Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Incurable Collector

I am and always will be an Incurable Collector I freely admit it.  I have spent decades Collecting my very favorite things, waiting until the price or timing was just right to procure a Lovely.  I don't need to have an instant Collection, I'd rather build a Collection of the Good Stuff over time.  Anything worth having is worth waiting for.   I can hold out to get just what I want... and not settle for less than the best I want to add to an existing Collection.

A lot of things come and go from my Home over time, but my favorite things that I've spent a long time Collecting usually abide and slowly I add to them.  To have an impressive Collection of anything usually takes time and patience.  With the technology of Modern times though it can increase your chances of scoring just what you seek to add to better Collections.   I happen to like online Auctions, I don't participate in them often, but when I have I've always scored very well and gotten some of my best bargains.  I'm not one to get carried away and overbid, if there is fierce bidding I'm likely to take my hat out of the ring early so as not to overpay or be bid up.

To procure the harder to locate Lovelies I'd say online sites have the best selection rotating often enough to eventually score something.  Different parts of the Country, or the World for that matter, might offer particular things in abundance, or they might be particularly scarce or even absent.  I have a very specific taste in objects and even within the genre of desired things I Collect I can be very finicky.  I know that about myself so not just anything will do even if it is from a favorite Designer or Brand.   My Love affair with the Vintage Magnolia Pearl line has abided for a very long time.   But only the Vintage line is what I Collect since it is my particular Style and Aesthetic, so I seek it out when it comes up for what I'm willing to offer.

Here is my latest addition to the Vintage MP Bag Collection I've had going on since round about 2002.  It's been a very slow building Collection and that's Okay, I feel every acquisition has been well worth it and a wise Investment that has only increased in value over time.   But mostly I don't build my most coveted Collections with re-sale in mind, since the Treasures I avidly Collect are just for me and I've never Sold Off any of them even though I've had generous offers to.  They will be an inheritance future generations in the Family can decide to keep or Sell Off after I'm gone.  *LOL*

In fact, I'm such an avid and Incurable Collector of some things that I keep a Slush Fund Stash set aside specifically for such purchases when they present themselves.  Sometimes that Slush Fund goes untouched for inordinate amounts of time and builds up considerably.   It's always good when that happens since I don't have to Pass on a particular rare Deal when it presents itself.  You just never know when something you avidly Collect will be available and that narrow window of opportunity will close quickly if you aren't prepared to throw your hat in the ring!

Usually if my Slush Fund is too lean I don't even look at the online possibilities because it would just torment me to know what I'm missing out on.  *LOL*  But I hadn't touched it in a very long while and so I was jazzed when I could be a contender for this Mink Vintage MP Bag.   Especially since the bidding was well below what Retail had been many years ago and it still had original price tag attached and was in Mint condition, I doubt it was ever used.

I personally like to use and Display my favorite Wearable Art Collections, but I do try to keep them in Mint Condition and treat them respectfully so they will stand the test of time.  I have my Collections of various Favorite Artist's Bags and Jewelry Lines Displayed all over the house actually... why keep them stored away and out of sight where nobody can Enjoy them?   Prior to this bag I only had one Fur Line of the Vintage MP Bag... and the only thing better than having one...

Is having two or more when you're a Collector, right?!  *Winks*   Some say having three of anything constitutes a Collection, I disagree, once I have two, it's now a specific Collection of a particular genre that I will probably continue to build upon over time.   And I am very Patient when it comes to my Favorite things to Collect, I don't even care how long it takes.   I'm just as excited if a decade or more has passed since my last acquisition of something I'm Collecting or if a day has passed before the next one comes along at just the right price and timing to get it.

I got my first Fur one of this Line years ago and I always knew if another one cropped up at the right price I'd throw my hat in the ring to add a second one.  The Man only Smiled when I unpacked the newest acquisition, after this recent Surgery and the Complication that cropped up he said some Retail Therapy was definitely in order anyway... I wholeheartedly Agree!  *Smiles*   Yes my Friends, the Surgery itself went quite well, but a pre-surgical serious complication had been overlooked and showed up in the Labs I'd had done the day before Surgery.  *Le Sigh*  So now we're running damage control behind that to get it up under control and not have it negatively impact my Recovery, which it could.

I've been thru one serious complication after that botched biopsy that took forever to heal, so I'm not eager to go thru another serious complication post-surgically again!!!   I feel pretty good though overall so I am guardedly optimistic that the medications they're prescribing will kill off this serious infection they didn't know I had and therefore couldn't catch in time to take care of before the Surgery.   Compromised immune systems can be the devil during a Recovery of any sort, so I'm always trying to be cautious and proactive.

And while I'm Recovering I'm Glad to be surrounded by the things I've incurably Collected over the years that Delight my Eyes.   My Velvet Pumpkins... my Bohemian Bling... my Entomology Exhibits... my Vintage MP Bags... my Religious Art... my Vintage Carnival Kitsch Chalkware Prizes... to name just a few of those items I shall probably continue to incurably Collect and add to over time.  In no hurry to add to them, but as something comes available by pure Serendipity, which is always the best anyway, isn't it?

And No, you can't and probably won't get them ALL... there will invariably be the ones that got away, for whatever reason.   I've been known to waffle on a purchase and then lament afterwards that I shouldda, wouldda, couldda... or been Outbid during an Auction by someone who clearly had a deeper Passion or Pockets than I to procure something coveted.   *LOL*   That's just part of the Game of Collecting actually.   I usually attempt to procure any form of Art during the Early Years and before the Artisan becomes insanely Popular, so that I can afford to amass a Collection before it hits the stratosphere and out of reach for me.

And when you run into fellow Incurable Collectors there is always that Sharing of each other's Collections, I can Admire even what I don't possess personally.  Collectors mostly and generally Love to Share and graciously Show their Collections to others and perhaps even regale you with a Back Story.  I always Love the Back Stories, the provenance of pieces is part of the Allure and the distinction.   What Wonderful Back Stories could you regale others with?  I'm certain you have some if you too are a Collector!!!   I've even sometimes worked out a mutually good Trade among Collector Friends or Vendors who Collect something I have and am willing to offer in Trade... for something I WANT that they have.

Money needn't always be exchanged, in fact, a good Swap is even better and doesn't have to break the Bank for anyone!   I'm an avid Trader... I prefer Trading to just a purchase, so much more exciting to enter into a good Negotiation to Trade Lovelies!   Traders are a certain breed though, not everyone likes to do it, but those of us who do will prefer it every time if we can do a good Swap that is mutually beneficial!!!   Trading Up is the BEST in fact!  A fantastic way to increase and improve the quality of whatever you're Collecting. And I prefer quality over quantity any day.  I'll sometimes only buy in quantity with the intend to Swap it for quality later on.  And I do Hope you've Enjoyed me Showing Off some of my thoughts on being an Incurable Collector and some of my Loves?  Perhaps you're already one... perhaps you're thinking of becoming one?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Interesting post! The MP nags are gorgeous!

  2. Replies
    1. Nags... Bags... you crack me up Marlynne... LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I'm relieved to hear your surgery went well, Dawn! Yes, perhaps I already am one. lol

    Nice bag! I prefer the older MP items myself, but I suppose she wanted to change things up a bit - I imagine it gets boring creating the same things after a while, or maybe she finally used up her 'stash' of fabrics? :)

    1. I think most Artists evolve and with Fashion it changes drastically what is On-Trend. The same with Decorating for Homes, Trendy things come and go, but I have a fairly stable aesthetic of what I like best and am delighted whenever it comes into Style and I can get an abundance of it. *LOL* The good thing for me is, when others go on to the next Trend they will often unload some really nice things that are the genre I prefer and then the good Deals are more abundant than when those things were at the height of their popularity. Always seeking that bargain, I am quick to scoop it up and haul it off to my funky lair. I think PERHAPS you already are one too. *winks* We have similar tastes my Friend. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. My goodness those bags are gorgeous. The fur...and the reuse of vintage pieces and TEXTURE. Gotta love all the tactile feelies, one would get using one of these purses!
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing, Sandi


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