Tuesday, October 25, 2016

French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part Trois

On Saturday I returned to the Event to Enjoy it at a more leisurely pace than the frenzy of Opening Day.  It's easier to cover the Event when I can take my time to line up shots and slowly make decisions about what to Photograph.  I'd borrowed some of Sweet's Fab Photography from Facebook to use sprinkled in my Posts only because Opening Day I was a little lean on Ideal Imagery and I Hoped to make up for it by returning on the 3rd day of the Event.

I brought my Sidekicks this time since it was a Calmer Shopping Experience than Opening Day too.   The Young Prince has had three full days of Practices, Football Games and State Competitions for his Honor Guard so he's been gone since Thursday from Sunup to Late at Night.  I was remiss that we couldn't attend his State Competition this year since it was held at University of Arizona so was far across the Valley and too expensive to bring the whole Family to than previous venues that Hosted it.

I know this sounds terrible, but I'm not inclined to spend a fortune getting in only to spend a brief time watching our Grandson's Performance and then leave... I'm just not that Into watching everyone else's Kiddos Compete or that Into Flag and Rifle Twirling in general.   I knew his Little Sister and Grandpa would be even less Into it than I would be, so dropping over $100+ with already strained Budget to watch a 20 minute Twirl Routine just didn't make sense.  He's Twirling all the time at Home anyway, but he has put a lot of hard Work into his Performances so I Hated to Feel like I let him down.   Luckily he did not Care that I couldn't be there this year.  

He was happy that I funded all three days for him to have a good time and eat out, he's thoroughly Enjoying it even tho' he's got to be drained from being gone from 9am to well past 9pm for three days in a row now?   I suspect that Sunday the Child will sleep the entire last day of Fall Break away recovering?  *Winks*   

Speaking of an entirely different type of recovering I was totally in Love this Show will the re-upholstered Vintage Seating... the European Rustic Fabrics were absolutely Divine!   This Armchair being among one of my Favorites, though White is not a good Hue for this Family, it would not stay that Clean looking for long.

Beautifully Upholstered comfortable Vintage Seating was everywhere both days I attended.  It's making me reconsider my Seating options here at Home and potentially replacing some eventually.   The Man's Fabric Recliner we bought from a Furniture Warehouse when we moved here is already wearing out after only a mere year... I much prefer Vintage Seating since it's a better Investment and lasts.

Getting him to give up his Modern Recliners and actually utilize a comfortable Vintage Chair and Pouff that will last and be much more Aesthetically pleasing however... bigger Challenge than I'm up for right now.  *Winks*  He LIVES in his Recliner you see... he could literally have no house around him and be Okay with that so long as he had a Recliner with a TV in front of it!  *Smiles*  So I choose my battles wisely.

New Villa Boheme' has about 14 pre-made yet capped outlets to install Ambient Lighting in the Arched Hallways but it's doubtful I'd ever Source 14 matching Vintage Sconces to re-wire and install.   Pity, because if I could find a Hoard of this Style of Vintage Sconce, I'd be buying the whole Box Lot of them and having an Electrician on Retainer!  *LOL*

Some enormous Silver Loving Cups filled with Natural Sponges were catching my Eye.  These are some of the largest Loving Cups I've seen and really are Statement Pieces if you were to build a Collection of them, almost anything could fit inside to be Displayed!   You can see the Scale by that small Table standing beside it which was about waist high in size!   That actually was a very Nice little Table, I Need some small Tables like that in Gold or Black... alas, not this day, so hadda walk away and leave behind.  *Pouting* 

Loved the Velveteen Rabbit framed Verse... and of coarse the luscious Linens by VINTAGE MINNIE.   Minnie's Fall Line and it's Hues and Styles were particularly Appealing to me, I could mos def outfit our Boudoir in this and The Man wouldn't mind since it's not unduly Femme, he rather liked it in fact.

Of coarse he and Princess T spent most of their time in the Courtyard and the Warehouse Sections since that's more their 'Thing' and it's Secure enough I don't have to worry about them wandering off the premises while I'm Socializing.  *Smiles*  Being Outside in the Courtyard Section on this Glorious Day was Wonderful and they had the Promise of being taken out for Lunch if everyone behaved.  I'm not beyond bribes, don't Judge.  *Winks*  The Crepe Food Truck was there Creating yummy European Style Crepes, but apparently Real Men don't eat Crepes or Quiche according to The Man so I couldn't talk him into it.  *LOL*

It's True, in all the years we've been together and how much I J'Adore Crepes and Quiche and eat them regularly myself, I can't say he's ever wanted any.  Men and their version of 'Macho' Foods... go figure?!  *Bwahahahaha*   But The Warehouse Section was packed to the rafters with Testosterone in the way of Mantiques.  Our Male Designer and Fabricator Friends kept him Company so he was Golden to hang out with all of them visiting, talking Shop and doing his 'Thing' with Princess T happy to babysit him so long as she had my Phone to be glued to her Technology.   *Smiles*

The Man particularly liked the new Guy Boutique in The Warehouse, don't blame him, it's done so well in a really Cool Vintage Industrial Vibe that both The Man and I are drawn to.  I really liked the Wardrobe Styles and will have to bring The Young Prince in when he's needing Wardrobe Updates since these are more his size than Grandpas.

The Man was Hinting tho' that he'd like a Sweet Salvage T-Shirt so next visit I'll have to spring for one to Surprise him with.   I really liked this Salvage Vintage Industrial Factory Door with the original Graphics intact.   Lord you know what a Sucka I am for Cool Old Doors, right?  *Ha ha ha*

When a Boutique looks this Cool it just makes you want to Update Wardrobe even if it's not your own Wardrobe.   I used to have a WWII Medical Footlocker like that one... in fact I think I might have Sold it to a Picker Friend.   Funny how you recall the things you USED to have and Let Go of that were Cool but you were Okay to part with.

I am still parting with a lot so I'm Proud of myself.  Slowly the Storage parts of our Home are being de-stashed methodically.  Which is good since they are pretty Hoarded up still after we got everything moved over from the various Outbuildings from our Old Acreage, where we had much more room to stash stuff.   Eventually I'd like to get the Garages here cleared out, remodeled to hold and Display Inventory better, Paint Furniture and Create anything we cannot Create inside a Home like Woodwork and Metalwork and be much more Organized and Orderly.

But I do still see items I'd like to ADD... so long as I stick to my five-to-one Rule I'm Okay with bringing less in and more going out to offset any new purchases and keep me accountable.   I really liked this Santos Crown my Friend Pam made for example.

Tricking my Taxidermy Out in Style is always a high priority for my Decor so I'm always on the lookout for the perfect Accessories for them to Model.   And besides, can one ever have too many Crowns and Tiaras?  I think not!  *Winks*

If anyone Collect Vintage Scales I thought this Barn Red one was Killer!  I used to Collect Antique Scales but I've since Sold them all off... Yes, sometimes I do part with entire Collections when the Thrill is gone.  I bet you now have BB King's Lyrics looping thru your head too, huh?   I know I do.  *Ha ha ha*

             The thrill is gone ... It's gone away for good
                                                             Oh, the thrill is gone baby
                                                          Baby its gone away for good
                                                  Someday I know I'll be over it all baby
                                                     Just like I know a woman should...

Okay, so now that I've got your Head looping with laid back lyrics to set the Mood, we'll continue our Journey thru this Event shall we?   I just wanted you to be all relaxed and in a Shopping Mood.   Perhaps Letting Go when the Thrill is gone for you of some things also, and refreshing your Style with perhaps just a curated few newly Found Treasures that will be Keepers.

Curating and Refining what I Keep is a Process I'm actually Enjoying now very much.  Yes, it was harder at first, until I got my rhythm going and made a habit of doing it regularly and with intention.   I am intentionally downsizing possessions and de-stashing what we no longer need, use or display regularly and really shouldn't have much, if any, real Attachment to or Sentiment for.

I have even gotten rid of some Sentimental Items *Gasp*... yeah, I know, but it was easier than I Imagined it would be, since I Kept the Memories the objects were associated with.   You never have to part with the Memories... and often, that's the only Real Attachment to those pieces, not the object itself, but the Memory it evokes and you Cherish and don't wanna lose.

And since New Memories are being made daily, and I Enjoy Living in the Moment and being intentional and Mindful about that, rather than being stuck in the Past or fixating upon a Future that really has no certainty, it's very Liberating to just Let Go.   It Clears the Mind and channels Energy in a more focused way when there is less clutter and stuff to take Care of.

Now don't Worry, I'm not going all Minamalist on you either*Winks* ... an empty Home would just feel very Weird, stark and devoid of our Personalities being expressed and infused into it.   So that definitely wouldn't be for us, we would not Feel comfortable nor would it Feel Inviting nor Welcoming if we got rid of practically everything and it just was bare minimum creature comforts!  *LOL*

Believe me I know... I HAD to Live that way when I was Poor and had next to nothing.   When I was living Didi Kai in a small Trailer it didn't matter at all and when I moved all the time Nomad Style I liked to Travel light for convenience sake because it made sense.  But when you get Settled... when you move into an Apartment or Home and have next to nothing, it just looks like you either got robbed... haven't move in yet... or you just moved out! 

 Besides, Hosting folks is awkward when they have nowhere to sit down or to eat except on the floor!  *Ha ha ha*  Yes, I Hosted Parties like that and was Grateful for a two story Townhome that had Stairs to double as seating for Guests!  My room-mate Joanne would remember those lean years!   With the Baby sleeping in a Suitcase coz there was no Crib yet and me sleeping on the floor beside her!  *LOL*

In fact, I had to have some Fun with this and find that Image of my Baby sleeping in her Suitcase Bed for a Flashback Fun Day Blog Share.   Babies are like Cats, they can Sleep anywhere comfortably, Trust me, they can!  *LOL*  I also think I Lived out of this Suitcase for years beforehand and that was pretty much how Light I Traveled for many years, very Gypsy Style Footloose and a Fancy Free Spirit.

In fact I hadda Share a couple more that were in the same Album... of when I couldn't afford diapers either so she wore our Dish Towels instead, above pix, we used to call her Buddah Belly.  She was such a Beautiful but almost bald Bronze Angel and such a Serious Baby!  And the lower pix, my room-mate Joanne was the first one to get an actual Bed to sleep in so she used to often sleep with Aunt Joanne and she moved up from Suitcase to Communal Bed.  *LOL*  Eventually we all got Beds... and some Furniture... donated by the Salvation Army, Bless them!   I Paid It Forward many years later doing Ministry Work for the Salvation Army so they can continue their Good Works within the Communities they Serve with such Love of Christ towards the people.

Well, that was Fun having a Flashback Fun Share... it also reminds me of how far I've come from the Hard Times.  There were many Good Times even during the Hard Times, so you can be Content with whatever lot in Life you're living out and be truly Happy, you don't Need things.  It also puts things in proper Perspective when you think things are Hard Times now but they're really not compared to back in da day.  But now you also know why I probably won't go back to Minimalistic Living and having nothing... been there, done that for Real and not by Choice.  I don't want to Live or Look Poor on Purpose when I don't have to... especially if you HAD to at any point in your Life.  Unless maybe it's a Spiritual Reason like being a Monk in a Monnestary perhaps or going thru some Deep Soul Cleansing and shedding all Worldly things or having Poverty Nostalgia becoz it's Familiar and you're regressing?

 It always Amuses me when I see Rich Folk paying a lot for Poor Looking Clothing or faux beat up items so they can have a Marie Antoinette Moment I suppose.   Remember how Marie had that Peasant Village constructed so she could Pretend to Live like the 'regular' people for her own Amusement?   Being Poor or in lack isn't Amusing... being Hungry even less Amusing...  Poverty and lack is not Pretty no matter how you spin it or patronize it.  If a Rich person wants scuffed and worn out looking stuff they needn't overpay for faux looks, give the money to some person who truly needs it in exchange for the Real Deal and then you can have their Authentic Cast-Offs and they can go buy something New and Needed.  Two birds one stone, you can Thank me later for the Social Service!  *Winks*

Wow, I really went all ADHD on you and got totally Off Topic didn't I?  I suppose French and Marie Antoinette just clicked in my head somehow and my Mind just randomly wandered there subconsciously I guess while we were going all Francophile as a Theme?  *Bwahahahahahaha!*

And speaking of Wandering and having to be reeled back in... I had almost forgotten I'd left The Man and his babysitting Princess sitting in the Courtyard waiting on us my Friends!  I think he's even dozed off behind those Glasses and looks like he does in his Recliner at Home!?  Ooops, better go get them and take them to Lunch now as Promised at my Friend Chai's Restaurant, huh?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good Times! Haven't heard anything about your booths lately!

  2. Seriously, I could live in that warehouse, for sure. I really do love your posts, even if I don't get too them right away. Fun stuff...and Marie, ...well..."let them eat cake" for sure. Sandi

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