Thursday, October 27, 2016

French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part Cinq

Yes, I took a lot of pixs, but then you knew I would, right?  *Winks*  Better to take too many than not enough is always my Mantra... more to Over-Share here in The Land Of Blog!  *Smiles*  Visual stimulation, can one ever get too much Fabulousness assaulting the Senses?  I think not!!!  *Winks*

Besides, when I go to an Event I almost want it to be Too Much... and not just Barely Enough... or worse, not Enough at all!   I want there to be so much Fabulousness that I'm in Awe of how much is there that is Swoon Worthy and I'd want to have!!!  Have it be an overdose of Inspiration rather than not Inspiring at all.  I want to not even have left yet and be already eager for the next visit or Installment of the next Event!!!

Let's face it, there are enough 'meh' Shopping Experiences that underwhelm... or disappoint to the degree I know I'd never go back again.   There are enough over-rated Venues that fail to Impress and I can't find a damn thing I'd even remotely be Jonesin' for since the merchandise or how it is Presented is a Yawnfest.   So when I attend one that consistently Exceeds all of my High Expectations Month after Month like SWEET SALVAGE has for years now, well, I wanna give you the Full Blown Experience when you come for a Blog Visit!

If you're taking your precious time coming for a Visit and being taken along Virtually I want you to Feel it the same way I Feel it when I'm there.   I want you to be looking forward to the next time we do it Together... because you Enjoyed it so much.   I want that if you come to The Valley Of The Sun you'll know where to go and what won't disappoint and end up to be a lackluster Vacay.  Nothing worse than going on Vacay, waiting in anticipation to get there and then being Let Down by the overall Experience!

Don't you prefer those Events, those Road Trips or Vacays that blew you away and you can't stop talking about for days after you get back?  I want it to be like THAT for you.   Not something you go back and say, well, we're certainly never doing that again, what a complete waste of time and resources!  I've been to Events, Venues or on Vacay when it's been like that and written those places completely off The List because it was a Time Waster and not at all worth it.

Of coarse it's very subjective too... there are Destinations others are blown away by and I'm eager to have my own Experience only to find that for me anyway, it wasn't all that and a bag of chips.  I was Let Down or completely Underwhelmed and disinterested or uninspired... or worse, BORED and couldn't wait to leave Exit Stage Left!  There are even Popular Venues that I've been to once and the one time was more than enough for me.  Okay, been there and done that... on to the next.   But this Venue at Sweet, I look forward to every single Month without fail, it's never, ever disappointed.

And they don't charge Admission... pet peeve of mine is to be charged Admission to a Venue that disappoints and wasn't even worth the Cover Charge!  Lord have Mercy, I Work hard enough for my Money not to have to pay to go somewhere that wasn't worth it for me and I didn't even find anything Killer to have made it a worthwhile Outlay or Investment in going to!   That has happened... just sayin', it never happens twice at the same place because there is never a second chance to make a good first impression.

And speaking of Good Impressions ... as I look at this Menu Board Old Door... ya wanna see what we had for Brunch at my Friends Chai and Martha's Restaurant after we went back to Sweet on Saturday?   Mouth watering Image coming up...

Chili Relleno as a late Breakfast... Nom Nom!!!   So if you're in the Melrose area Shopping and doing the Melrose Crawl and work up an appetite... be sure to also stop by MELROSE KITCHEN for a hearty and delish meal!!!   The Man literally Lives for the Home Made Corned Beef Hash Breakfast plate!  *LOL*

But back to Shopping... now that we're full and have satiated our appetite for Food anyway... *winks*...

I keep finding very Desirable Sconces and Wondering... should I go with mismatched Vintage or Antique Sconces down my hallways, bought in Pairs?  Or should I go with a Modern Matching fixture that is Vintage Industrial Inspired instead since we need 14 of them?   Big decision, spendy decision too so I don't really have to make a definitive choice for a while actually, I can mull it over.  I have seen Modern matching Styles that I do like very much and would showcase Edison Bulb Ambient Lighting nicely.

I mull over a lot of things actually... like whether or not to buy Vintage Hats and deconstruct them just to get the Desired Vintage Millinery Florals off them?  Sometimes I don't feel bad about destroying the Vintage Hat, sometimes I just couldn't bring myself to... but the Flowers are what I really Wanted.  So it's the tipping point on whether to buy or Pass actually... will I be able to just deconstruct it Guilt Free?  If not, probably shouldn't buy it.

Same with Bohemian Bling actually, LIKE a lot of it... know that I should only buy those pieces that I am so infatuated with that I just can't stand for someone else to have it besides ME!  *Winks*

And Vintage Mannequin Heads or Antique Dress Forms... so hard to leave one behind if I can have it at the right price, you know?

Now the Crazy thing is, when a Venue or Event is this packed to the rafters with Killer Inventory, you almost float past some pieces that otherwise would stop you dead in your tracks.   Like this Fabulous Antique Mantle to Die For... that I almost walked right past!  *Gasp!*   Didn't even look at the price tho' since the paltry budget could not sustain any large purchases so why Torture myself if it was almost within reach, you know?   I'd rather not know and assume I couldn't even consider it.  *LOL*

That's akin to me Lusting after Fabulous Wardrobe options in a Size 6... never gonna happen so I don't fixate upon it.   Move along Dawn... move along...  *Bwahahahahaha!*

The Man's Favorite Vignettes were in our Friend Kenny's Spaces... loads of Mantique and Man Cave Lovelies... is it Okay to call Testosterone laden Inventory Lovelies I Wonder?  *Winks*  Anyway, I want to Butch Up some of the Interior Spaces around here for The Man because he's wanting some more Manly Decor in certain areas and I'm totally down for this kinda Look, I Like it too.

A Gypsified Cabinet Of Curiosities meets Vintage Industrial Loft Space melds just Fine... I could make it Work, no sweat G.I. I told him.  *Winks*   That's an inside Family Joke Catch Phrase since when my Mom was learning English that was her Fav saying to my Dad when he asked if something could be done!  No Sweat G.I.!   *LMAO*   My Mom is such a Character, she would have you rolling.  Along with her exclamations of 'Bloody Hell' and calling everyone 'Love'... it was Charming and Endearing to most Americans... well, those that could understand her English without an Interpreter {usually me} that is...  *Smiles*   I like to remember her how she was... and not so much how it is now with the extreme challenges she's facing to keep this side of Time and Eternity.  Mom is in the final stages of receiving Hospice Care so it won't be long now... we await The Call any time now.

None of us is Immortal, but how you end up going Out can be a Painful Process indeed.   And though I tend to be a very Macabre personality, I don't like to see anyone suffering as they prepare to Transition from Time to Eternity, it's always so draining for them and all their Loved Ones to Endure.

Mom continues to Endure, and all of us along with her for now... guess she's not quite ready to Check Out yet... she's tenacious and stubborn like that... suppose that's where I get my tenacity and stubborn Genes from too?!  But I think her Fight is almost in the final Round now... it's hard to quit Fighting and give in, give up or give out when you have a Fighting Spirit... you last long after you should have Gone Down and Tapped Out already.  If Endurance had Awards or was an Olympic Event, our Family would have Gold Medals rivaling Michael Phelps!!!  *Winks*

And that is why attending a Marathon Event itinerary is no problem for Yours Truly... I can hang.  If you have an Invitation pending to have a Big Time... I may not have the Stamina I used to... but I can still wear most people out or keep up quite well.   Ask The G-Kid Force, usually I can Outlast them too!  *Winks*


Epic Good Times... Epic Blog Posts... Yes, I'm Down for all of it!  Sign me up... *Winks*   I will even Exercise YOUR Endurance for getting thru an Epic Blog Post... just keep showing up... I'll be your Personal Epic Blog Post Trainer!  How many of you are still with us and haven't Faded yet?  *Smiles*  

My Friend Cyndie who Creates these Amazing Antique Reliquary Necklaces said this Sacred Heart Embroidered one Sold right away on Thursday.  I'm not Surprised, had the pesky budget permit, I might have had to buy it myself, this one was Killer!!!

So... in this Series what have you seen that you might have been unable to Resist my Friends?   Certainly there must have been at least an item or two... or three... etcetera?!   Depending on how afflicted you are about not resisting Temptations!?!   It's Okay, you're in good company if you cannot or struggle to. *Winks*

I've given up so many Vices as I've Aged that Retail Therapy isn't one I'm inclined to even want to give up completely... I Need at least one Vice left, right?   Otherwise Sainthood would weigh very heavily upon me and I don't think I could handle that pinnacle of Perfection and complete Adoration by lesser mortals who are still in the Struggle!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Don't worry, I'll still be in the Struggle to my dying breath, I'm Sure of it!

I'm not too certain of many things, but the Love I have for Old Things, Old Properties and Rescuing them will probably never, ever diminish and thus I will Invest in some... and then Sell them off to Fund my Addiction to them.  *LOL*

I will always Crave The Thrill Of The Hunt so long as I'm still able to Hunt and Gather.   And even when I'm not still able to, I'll probably still TRY to anyway!  *Ha ha ha*

Besides, if you are Creative and Inventive you don't have to possess a healthy budget to do this... you really don't... you can Design on a Dime as they say... and the results will probably still be Awesome!!!

If you don't Seek absolutely Perfection you will still Find it in the Imperfect that you see thru different Eyes and a different Filter than those that are Perfectionists.   You will be more inclined to be Taken with the Imperfections, Flaws, Patina of Time anyway.

You will always see things for what they COULD be and not necessarily what they WERE or ARE right now anyway.  Your Vision will always be Fresh in what you can do with Ordinary things to make them Extraordinary things.

You will Assign Value in a completely different way than the Average Person because you are not Average... you are Exceptional and Unique.   And because of that what you Touch will always have a Mystique to it because through your Hands Magic happens and things Transform and are Reborn!

And whatever you Need or Want to Hunt or Gather in your Pickin' Adventures... know that if you ever need a Robin to your Batman, a Kato to your Green Hornet or a Thelma to your Louise, I could be your Sidekick.  I no longer wanna assume the Lead Role actually because it's rather exhausting being the Super Hero... so I'll just be the Sidekick, I still have energy for that role.  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I'm kind of doing this backwards, but I read your more recent post first. . .your Mother must have been an awesome parent. I miss my Mom still, after 24 years, but know she is with my Dad and Sister in Heaven. Just want to let you know how much I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing all the beautiful treasures you're sharing here. . .Those half-dolls. . .oh yeah! And anything with fringe really gets me, so that last photo has all the elements that I love. Sincerely, Cynthia


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