Sunday, September 25, 2016

Far Out Scheduling

Far Out Scheduling... I'd pre-scheduled Blog Posts clear out 'til past the end of the Month!!!   Assuming of coarse that after Surgery I wouldn't feel very much like doing anything except languishing and recovering!  So I was maniacal about doing those Scheduled Posts... to hit when of coarse I wouldn't be sitting here for perhaps weeks, since that's how long the Surgeon said recovery might take!?   Yeah, right... we're talking about ME, the person who finds it impossible to be Still ever!!!  Maybe it was being under the influence of some pretty strong drugs directly after Surgery for the first two days, but the delusion of NEEDING Far Out Scheduling of Posts continued.

So I found myself here drugged up directly after Surgery and still Posting like a Maniac... but with the illusion that I wouldn't actually feel good enough to be here Blogging... and so on went the Pre-Scheduling of Posts.  I know... being under the Influence makes you think just that illogically.   Good thing that after day two I ditched the pain meds because, well, the various side effects physically and mentally in my opinion aren't worth avoiding some pain.  I needed to be lucid because things were getting surreal when I wasn't just knocked out by the meds.   Apparently I could never be a drug addict because I Hate even taking an aspirin for a headache... and with Surgery, a Complication and Diabetes, they had me taking a cocktail of crap and I Hated it... so any that were optional "and taken as needed" I ditched right way.

Which then left me with the realization and clarity that recovery after Surgery is actually incredibly Boring so that's probably why they want you doped up?  To render you as non-functional as possible so you won't try to even do anything?  When all of the dressing finally came off I realized I had a Frankenstein Foot... resplendent with fishing line stitchery poking out all over!  Which fascinates young Children, they can't look away and simply must take a gander and not be able to tear their eyes away... it's like a Train Wreck I suppose, you don't wanna look but you just can't help yourself, such is humanities morbid curiosity about carnage!  *LOL*  I Photographed it but then it didn't look nearly as gruesome and colorful as Real Life, with all it's various post-surgical shades of blue, purple, red and the orange disinfectant wash stain that made me think of Donald Trump's Tan and Hair!  *LOL*

So I'll spare you the gore, only a select few got to take a gander and deadpan invite me to go Dancing, for a Walk, etc... and then laugh heartily... well, mebbe that was just the Dark Brooding Princess T who has a sic sense of Humor like that... Wednesday Addams Child that she is!  *LOL*   The Young Prince rigged The Boot with some padding so that it would be more comfortable to walk in when I do have to leave the house, which isn't very often or even voluntarily, since it makes my ankle area still feel sore and bruised afterwards.  So boredom has become my constant companion and I'd rather be Blogging, even though I have to sit sideways in one chair with my right foot elevated on a chair beside me to alleviate the throbbing!   Thankfully I'm still quite flexible for a Senior and it definitely beats doing nothing... I'm not good at doing nothing... I haven't had much practice I guess.

So... has housekeeping and yard work suffered then... well, in a Word... Yes.  And I barely Care, which is not at all like me to be Okay with Chaos rather than Order.   I have delegated responsibilities... I'm good at delegating... my years of Supervising in the Corporate World did give me plenty of practice at that.  But you have to remember that effective delegating only works well if your minions are up to the job assigned.   This trio clearly are like the Temp Service of minions you'd get to fill in short term and would never actually hire for the job!  When The Man is given a directive, if you don't ensure he does it right away before he forgets, he actually thinks and firmly believes he already did do it... or was that LAST week, he can't quite remember!?  TBI is unforgiving that way, his focus is quite limited, especially if NCIS re-runs or Football are on TV and distract him!   This time of year is there ever a time Football isn't on?  *LOL*

Now, The G-Kid Force are slightly better minions and I've perfected the Guilt stronghold of Parenting that we all use as leverage... having a Frankenstein Foot helps magnify the effect of Guilting effectively.   Especially since most of the damage control involving daily housekeeping is run behind them anyways.  Since I cannot afford to stub a toe right now or go down due to the minefield of discarded shoes, roller blades, skateboards and backpacks trailing thru the house... it simply must be dealt with on an ongoing basis.   I often Wonder why I ever bothered trying to organize a Mudroom space effectively via The Container Store, with Shoe racks and such for such things as this, which still get strewn around as if there was an explosion of them?!?

I particularly find a new Commercial very ironic that has two tuckered out Grandparents sitting in their recliners lamenting, "When do they go Home?" as they survey the mine field of children's toys strewn all over their Livingroom after what I'm assuming is a brief visit with their Grands.  These live here, this IS Home, they aren't going anywhere... and reconciling myself to the Norm of our Home always looking like that regardless of how incapacitated we might be in our Senior years is just our Reality.  I have zero sympathies for those who lament that the occasional visit of the Grands is too much and they simply can't wait for them to leave so as to get back to Normal and Peace!  Zero sympathy but much envy!  *winks*  You don't know how good you have it... I can handle anything for a few hours or perhaps a day or two... try 18+ years PER Child with no respite, then you'll move me with your lamentations of dealing with Kiddos and their ways, as a Senior Citizen!  And all the Custodial Grandparents said AMEN!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*

I can't help but almost break into hysteria when another Senior or Younger Adult tells me, "Well, I'm sure it keeps you Young..." are you freakin' kidding me?  If anything will actually make you Feel your Age, it will be still Parenting Children way past the years when you no longer would ever be breeding naturally!   *Bwahahahaha!*   That's just a heads up on what NOT to say to a Custodial Grandparent and have them take you Seriously... they WILL assume you are joking!   

I could actually do an entire Blog Post Series, based on personal experience... on what NOT to say to Custodial Grandparents, Kinship Placements, Parents of Special Needs Children, Caregivers of ailing Spouses, Generational blended Families, Racially blended Families, or Adoptive Families.  But I won't go there Today... mebbe another time!  *Winks*  Suffice to say that what falls out of the mouths of some people is either hysterical or downright offensive, inappropriate and insensitive... whether they are intentionally being that way or not.  Please just try to use a Filter folks and not just speak whatever is on your mind indiscriminately or without concern that it's ignorant or not an improvement over Silence.   Thankfully some Bloggers have already addressed such Topics and I applaud them for Educating the General Public on Sensitivity to such things!

Since Princess T had an 11th Birthday on the 22nd and we were pretty much housebound during it due to my Surgery, I had stocked up on inappropriate foods and drinks to Celebrate the occasion so she was blazed on small sugary confections and Starbucks!   Which is just how she likes it!  *Winks*  That Image above was her ON her Birthday taking calls all day from well wishers from all over the Country.  Since the majority of our closest Friends and Family no longer live in Arizona and thus the Phone and Internet is our Lifeline to keep connected to our Inner Circle which sadly has dwindled locally.  I think visits during my recovery would have helped me not be so bored and restless with the urge to Escape the confines of New Villa Boheme' as soon as I'm able!   Notice in said Image "Evidence"... the heavily laden School backpack unceremoniously discarded on the floor beside her... part of my mine field I have to continuously navigate and run herd on to keep cleared!!!   I think there are no less than three backpacks, several jackets, an assortment of shoes and two lunch boxes around that particular small Table in our Kitchen as we speak!  *Ha ha ha*

Ah, a good little Rant and Vent does wonders for the confined Spirit that is going Stir Crazy recovering.   I barely get out of my Pajamas most days lately, not that it matters, I'm in and out of bed resting like a Yo-Yo.   And sometimes up all Night due to my irregular sleep schedule during this recovery period.  Since long Naps during the day equal not feeling tired late at Night even tho' on School days that's not a good thing... especially since they need an earlier wake-up call than usual to walk to their respective Schools since I can't shouldn't drive them.   Since the Base Clinic had me drive up to the Base not once, but two days in a freakin' row already to retrieve necessary meds for the ensuing Complication they missed... even tho' they knew the Surgeon's Office would prefer me NOT to be driving, I don't know why I bother refraining, really?  Yes, day one they had me pick up a script so I wouldn't have a raging Infection negating Surgical Recovery, then called me the next day to say they prescribed the wrong antibiotic and I needed to come back and get a stronger one!!!  It's Military Care, what can I say...  But I'm TRYING to behave and obey Surgeon's Orders, I really am!!!

And Yes, the Young Prince's School Counselor is still hounding me about the IEP Meeting, which had to be delayed due to the Surgery... even tho' I've been requesting one since the first day they started School... and NOW all of a sudden it's so freakin' Urgent to them to get it done!   They really don't want him in their regular High School... so we'll have to see what APPROPRIATE Alternative Placements they can manage to suggest and come up with... unlike the inappropriate ones of last time?  It will be in a Word... Interesting... and so it goes... as we also await Approval from his Insurance for another High Case Needs Manager to be assigned for his Case from his Mental Health Provider too, which likely won't come in time to attend the IEP with us like they should... par for the course there as well... whaddya gonna do???  Wait, mebbe things aren't so Boring after all, huh?  *Bwahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yes Blog Land does help with boredom I'm sure! Welcome back!

    1. Yes it is good to be back so quickly, I wasn't as laid up as I thought I might be, boredom works wonders to make you ignore things like pain and lingering limitations... since boredom is actually more excruciating in my opinion! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian


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