Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Real Hunter Gatherer Challenge

I know I'm re-hashing above Image from the previous Post, but I liked how it turned out... some of the Good Stuff I Keep are things I Enjoy Beholding often. For us Hunter Gatherer Types often our biggest Challenge is not in finding the Good Stuff, but in Training ourselves to find it at a Bargain with great Margins for re-sale, and then Let Go of it right away to Profit from.   Without all the Emotional Attachment that can go on if we cannot resist the urge of Keeping!  For me that has been a Goal and a gradual Process that I continually Work on and Train myself as if I'm readying for the Hunter Gatherer Olympics!  Yes, initially my overall Goal was simply to Downsize and Simplify Life... now it moves forward to the level of Profiting from what I Love to do and have a knack for!

The Big Move really helped me to Cull and Purge so much in the way of what was totally unnecessary to Keep and either needed to be Sold in bulk to other Pickers, thrown out or Donated.  Check, check and check... Mission Accomplished, so I made monumental Progress in one fell swoop of having Moved and not dragging along what really should not be packed up and carted over to New Villa Boheme'!  *Whew!!!*   But I knew that Curating what had been brought over was still going to be a Process of more severe Editing and Purging of my Lovelies... the Best Stuff in fact!

Oh Lord, what to do when you finally get to the Best Stuff and have to now Train yourself to look at the majority of it Objectively enough that it becomes Inventory and not YOURS to Keep or Hoard Up!?!  Detaching effectively enough it becomes second Nature!  Because you see, that is the Ultimate Goal when you decide to Rent any Space for re-sale of your Stuff, right?  To end up with the Quality of Inventory you would Love to buy yourself and have every piece be Awesome through your Eyes, Styled to Perfection in the Showroom as you would Style it all in your own Home!

  Because then you know you're offering up the Killer Quality of Treasures to your Customers.  Customers that are indeed Kindred Spirits and 'Get' your Vibe and Share your real Passion and Love of this Refinement of the Stuff being hawked!  I quickly realized that though I have a knack for Hunting and Gathering with Profit in mind, even for resisting the urge to buy just anything that I could make a buck on if it wasn't the Killer Variety of Inventory I LOVE and Genre of what I want to carry, my dilemma would be in the Letting Go of this Best of Stuff!  *Le Sigh*  Releasing the Cream of the Crop and Stuff of Junquing Lore!  Some can do it with ease, I apparently did not, it didn't come Naturally to me, but I wanted to, so in Training to I volunteered myself!

I wanted to be able to do what so many of my Successful Retail Friends who do this kind of thing are able to do... have 100% To Die For Inventory and the detachment to just Sell it unemotionally without any Desire to Keep it!?!  Well, I'm Assuming they have no Desire to Keep it... mebbe I'm making broad Assumptions?   Perhaps many more of you have the similar Struggle I do about that, I dunno for sure unless you were to come Clean about it and Confess that this is not so uncommon an affliction to overcome?  *Winks*  Because you see, if you are hard wired to Hunt and Gather, you Live to do it... but you know you can't and shouldn't Keep it all!

Not Wanting to Keep it ALL is my Desire, not really my Struggle... I don't WANT to Keep it ALL.   In Theory I want to only Keep what looks like the right amount of it Styled Beautifully in our Home and no more than that... Just Enough.   I have reached a Maturity of knowing when Too Much has occurred and it's out of Balance, thus out of our Comfort Zone of Possessions being Kept.  Knowing when the Excess must Exit Stage Left to the Showrooms as Inventory.   That's easy enough a Process if what needs to Exit is more easily parted with, you'd be Surprised at what I CAN part with unemotionally.  But when you get down to what YOU consider Killer Treasures it can be much harder to Let Go and Feel totally detached from that decision!

I know that I'm very close to that Juncture in The Process of Letting Go.   Yes, as I'm Styling each Room of New Villa Boheme' and getting it just the way I want it, I know that I am nearing the point of whatever is Left Over will have to be decided upon.   Should it be Kept for Rotation if it's Beloved enough I just cannot possibly contemplate falling out of Love with it just enough to emotionally detach and Sell it?  Or will parting be such Sweet Sorrow, but a Victory towards having Trained myself to be more unemotional about Primo Hunted and Gathered Treasures, seeing them purely from a Profit angle and Inventory?  Whoa, heavy stuff huh?  *Winks*

But I have to get to that eventual Goal, ya wanna know why?  Because if I cannot go Junquing with the Primary Focus in Mind of having just about all of it becoming Inventory, then I must Stop!  *Shudder*   Yep, if New Villa Boheme' has everything Just So, with the occasional rotation of Upgrading Primo Treasures, then I don't want any more to come in and not go out you see!  That Desire is Stronger than the Desire to Hunt or Gather actually, which is pretty Epic to admit.   So I know as I unpack whatever is still Stored from the Big Move, very little of it can or will come in since it's been absent for just over a Year now so it's probably not necessary or needed.  Wanted mebbe... but you cannot Have everything you Want!!!

And I do Have a lot and it's still Too Much and so these decisions, though hard, will have to be made as each box and crate is unpacked until no boxes and crates remain except Seasonal Decor!   And even some things inside the Home that are unpacked and put away, will be gone thru again eventually.  Because I Feel as though I could downsize even more to desensitize myself to attaching to the really Good Stuff!   Simplicity is growing on me you see, who knew?  Me, the Maximalist is kinda diggin' this having Less, am I adopting Less is More to some degree?  Wow!!!   How pared down will it get?  Well, I just don't know yet, but I'm kinda Excited to find out actually.  I like that I have a lot of empty Storage Spaces around this large Home and places for the Eye to Rest!

Sure, there are likely to be some things I have mini Hoards of just because I like the way they Look en mass.   But the Releasing of considerable amounts of any of those things that make my Heart flutter thus having my Showrooms make my Heart flutter because all Inventory there is of that Caliber is my lofty Goal I'm Working towards.   I'm not there yet, but I'm on my way and this is Good!  Because I would be really Excited about hawking my wares if all of it was Exceptional Hunted and Gathered Treasures that makes my Heart Sing when I Find them.  I just don't want to Feel brokenhearted when it's time to Let Go of all of it, I want it to be enough to have Discovered it and then Let it Go to whoever will Keep it!   And make Bank, lets not forget about that ultimate Goal to Justify the means to the end!  *Smiles*

And Feeling as though I finally have Dominion over my Passions so that it all Balances out Beautifully and I can survey it both at Home and in the Showrooms as being Just Right and the Vision I have for each!!!   With the emphasis on it NOT being Too Much here at the Kingdom and the Excess being more inclined to be the Awesome Treasures I'm offering up to everyone else instead.  Packed into the Showrooms or whatever other Exciting Venues this Journey takes me to?!??!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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