Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gone Pickin' ~ When Sun, Moon & Stars Line Up Just Right...

I felt like I hadn't gone Pickin' in a Dog's Age... I was going thru Withdrawal from the Urge to get out there and see what I could glean?!   And you know how it is when the Urge is SO strong you just have a KNOWING that the Good Stuff is gonna turn up!?!   I just FEEL it when the Sun, Moon & Stars line up just right to lead me to the Promised Land of Picks!  It's almost as if I have a built in Radar for it some days... Picking GPS hard wired into my Soul!  Wish I could say it was more often... but I'll settle for SOME days and this Pick was just such a day as that!   The Urge was in fact so Strong this day that I squeezed it in before my Night Shift at the Antique Mall, so I didn't even have a lot of time, a mere HOUR to do Marathon Junquing!  But when I spied this Vintage Industrial Medical Style Stool for less than Four bucks, I KNEW it was gonna be an Epic Short Pick of Quality rather than Quantity!

Next I 'Scored' my absolute Favorite Style of Vintage Suitcase, Wood with Butterscotch Fabric and Stripes... for less than Seven bucks!  I never pass one like this up... and the interior is Pristine even tho' clearly by the exterior it was well Traveled.  I was on a Roll... like when you're Winning at the Casinos Type Roll!   I was so Junque Drunk now I wasn't certain if I wouldn't be able to resist the Urge to now linger in Pickin' Paradise and end up late to Work?  Or not give myself enough leeway to grab a bite to eat for Dinner even?!?  *LOL*   Would I be able to tear myself away if the Good Stuff kept coming my way and I kept Winning?   When the Hand you've been dealt is Red HOT it's so hard to walk away from the Gambling Table and call it a day, huh?   Not that I Gamble, I don't, I really don't, it's not in my DNA I guess so no Urges to... but I would Assume it probably Feels much the same as being Junque Drunk?  Die hard Gamblers correct me if I happen to be wrong, coz you would know your own type of Rush!  *Ha ha ha*

Yes, Junquin' would mos def be my chosen Addiction and drug of choice... my particular Rush.  Which is why I monitor how often I even do it regardless if it nets me Profits as an Enjoyable Hobby to hawk in my Showrooms.   Because I am good at it, no brag just fact... been doin' it all my Life so I've honed my Pickin' Skills to a Fine Art Form now.   Regular Shopping does not do that for me... I can't even tell you the last time I shopped at a regular Mall or on Main Street U.S.A., just too predictable I guess to hold my Interest long.  There is no Thrill Of The Hunt that us Hunter-Gatherer Tribe LIVE for.  I was Scouting for Vintage Fabrics and Trims this particular day and did find some of those too.  The largest piece being this Vintage Hunting Scene Tapestry which is very vibrant and only set me back a couple of bucks. 

Along with various Metallic Trims and a Prayer Card for less than a Quarter!!!  Yes, I can get just as Excited with those Smalls that are so Cheap they are practically Free!  *LOL*   When I have specific items in mind to Pick for I can usually find at least a few.  Mostly this day everything was by pure Serendipity though and not something I was necessarily seeking or thinking I even needed, which made it even more Exciting when I ran across it unexpectedly!!! 

 Some things I just never pass up when I find them anywhere or anytime and especially on the Cheap... like these unusual Doilies tatted from Metallic Thread, though it's hard to see how Metallic Gold they are in this Image or the intricacy of the pattern.   Got this pair for a mere Nickel!!!   My Nanna used to Tat Irish Lace and it really is a dying Art Form that is quite Labor Intensive so not many people would do it anymore even if they knew how to.  So when I find any Tatted Treasures or Hand-Made Doilies, I don't pass them up if the price is decent... because it's always a Value.  Since if you paid for what it would cost by the Hour to Create, you'd have to pay a lot because they'd certainly be spendy!

I did however completely stumble upon the totally unexpected Motherlode of Vintage Games, each complete, which is unusual when they're the really Vintage stuff... and even the Boxes and Canisters they came in were all in very good shape, also Rare.   This individual clearly took great Care with their Vintage Game Stash.   I found them all together in a Box Lot, cheap as hell too, so I am assuming they came from the same Individual?   There were Seven assorted Vintage Games and I got them ALL for less than Three bucks!!!  *Yowsah!*   Do you know how spendy even Modern Games are nowadays, ridiculously so!   The Force and I prefer to play the really Vintage Games you just don't find anymore or didn't even know existed because clearly these were even before my time... so they qualify as True Vintage, right?  *Winks*

And the Graphics, well, when the boxes are in such good condition they are in their own way a part of the overall Appeal of Collecting them, aren't they?  They just don't make Graphics like this anymore, pity really.   The Hokum Game is a 1920's Parker Brothers Pre-Bingo Type form of Entertainment.   Touring Game ran from 1906-1976 and judging by the Vehicles Graphics and Style of Transportation on this box it would be about a 1930's version, I already have another of this same Game with different Graphics {pictured further down}.   The Crossword Lexicon Game is probably also a late 1930's version I would guess as is the Contack Game in this version?   I've found the latter numerous times before with the Joker Graphics on the box {pictured further down}, but similar late 1930's Era so they must have done a few different box Graphics?

The Jack Straws Game appears to be about a 1970's version, this is a very similar genre of Game to Pick Up Sticks which I also found in this same Box Lot.  The Jack Straws version is more Interesting since it has these delicate Game Pieces shaped like various items rather than just being sticks.   Not a one of these very delicate plastic Game Pieces was broken which is nothing short of Miraculous given how many decades old it is and how fragile plastic is in hot climates especially.  Most of these are as delicate as a plastic toothpick since the diameter isn't much bigger!   I would suspect not many younger Children played with this one?

I did find the 456 Pick Up Sticks Game in the very same Box Lot along with the Chinese Fortune Sticks which I was particularly Jazzed about discovering since I Collect all kinds of Fortune Telling paraphernalia from various Cultures.  I also found a couple nice Ostrich Feathers, some Gold Limited Edition Monopoly Game Pieces and this Vintage Clock Face under Glass... paid about a Dollar for all of that.

The 456 Pick Up Sticks Game seems to be a 1940's verson... and the Chinese Fortune Sticks is one of the oldest known Methods of Fortune Telling in the World, though I have no idea how Old this particular version of the Game is?  I've always wanted some though so out of the entire Box Lot of Vintage Games, this one was my particular Favorite to 'Score'.   That lumpy looking black object with the Monopoly Game pieces is a Magnetic Rock.

As OCD as I know I am, one day I'll definitely be reading every Fortune on these sticks just to see what each of them says?  *LOL*   It does not look like a very Old version of the Game since the Fortunes are so crisp and the Sticks look like new, or perhaps it wasn't used a lot, I dunno?  I was just Jazzed to get so many Vintage Games in a Box Lot for such a ridiculously low price to add to my Vintage Game Collection!

Here is just a Sampling of some previous Vintage Game 'Scores' during other Picks of the Past.   The Touring and Contack Games are the same Era as those I just Picked of the same Game, just different Box Graphics of the identical Game.  Though the one claims to be an 'Improved Edition' so is probably slightly later?  *Smiles*  The Game Of Bible Lotto is from the early 1930's Era and is a crossover Collectible if you also Enjoy Collecting Vintage Spiritual and Religious items, which I do.   When I finally have some duplicates of the same Vintage Games with identical Box Graphics, then I Sell those excess off.  Vintage Games Sell well so you can't go wrong with them.  Some Collectors don't even care if they're complete or might even be Interested in just the Game Pieces or even just the Box for Display purposes. 

But that isn't the only Instant Collection of Cool items I discovered together... there were these hand-made Barbie Clothes, most of them crocheted or knit!  I remember when I was little my Dad used to Create my Barbie and Doll Clothing for me out of scraps of Fabrics.  Or Mom would Crochet them for me from cast off Yarn from her other knitting projects.   I remember thinking my OOAK Couture Barbie and Baby Doll Clothing Created exclusively by my Parents was much better than the Store bought versions my Friends had.  In actuality I don't think my Parents had the money to buy Doll Clothing or extensive Wardrobe for us kids either, so they learned to be frugal and Create all of it themselves.  Since they were such Creative Souls the end result was always way better than anything mass produced anyway.

These reminded me of the Doll Clothing my Parents used to Create for me because of the intricacy of Design elements and the Attention to Detail.  Not really necessary to go above and beyond like that, especially for Doll play... but if you take Pride in Creating anything, it's ALL about the Details to you regardless of what you are making or what it will be used for.  I'm not certain I'll get to Sell these as a set in my Showroom because if Princess T sees the stash, her Barbies will certainly be Rockin' the Runway in Barbie Couture and she will have confiscated this entire stash thinking I got it just for her! *Winks*  Note: Buy Hand-Made Barbie Clothing if you Sell Vintage Barbies because often they don't have original Outfits and it's better to put them in a Hand-Made Creation than a Modern Barbie Outfit.

I also got a Coffee Table book on extreme Motorcycle Art and this Sweet 1959 Vintage Cloth Baby Book called 'From My Playpen' with the Cute Graphics of that Era... both for under a buck!  So Yes, it was a good day for Pickin' and the Sun, Moon & Stars certainly lined up just right this day!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh My!! What a Haul! I'm Happy For You! You Deserved It for sure!!!

  2. Wow! Great stuff, and so beautifully (and lovingly) presented to us here.


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