Thursday, September 1, 2016

Am I Toning Down?

I'm trying to Tone Down and Create a more Soothing Color Palette for our New Home since the Family are Calmer around Organic Tones... but it's hard for me.  Since every time I see an Image like this one, I ain't gonna lie, it's very much My Style, that Bold Jewel Tone Palette that assaults the Senses, but in a Good way.  *LOL*  It is indeed invigorating, Fun and Festive, but is it Restful enough?For those prone to being high strung, perhaps not... and over-stimulation is something we try to avoid here at Casa Boheme'!  *LOL*

Since the Muted Tones of Sage and Sepia also Appeal to me very strongly... and very Faded Colors that from pure Aging have Muted to delicious Tones, I'm attempting to go more in that direction here at Home.  Decrepit Style in fact is among my very Favorite and doesn't Appeal to everyone and thus I can often pick up Delightfully Decayed specimens that make my Heart fairly skip a beat for a song.  Like this Old Antique Silk Lampshade everyone was Thankfully overlooking even though it was a mere Dollar!!!  *Gasp!*

I threw myself across the long bin it was in as if someone else might notice my inability to contain my Rush of adrenaline and Excitement once I spied it... and snatch it before I could throw myself prostate towards it!?!  *LOL*   A Picker Friend Smiled when he saw me with it and said, "Ah... so you Found the Lampshade, I'm Glad... I instantly thought of YOU when I saw it and was thinking of holding it aside in case you came in Today!"   It's always humorous to me how Obvious My Style is to others that know me.  *Smiles*

And yet I do vacillate between my Bold Jewel Tone Boho preferences and the Decrepit Aged Style I'm actually more 'known' for Adoring.   Maybe because Hippie Boho Style is a more prevalent liking and My Style of Weird and Wonderful is well... more Weird and an Oddity... thus not so many dig it?!?   *LOL*   If something is Dead and Preserved, mos def my Friends think instantly of me... and if it's Dead AND Adorned... well, they often just pick it up for me knowing I'd be good for reimbursing them or making a Good Trade to take it off their hands.  *Winks*

Throw in if they see anything I'm Obsessed with like Vintage Millinery of any kind, dyed Seam Binding, Funky Antique Hats, Old Striped Butterscotch Hued Suitcases in any Condition, Architectural Salvage in any Condition and especially Old Doors and their Hardware... I'm their Gal!   

Some Favorite Artist's Work that I've been Collecting a long time can also be a no-brainer... like the Vintage Magnolia Pearl Bags which are Gorgeous pieces of OOAK Wearable Art I Adore.  I've never seen one I didn't Love... tho' I am very Selective, even with Fav Artisans... it has to be from the Vintage MP Line of years Past, for example, since that was more my particular Aesthetic than the current Line.   In fact almost anything Created from Luscious Antique Fabrics and Old Persian Rugs will be something I'll be drawn to like a Moth to a Flame.  So any Artists still using those Mediums to Create their Work often have me as a Loyal Customer.   I'm not so drawn to Trends in Fashions... I've remained fairly constant with what I like to wear and Accessorize with.

Most people are fickle with Fashion... I am not... however, I AM fickle with other Collections and Decor.   Many have fallen by the wayside as my Tastes in what I Collect or want to Decorate with change modestly or even drastically and I wanna try something different.   I'm in that Transition Phase right now in fact, where the Interior of our Home is going thru a Metamorphosis.   My Wardrobe and Accessories rarely makes such a Leap as my Decor or what I like to Collect does.  I go thru more Phases in Decorating, Styling and Collecting.

Sometimes I think I will NEVER get rid of something I've Collected or Decorated our Home with... and then after a Season of Enjoying it and knowing it's Season of being here is over... I have gotten rid of it with no remorse about detaching from it and Letting it Go!   Sentimental Items are a bit harder for me, not necessarily because I'm that in Love with whatever it happens to be... but more because of who gave it to me being so Special or it being a Family Heirloom I should probably keep for passing along within the Family.

I'm Hopeful that I am providing New Family Heirlooms though within my Collections... those things that the Adult Children and the Adult Grandchildren remember and Cherish from our Home that they want to Inherit.  In which case, if they express that Desire, I've often gone ahead and given it to them Pre-Mortem rather than waiting Post-Mortem.   *Ha ha ha*  But if I'm still Enjoying it and not quite ready to relinquish it, they may have to wait 'til I'm Toes Up.  *Winks*   But I will Keep it for their Inheritance as a Family Heirloom to keep passing along and Cherishing, they can be certain of that.

Granted much of my Stuff could go the way of being an Estate Sale for the likes of the Pickers that stock Oddities Shops.  *Bwahahahaha!*  I'd like to be a Fly on the wall to see the Sideshow that would show up for that, huh?  *Giggling*  I'd BET they'd be some very Interesting People!!!  *Winks*   Mebbe, when I Feel like I could be at the end of Life on this side of Time and Eternity I'd just Host a Pre-Mortem Estate Sale {some folks do it} and see who shows up just to Delight myself in the People watching... meeting and greeting who would most dig my stuff and drag it Home to their Weird and Wonderful Lairs!!!???

But I think I do have some things that the masses might like, I'm not completely over the edge in my Style and Decor... at least I don't THINK so anyway... I could be Wrong?!?  *Smiles*   I just get easily fascinated with Unusual Stuff more than most so I like to surround myself with those things that fascinate and intrigue me with their Uniqueness and Impact in the way they make folks FEEL.   I've said it before, I'd rather you Feel something when you walk into my Home, even if it's repulsion, than Feel nothing at all... ho hum... Boring is worse than any other reaction or feeling.  If something is tedious and not Interesting I almost can't stand it, how about you?

It would be torturous for me to Endure Boredom and so typically I am never Bored, I can always find something or someone to stimulate my Mind, my Mood, my Senses.  Which is why I cannot understand nor connect with folks who Bore easily and complain about it often.  Because you are in Charge of you... so find or do something that would banish Boredom from your World and everyday vocabulary!  So much EXISTS so how could you be Bored with it ALL?!?

Besides, when you are a Scavenger, the Thrill of the Hunt when you go Junquing is always also a Thrill of the Unknown of what you're going to Find?!  It's not predictable in the least, it's not like regular Shopping... you just never know what might turn up or what a Deal you're gonna Score?!?  I am not at all Toned Down when it comes to my Scavenging and I haven't slowed down either, I could literally do it for hours on end without tiring.

It's like seeking Treasure... and when you hit the Motherlode of Junque, well, it's like Finding a buried Treasure that perhaps nobody else knew about!?  Something perhaps hidden away for years or even decades! You can Feel like a Pirate's Buried Treasure Chest has just been Discovered and who doesn't get a Rush out of that?!?   It's also probably why so many of our Kind keep many of their Choice spot locations close to their chest... like a good hand of Cards that will net you a tidy profit at the Gambling Table.

I always Smile when a Customer asks a Dealer or Vendor where do you Find your Inventory... like they're ever gonna tell and Reveal their Honey Holes!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Granted, almost everyone will Enjoy Sharing the Provenance if there is a good back end Story to a piece that adds to the Mystique, the History and usually even the Value if it's documented correctly and can be proven.   But even if it's just a verbal Story you have to take at Face Value, it can be mighty Interesting even if it's questionable as being Factual or Embellished or Folk Lore.   Not everyone actually knows whether their back end Stories of their pieces are accurate, even if it's a Family Heirloom.

And not everyone Cares... I know I rarely do... if I Love a Piece I'm likely to buy it anyway even if the back Story was not validated by documentation.  It's just a Bonus if it is, but sometimes just the Story is Interesting or Juicy enough to add to the Intrigue and be Fun in the re-telling when you're Showing off said item in your own Collection.   This is the Lore of that item, whether it's True or not, sometimes the Story was just a Good one regardless of whether Fictional or Embellished over the years by various Owners. Folks who might Believe that was the Provenance because that's what they'd been told and passed along as the Provenance... or perhaps are just Excellent Story Tellers?!?  *Smiles*

And in my Quest for locating the Best of Vintage and Antique or Exotic Fabrics I also often Waffle and have many Loves.  Between the Jewel Tone Bohemian Fabrics and Trims, with all their Exotic Hand Work and Vivid Beautiful Hues that are a Feast for the Eyes... or the decadent Rich Fabrics like Velvet, Brocade, Lace, Silk and Satin... to the Vintage and Organic like Burlap, Camelhair, Linen, Organic Cotton, Hemp and European Feed or Grain Sack Materials. 

When it comes to Fabrics I'm just in Love with too many to chose a single Favorite!!!   I suppose that is why Fabric Art is my Absolute Favorite kind of Art... and why Re-Upholstering Old Furniture with Good Bones in a Luscious Fabric is so very Appealing to me also!!!   I rarely Care what Condition an Antique or Vintage Chair, Sofa, Love Seat, etc. is in because if the Bones are Ideal, it can always be Re-Upholstered in my Favorite Fabrics and Trims!!!

And when it comes to my Wardrobe and Fashion, Comfort as well as Form and Function is Key... it has to Feel Good on me or I'm not likely to wear it often enough for it to be a Wardrobe Staple.   If I have a Favorite Piece I don't mind it being Mended and I can Appreciate Ancient Mending Practices like Boro.  Which to me enhance the Clothing that has been Loved enough or worn enough to warrant being patched, mended, has decorative reinforcement stitching, tatting and the many other ways to repair them in such a way that they remain Functional and Useful.

I suppose Salvaging things is just in my DNA since an early age... because I always remember Rescuing things I found worthy to be Saved.   Even if I was the only one with the Eyes to see any Value in whatever it happened to be, I Cared not.  If it still Existed because of my Intervention in Protecting and Preserving it, I just plain Felt Good!!!   How about you my Friends... are you Toning Down, Changing things up, or Re-Inventing your Wheelhouse just to have a different Experience?  Or maybe like me... a Blend of it ALL!?!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Lovely old pieces never go out of style at our houses!


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