move thru it at a much more leisurely pace to savor it longer.  If I could slow down Time.

Savoring the things we Enjoy most always seems to create a time warp of sorts.  Funny how time can seem to speed up or move at a Snail's pace depending upon what we're doing at the time.  Lately most time has been spent doing things I look forward to most and Enjoy so time has sped up and flown by at warp speed.

I'm rather Glad that the Month of November and Thanksgiving lend itself well to keeping most of the Autumn Decor 'As Is' without many changes.  It gives me just over two Months to thoroughly Enjoy the Delights of everything Autumn.  Sometimes I might even squeeze in just over three Months if I sneak some Autumn into Late Summer and extend the Season slightly.  

Is there a particular Season that you like to try to extend and linger in my Friends?   Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn?   Maybe even more than one?  I like all the Seasons, don't get me wrong, each has it's particular merits and specific Memories and Ambiance.  Each has it's Holidays I Enjoy in it's own way... but Autumn is by far my Favorite hands down.

I like Decorating, Traditions and Rituals... so to be sure the Holidays and Holy Days hold a Special place in my Heart and in our Home.  I do Decorate for more than just Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Christmas... but not as much as I do for those particular Celebrations.   Easter is more Spiritual than Decorative for us, though I do Style the Home somewhat for that Holy Day and we do the Egg Hunt and Easter Baskets faithfully while we have Children in the Home.

Thanksgiving is more about getting together with Family and breaking bread together to be Thankful for everything and everyone.   I think for the Menfolk it's almost more about Football though after the Big Meal.  *Winks*  That Holiday actually gets the leftover Harvest and Autumn Decor for what we've already done to usher Autumn in and Celebrate Halloween... sans some of the Scary and Macabre elements... sometimes.   I'm not opposed to a Creepy looking Thanksgiving here at Villa Boheme'!  *Ha ha ha*

And the 4th Of July is more about Picnics, Bar-B-Que Gatherings and going to see the Fireworks.   So I can't say I've often Decorated very much for it, except mebbe a few Red, White & Blue Buntings and American Flags on random years when I felt particularly Patriotic I guess.  *LOL*  Besides, even in Retail some Holidays are rather neglected in the way of Merchandising available and I'm not the Crafty Type even tho' I'm Artistically inclined.

I am always Impressed by those Dedicated Souls who go All Out for Decorating and Style for every single occasion and Holiday.  Whether they buy or Create whatever they Decorate with... I will seek out their Blogs, their Shops, go to their Events, but I can't say it will necessarily Inspire me to do it myself each and every time.   I suppose I'm just Lazy about Themes?

I REALLY Love Themes, if someone else is going to do all the Work and make all the effort.  *Smiles*  But only particular Holidays or Themes will Inspire me enough that I can't wait to participate myself and not just be a spectator.  In my Showroom(s) I've had for just over four years now, I think I had one actual year, probably the first one, where I Decorated for every occasion and offered Holiday or Seasonal Themed Merchandise in abundance!  *LOL*

I know, that must make me only marginally suitable for Retail Sales?  *Winks*  If I had a Team or Staff I'd probably be more Gung Ho and delegate to get it done, but I don't, so screw it is usually my basic attitude towards taking the time and exerting all the energy.  *Ha ha ha*  I don't know that it actually made a difference in my bottom line when I did do it... you know, that one time.  *Bwahahahaha!*

But I sure do Enjoy visiting and shopping at those Booths, Showrooms, Shops and Events that do go All Out for every occasion, so I know in my Head that it does probably make a difference.   I do know that it is a Successful Marketing Strategy I'm not using effectively.   But do I really Care enough to DO IT before each occasion is too quickly approaching?   Probably not...


But then again... you never know... as Judy Tenuta would famously say, "It could happen..."


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. After being in mass retail/arts crafts/shows and a huge booth 750+square feet at an antique mall complex...I know what you mean about over the top. Then I would have to go to my Mom's and decorate her house, outdoors and indoors...then home to try and not puke in red and green in December (since I had been doing so, since the end of June.)
    So I do understand reeling it back occasionally. This year with the house being so upset for so long---Fall/Halloween is minimal right now in the house. And no Halloween/yard decorations outside. But today we made cookies/monster rice crispy critters on sticks and went to the pancake house. So this year it's about family---smiles, sometimes that's the best. Sandi

    PS, I have to destash my holiday craft supplies, so ...we will see how the in red and green goes, lol.


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