Sunday, October 9, 2016

As All Hallow's Eve Draws Closer...

As All Hallow's Eve draws closer I'm totally in the Halloween Spirit now... even tho' the Retail Shops are already displacing the Halloween Decor with Christmas, I won't be rushing past it, I will be savoring it's distinctions.  For those of us more inclined towards the Macabre we revel in the frightful Delights of this particular Season.  I've always loved a good scare, Horror Genre Movies have always been among my very favorite.  Haunted Attractions across the Country are High on my Bucket List.

Of coarse if you know me even slightly you are aware that the Weird and the Wonderful are my strongest attractions.   And it's particularly during the Halloween Season that most others will at least temporarily Delight in similar things that I happen to have an attraction to and fascination with all year long.  I don't really have to even prepare and go all out to Decorate during this Holiday because we live it pretty much daily actually.  Our Home is awash in Oddities and Peculiarities that just appeal to our sensibilities.

And though for many the Autumn Palette might not be preferred year round and is only indulged for a Season, if at all, for us it is the preferred Palette.  I happen to Love the Warm Hues of this Season and Black accents in particular.  The aromas of Autumn are also my Favorites since I've always been more inclined towards the spicy, earthy, exotic and rich heavy scents rather than floral and lighter tones.  Natural elements of Autumn abound in our Home as well, there's something about the Harvest of Nature's Bounty that I find to be very comforting and particularly Celebratory. 

When we lived in climates that had the four Seasons I remember looking forward to when the leaves began to change colors.  It was like Nature's Crayon Box had exploded into those Hues that I found to be the most Appealing visually.  We used to Collect and press the dried leaves and look for the best Color combinations in the Autumn Leaf Palette.  And quite often we'd try to find the graduating Metamorphosis of a Species of Leaf's Transition from Summer to Autumn.   There are some Species of deciduous Trees transplanted to our Desert Environment that do have the Change this time of year in spite of them being in the wrong Natural location... they still know it's Time, even tho' our weather is still not at all Autumn like really as an indicator.

I haven't been able to capture Images like this for a very long time since settling in the Desert.  So I've gleaned some Images from the Internet for this particular Post that brought back distinctive Childhood Memories of what Autumn used to be and look like for us during the four Seasons of most locales.  We would spend countless hours Collecting Autumn Leaves and perhaps this is why Herbarium Collections still Appeal to me very much and I like Decorating with Botanical Collected Specimens.   Botanical Style is very much a preferred Style of Decorating for me actually.

As we would crunch through the Forrest floor seeking out our Leaves certain ones would Appeal to me... see that one right in the middle and on top of the others... with the Sepia, Creme and Black Accents?   That one would have been added as I gathered... not so much because of certain Coloration necessarily, but because of how Artistically Nature had Created that particular one.  Miniature Works of Art, each and every one of them actually so it's very subjective which ones are Best or preferred.  Briefly and only for a Season they Show Off their Beauty and then are gone.  Most never even being seen, noticed individually or appreciated as a whole.  And yet every Season the Creator chooses to Create every single Miniature Masterpiece anyway for His own Delight.  I have great Respect for that in Nature... the immense Creativity in the Creation of it all!

So I'll add dried elements of Nature and Living specimens throughout the house. And particularly during Autumn I think I probably ramp up Decorating with Dried Florals, Leaves and Branches.   Seeking out those Favorites in Nature that look so Beautiful even after they have died.   The faded Hues look almost, if not more, Lovely to me than the Hues that were more vivid in Life!   Faded Elegance and Time Ravaged Loveliness are things I happen to have a personal preference for actually.  Giving me a dried bunch of Roses, Herbs, Sage, Lavender, Artichoke Blooms, Hydrangea, Eucalyptus Leaves, Cotton Bolls, Sunflowers, etc. will Delight me as much, if not more, than when you give me a Fresh Living Bouquet of the same. 

Finding Old dried Honeycombs, Wasps Nests, Birds Nests to Decorate with during the Autumn is like finding those Ideal Shells to Decorate with in the Summertime.   Autumn's abundance in Beautiful dried and abandoned Natural elements makes it easy and effortless to Style with.  And let us not forget the Pumpkins, Gourds and Vines of Autumn... we're about ready to go seek ours this week and pick out the Chosen ones for this Holiday here at Villa Boheme'!  Princess T has been chomping at the bit to hit the Pumpkin Patches and wade thru the abundant Harvest of Autumn's bounty for this year!

I'm not gonna lie, I've been scoping it all out for weeks now too... but waiting for just the right Timing since it's still pretty Hot here in the Desert so we don't want premature picking out of the Fresh Specimens that we need to last 'til Halloween.  Will we carve Jack-O-Lanterns this year has been the buzz?  Since the G-Kid Force like the IDEA of Pumpkin Carving, but when push comes to shove, they are strong at the Gate but fade quickly in the Home Stretch to see it thru to completion.  So mostly and generally Yours Truly has had to finish up their Artistic Vision of what the Jack-O-Lanterns would look like this year on the Porch?  *Smiles*  I am more a Jack-O-Lantern Admirer than an adept Pumpkin Carver of any skill set.

I'm still looking for affordable Specimens of some of the Autumn Lovelies I want to Decorate with and don't yet have... including the Lovely Artichoke Dried Blooms.  I Love these Blooms when they're Living or Dried... and will eventually plant some in the Victory Garden when I get our Project for that done.  I need a few more Railroad Ties to add height to the above ground planter boxes.

And I'd like to find some dried Honeycombs and Wasps Nests too... the ones I used to have got pretty battered and they're so fragile and brittle they don't last intact for too many years of use and storage.   Many of such fragile Natural Elements didn't survive the recent big Move actually so I've got to find new replacements during my Scavenging forays.  Of which I haven't been very active in lately unfortunately, my Scavenging forays have been sidelined for a while for a variety of reasons and I could be going thru Scavenging Withdrawal?  *winks*

Nothing perks me up quite like a good Scavenger Hunt for Decorating Elements to add to Seasonal Decor.   I could literally spend hours seeking any, even if I find none!  There have been some recent Ideal Scavenger opportunities but with being sidelined after Surgery I just had to let them pass me by... dammit!  *LOL*   But now I'm out of that dreaded post-surgical boot and back into regular footwear I'm a lot more ambulatory lately, though still in Healing Mode.  I've still got nylon stitches sticking out of my foot like Frankenstein but overall it doesn't look half bad now and only hurts a little bit on occasion if I overdo things.

This is my countenance trying NOT to overdo things... glum... sedentary life does not suit me very well.   In fact I sleep too much when sedentary... taking crazy length naps during the middle of the day if there's nothing I can do or should be doing yet in this phase of recovering from the surgery.   But behaving does have it's rewards, my Post-Surgical Follow-Up went exceedingly well and my Healing has been rapid according to my Surgeon.  Which was quite unexpected... with the Diabetic situation and complication that arose they had assumed I'd Heal slowly, which Thankfully hasn't been the case.

I'm Glad I haven't been sidelined for most of October or I would have been quite bummed out missing my Favorite time of year's activities and Events!  As it is I haven't been able to do as much as I want to be able to do so have spent far too much time doing nothing at all.   Me doing nothing at all is an anomaly and I am not very good at it I'm afraid... it really gets me down to do nothing for too long.  I start crawling out of my skin having to just sit or lay around with nothing stimulating my Mind... is this what being a Zombie feels like I Wonder?  *Ha ha ha*

Scarier than anything Halloween has to offer up would be endless days of Nothingness!!!   I can't even figure out what time of the day it is when I've had nothing to do for most of it!!!   Sure, I COULD be doing housekeeping and unpacking... but... the only thing worse than Nothingness would be that right now!  *Tee Hee*   No, haven't been very ambitious really about tackling that during the Holiday Season!!!  It's not so much procrastination as outright avoidance of THAT!  *Winks*   I can actually never recall a time when I've had nothing to do and been lamenting that fact, that doing housework has been my Aha Moment of, well, I could do THAT... I can hardly wait to start! 

What about Creating you might be asking?  Couldn't you do that?  Yes, I could... but Creatively I have to be "On" and when I'm "Off" it just wouldn't turn out right.   So I've just been Admiring the Creativity of others for now since I'm not at all in the Creative Mood enough to begin some ambitious Creative Projects beyond the Gypsy Curtain Panels, which have now stalled out as well.   Some Creative Types might be able to flip the switch on their Creativity during a Seasonal Push, I'm NOT one of those Types.  *Smiles*   Nope, not one fabric Pumpkin has been churned out in my Studio Space this Season.  So I just bought some more instead this year and continue to Admire those I won't buy but thought were quite Lovely like these Burlap and Velvet ones at our Antique Mall.

Fabric Pumpkins this Season have been far more reasonably priced than in past years so even if you didn't have the time nor desire to Create some, there was little excuse not to just buy some instead.  I've bought some for as low as three dollars this year and even the spendier ones are not as expensive as when fabric Pumpkins hit the scene several years ago and few knew how to make them or how easy peasy it is.  If you're the least bit Crafty, you can make one, Trust me, you can.  If you're the least bit Lazy like me, you can now easily buy one someone else more ambitious has Beautifully Crafted without breaking the Bank, Trust me, you can.  *Winks*

And now I'm tired even after sleeping most of the day away in that extended 'bored out of my Mind' Nap I had earlier... and used up my Words for this Post so we'll call it a Night... 'til next time...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I've been away from my computer for awhile while staying with my sister thru her preliminary cancer tests and surgery tomorrow. I've been wondering how the Gypsy Curtains were coming along

    1. May your Dear Sister's surgery go well and her Recovery also... big Hugs to you at this difficult time, you will be held up in Prayer... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Great pictures...and yes, I'm particularly fond of dried up sunflowers and bird's nests, along with anything with natural texture and interest. Now scared, not so much. Still have orders from the Grand, "nothing scarey, Gramma." So we will decorate for Halloween, next weekend when she comes for her visit.

    Oh the naps ---are your signal, your body needs to enjoy them...! Sandi

    1. Yes I agree the Naps are something my body is needing so I just take them regardless how much it throws off my schedule. We're to the place where we can do Scary again but don't always choose to... I've put some Whimsy for the sake of the Trick-Or-Treating little ones who we will want to hand candies out to... don't want them avoiding the 'scary house people' winks... Dawn... The Bohemian


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