Friday, September 16, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~ Part I

So, the big day was finally here that I'd anticipated all year... the SWEET SALVAGE Halloween and Autumn Inspired Event called "Wicked Faire"!  The line was particularly long, as I knew it would be, this kick-off to the Holiday Season and Cooler weather means the Pilgrimage of eager Shoppers will be Epic!  I also knew that an extremely popular Show would mean you're going to get more Close-Ups from me and borrowed Imagery from the 'Sweet's' Facebook site to be able to cover it decently.  Once the crowds descend upon all this Seasonal Goodness it's going to be a melee going on everywhere and frantic picture taking will be my harshest Editor since most won't turn out that well! *Pout*  With new Camera in hand I'm not so speedy with lining up the Ideal Shots, clearly I gotta get faster and more proficient at this!  *Smiles*  So I just took a tonnage of frames and decided to sort it all out here on the cutting floor of what would make the cut and what would not for the Land of Blog Coverage!?  *Winks*  I was actually pleased that I didn't have to borrow too many Images and I'm a bigger Fan of the Close-Up anyway.  That draws me in more than a Panoramic, so I'm Good with mostly taking a decent Close-Up versus a crappy Panoramic or with too many strangers and snatching hands in frame.  *Smiles*  My commentaries will be brief since I'm lining up several Posts of the Event that will be Auto Scheduled to hit The Land Of Blog without me actually being here behind the computer... due to my upcoming Surgery and getting ready for it.  So Enjoy a Wicked Good Time my Friends!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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