Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~ Part VII


I don't typically do any 'Scheduled' Postings so this has been different, doing several in advance and Scheduling them out for about a week's worth of Posts.  In fact, it has taken the edge off any anxiety I have had about the Surgery and any Recovery complications that might arise due to my risk factors.  Writing has always been very soothing to my Soul and yet nowadays so few people write to one another that Blogging has replaced my letter writing.  Since nobody was writing back anymore to Old School letter writing, except my 85 year old Uncle in Wales, Blogging actually has been a lot more reciprocal.  The Community here in the Land of Blog seem to enjoy the Sharing of Imagery, Inspiring things and the written Word as much as I do... so it's been really more than just an Online Journal, which is what I originally felt Blogging would be about.   Little did I know that it would be a place to Connect to Kindred Spirits and those who enjoy the same kinds of things that I do.  Folks who actually bond online in such a way here in the Land of Blog to Care about one another enough to Invest some of their Time!  I often have more frequent Contact with Blog Friends than I do those I know in Real Life.  Most of that has to do with my particular set of circumstances Caregiving, but it's nice to have regular Contact, it builds stronger Relationships and is an Investment in one another.  I do appreciate my Blog Friends so much and I wanted each and every one of you to know that... you have often been the source of much Encouragement and Emotional Support when we've been going thru some Issues of Life and that my Friends is truly Priceless!  I do Hope you've enjoyed coming along on our Wicked Good time... I've still got some more Inspiring Imagery to Share as I bang these Posts out prior to Surgery!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hope you are reading now for your recovery. Special blessings and thanks for the gorgeous tours, those events are so mind-blowing as we have nothing here that even comes close. When I had my store---my favorite thing was to flip for the seasons, of which I determined were six...LOL. But so goes the heart of the retailer. Love this and take care Dawn, we are waiting for you! Sandi


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