Thursday, August 11, 2016

Work But Not Much Progress

I've been doing a lot of Work lately but I don't know that I'm seeing much Progress.   Have you ever done that my Friends, been busy and yet not really accomplishing that much in spite of the busyness?!?   I find myself piddling around with things that really are already Done and I'm just Changing them because it's easier than tackling a Project!  Switching out a Santos Crown for a Tiara on the Bear... way easier than hanging the numerous Artwork still languishing all over the place but without a place to be properly Displayed!

Finally Found the Original Tiara Lil Dic-Dic always wore, looked everywhere for it in Vain... only to find it hiding in plain sight!!   Right here atop the head of a Mannequin staring straight into my face, sitting right in front of me on this Desk as I'm on the Computer Blogging!!!   The only place I usually don't look for something I can't find is the Obvious... where it's not really hidden at all but almost staring you down saying LOOK I'm right here in front of you, are you blind or just oblivious??!!!  *LOL*

To be Fair to myself I did complete some long overdue Projects.  Nothing earth shattering, but I felt quite Accomplished starting and then finishing almost anything lately!!!  Got everything off the floor that had been in piles around the Casual Dining Room so finally that Room at least is in Order.   One down and too many others to mention left to go!  *Ha ha ha* 

 Often I start with the tiniest of Rooms so as not to be too Overwhelmed before I gain momentum, like the Pantry.  Yes, it has a lot in it, you'd think we were Survivalists, but these Kiddos eat a lot even tho' they're slender!  *Smiles*  But it's a small enough Space to complete in a day once I'm 'All In' to tackle it!  The Organizer was my eager Assistant, she LOVES to Organize, Sort and Strategize so she was in her element.  I just wanted to finally be able to find what I needed and rotate anything Old out and replace it with Fresh Inventory!!!   I needed Sections and Order to what had been utter Chaos in there. 

 Now the most used non-perishable items are handier and in a specific Section with like-products for convenience and to know when I'm getting low and need to re-stock.  We also moved the Snack Boxes from the Upstairs Kitchenette to this Downstairs Main Kitchen Pantry.  Since The Young Prince was attempting World Domination of Snacks, since he Controls the Kitchenette, because it's part of his Mother-In-Law Bedroom Suite.  Naturally that was going over like a lead balloon when he'd barricade himself in there like he was Guarding Fort Knox!  It also allows Yours Truly to Ration said Snacks out daily so nobody Bogarts the entire Stash!  *LOL*

Princess T is actually a 'Counter'... must be part of her OCD because she Counts everything and knows when the balance has tipped and there's a Disturbance in The Force no longer in her favor or Fair!   Fairness is her Mantra, each Family Member SHOULD have an equal amount of whatever and she's the Human Abacus to ensure nobody cheats.  She Self-Rations hers, the Guys, well, lets just say if we were all stranded on a Desert Island with limited allegedly Shared Supplies they wouldn't be the first to starve to Death.  Nope, 'cause they'd of blown thru their Rations and some or all of everyone else's too lest it's Guarded!

Of coarse nobody would Admit to that when interrogated.  The School Snacks meant for SCHOOL Lunches and thus Hoarded up to last more than a minute, say... Ideally 'til next Payday... where have so many disappeared to in a Week's time?   The Young Prince's Personal Spaces are definitely a blatant Crime Scene... slovenly Oscar Madison Child that he is.  Littered with evidence, I'm so Glad that door is closed most of the time so I don't have to even look and raise my Blood Pressure!!!

  And yeah Honey, I says to The Man... you don't even attend School... so why are so many of the empty School Snack containers also beside your Recliner in that guilty pile!?  It doesn't take CSI Skills to Solve that Case, you forgot to hide the evidence and now SHE has seen it!!!  Insert wailing of SHE with a T... since he gorged on her "Favorites" she'd been Saving and carefully Rationing!!!  *Oh Lord Jesus!*  Well, you forgot to buy ME Snacks he petulantly pouts... Yes, I completely forgot since the TBI he's now my 3rd Child here and the Temptation to keep his hands off their School Snacks when he has none was just too strong to resist... mebbe they won't notice... yeah, right!!!  I should put a Bell on him so I know where and when he's Sneaking and getting into things!?  *LOL*

So now Snacks are fully stocked, everybody has some, and they've migrated to the newly Organized Pantry where I can keep a running Inventory of what's going out and what needs to go in.   Something as simple as Pantry Organization is a Big Deal when you're still trying to get a New Home as Functional and Familiar as your Old Home was.  I knew where stuff was in a Home I'd Occupied a very long time... here I'm often still at a loss when seeking something specific.  In all Honesty most of it may still be packed and in the Garages in those towers of Storage sitting idle this past year!?!

I'm also still completely on the fence about how I want certain Spaces to Evolve.  Some, like the Computer & Library Room I'm in right now are totally Done and Organized exactly as I like and want it to be.   So this room gets a lot of use and is one someone wants to be in almost every day.   I'm wanting to get every Space to that level of form and function... where it looks Styled or Organized and has specific Purpose... but I'm still a long ways off really.

Big Home means Big Project that has to be broken into small increments I can handle without becoming Overwhelmed by the enormity of the entire Project.  Some Projects, like the wiring and hanging of all Chandies and hanging Lamps, will be subcontracted to an Electrician since I don't do heights nor electrical work.   So I'm starting lower... clearing all floor space of clutter and what shouldn't be laying about... and working upwards.

And realizing that each day has had Work, often lots of it, but not every day I can Celebrate as having Progress evident in The Process.   And Working around everyone's Crazy Schedules, Homework, Appointments, etc... means... this is gonna take a while, so I will just have to allow it the time it will require to complete the Transformation of New Villa Boheme'!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Rejoice in the small accomplishments as I know you do!

    1. Oh yes, Rejoicing any Progress, always a good excuse to Celebrate! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Too funny! Yes, organization is a plus---when remodeling or moving in--(even if it takes a year) actually the same timeframe thing here, LOL.

    Hubby is a bagger---all tools, supplies, etc are in a bag---not sorted so its dig or they are in a tote--with lord knows what else. I could use Princess T...cause Hubby also 'treats' himself to just about anything that isn't nailed down.

    I can't wait to move into my kitchen, as know only one run of cabinets is in and they are doing the ceiling now---last board to be in within an hour. YAY! Cabinets still aren't here---but hubby has floor and electrical to work on anyway. ORGANIZATION-ha!---which tote are the Cheetos in, honey?

    1. You're too funny... and living thru a remodel is something I know all too well, which is why New Villa Boheme' HAD to be turnkey so for once I had a Home with no immediate Projects necessary! *LOL* It's exciting tho', to Transform a Space, so when your New Kitchen is complete I know you will feel it was worth all the inconvenience and stress a remodel or renovation creates. Must see the 'After' pixs! Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian


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