Sunday, September 25, 2016

So What Does Autumn Look Like At Your House?

Every year we like to try to switch things up during the Holidays and Decorate slightly different even though many of our Beloved Seasonal Decor is pretty much the same.   I did however de-stash so much Seasonal Decor during the Epic Big Move that I could justify adding a few new items for the New Home during the Holidays.   I'm being very selective though and Curating my Holiday items to only those things I Love enough to hold onto now.  No longer do I just buy something I merely Like and will probably not have any interest in after a single Season of Displaying it.   Gone are those days of just having a Theme for a single year and discarding it... just seemed too wasteful.  Besides, the Logic for having done single year Themes in the Past was because we were Younger and might use them again years later and it would seem Fresh again!  Now we probably have more Seasonal Decorating behind us than in front of us so what are the Odds?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Yes, one's Mortality does begin to confront you when doing the Math makes you realize how few Future Holiday Seasons are probably ahead for you now!  *Winks*  So did I really NEED a decades worth of rotations of Themes stashed away to use again... probably not!?  *Ha ha ha*   And it's not as if I'm thinking that in a decade The Man or I will be toes-up, just that from Witnessing my advanced age Senior Friends, once you get to certain Seasons of Life, you just tend to Decorate less, if at all!  I'd like to think I'll Decorate for the Seasons right up 'til my End.  But I can clearly already see the decline in how much I Decorate even NOW compared to my exuberant Past years of going all out!  I always use what I have on hand, including anything with Autumn's Warm hues, whether it's Holiday Decor or not.  But I still like it, this Seasonal Decorating... and we still have Fun with it, including letting the Kiddos don the Costume Prop or two on us!  And not so Oddly... I'm actually liking my Man with Dreads!!! *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I was thinking THE MAN did look pretty cute! I get a couple of things new for the holidays just for fun. Then put out the oldies(when I can find them all) I've lost about 12 tin fall leaves this year!

    1. I agree, if I could get him to wear his hair that way, I'd like it! He pulls the Rasta Look off superbly IMO... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That goose is gorgeous, and certainly needs to stay forever. Can't imagine it not being an awesome Christmas Goose. Yes, I have promised myself to get into the craft room and give/donate 1/2 of it away----, as soon as the remodel is done. Getting close and Fall will probably not be done in the upstairs, we are shooting for full completion for Thanksgiving though. Grins, love your post, Sandi


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