Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Top Five ~ Finale' Post

So... we are FINALLY at the Finale' Post of this Month's Event... took a while, huh?   Well, I've been moving in slow mo' quite a bit lately with some health issues and preparing for an upcoming foot surgery which I will have on Friday Morning.   

So Pray for me that the Recovery time will go much smoother than the botched breast biopsy healing did!?   Diabetes is a very insidious disease which compromises so much of your overall health, immunity and healing capacity on a broad basis.  It didn't help that in the Doc's Office was tons of reading material showing horrific imagery of Diabetic diseased feet!  *Shudder*

I'd much rather behold Beauty than ghastly imagery of a disease you know you already have and has ravaged many other poor Souls bodies in such gruesome ways.  It was rather shocking and sobering... but like a train wreck, I couldn't NOT look!  Why is that??!??!  *LOL*  So my foot problem paled in comparison and for that I was Thankful as hell lemme tell ya!  *Whew!*   Will be babying these footsies even more after that traumatic exposure to what COULD happen! 

And so as you behold the Beauty of the last of my Photo Editing of this Event we'll Talk about stuff that ain't fluff in this Post's Story Line.  Yes, I'm becoming a better Editor as I wade thru my heavily laden Photo Archived Images and becoming much more Editorial in what I Share!  Yay!  AND I only brought my nifty New Camera and didn't default to using the Old one for fear I hadn't had enough Practice... so my Confidence in Pathological Photo Taking Abilities is increasing exponentially!  *Winks* 

And I also had the second installment of Caregiver Support Therapy so I don't have Caregiver Burnout when I hit the wall... which I have recently, mostly due to not feeling 100% myself.   The Man actually came with me for that Appointment which was a nice Surprise since he Hates his own Therapy Sessions.  I'm Hoping when he sees how beneficial it can be when you utilize it as a Tool to stay centered and as Well as you can be, he'll embrace his more?

He is still making slow but steady progress in a Positive direction though to recover from his Traumatic Brain Injury, so I am Pleased he's trying harder to not resist being challenged to improve.  When years pass after a catastrophic injury or disability it is easy to begin giving up, giving in or giving out because it is a lot of difficult and unpleasant Work.

Now the Young Prince is not doing so well in his second chance at remaining in regular High School for his Junior year.   On the way to my Psychologist appointment I got not one, but two unexpected very Negative phone calls from the School... Splendid, I Love being blindsided and double teamed... on my way to a Caregiver Support Session no less!  *Shaking head... this is part of why I need Therapy!  LOL*  This time it was the School Psycholgist, that we had a lot of trouble with at the beginning of the School year, and I'm not a Fan of... and his History Teacher, who is having an Issue with the Young Prince's Sleep Disorder manifesting in Class.  *Le Sigh*

So... the kid has had a Sleep Disorder and an Eating Disorder since about the age of seven, due to his Serious Mental Health Condition for which there is no known Cure.  We've tried everything in vain that Modern Medicine can provide and suggest... so whaddya want me to say?!?  *Sighing heavily*  They act as if he can Control the symptoms of his Disability so that it won't inconvenience them... ahhh, if only it were that easy, right?!?  *Winks*

So, that meant after my Podiatrist appointment my next stop Today had to be his Mental Health Provider to request expanded Services again since now we have yet another 'Educational Crisis' to attend to.  They've attended numerous ones throughout the years and we've often brought in the Big Guns in the way of his Support System and various Caseworkers to even the playing field at the IEP meetings.   Which are kinda like being on Trial in front of a hostile Jury, for having a Child who is not Well.

Presenting your Case so that said Child isn't just dumped off in any inappropriate Alternative Placement is always the Sentence you're trying to avoid.  Apparently it is treated like a Crime to not be Well and need an Education like everyone else is entitled to.  Though there are Laws in place to attempt to protect said Children, you better know all of them because nobody is gonna volunteer the info if Rights are being violated... just sayin'.  More and more I'm thinking that regardless of my inability to Home School him, this is the direction we're eventually being coerced into.

So we had LOTS to talk about at that Session of mine *Winks* because along with The Young Prince's Educational Crisis... our Princess, who works VERY hard at School, came home with her abysmal AZ Merit Scores for this year.  I didn't think they could be any lower than last year... I was wrong, it could get way worse!!!  *Sick feeling in stomach about then as I read it and wept!*   Clearly her next IEP is going to be Challenging... tho' at lower Grade levels they really do try to accommodate the Special Needs Child at some Schools. Hers being a Good one really working with her.

Apparently somewhat in Vain though by the looks of her scores and rating which is in the very low end of Minimally Proficient in everything.  All her Special Ed intervention has helped marginally with slight improvements, but as she enters each new harder Grade... and we're up to 5th Grade now... she falls further and further behind.  *Le Sigh*  I don't like the writing on the wall... the Young Prince didn't falter so soon Academically.  Will she remain so Gung Ho if things worsen further after all her hard Work and efforts fail dismally and it becomes even more humiliating and embarrassing... I dunno?

Young Girls entering Puberty are quite Fragile Beings anyway... right now she doesn't seem to grasp the severity of her Learning Disabilities, she just Soldiers on tenaciously, just as she did with all her significant Health Issues.   She's scrappy that Kid, I gotta give it to her... her Pulmonologist cannot Believe how far she's come along since she was that tiny Infant not thriving and on 5-7 breathing treatments daily!   With the painful Bone and Digestive conditions she's always had she rarely complains though she has chronic pain, and thus she doesn't complain about School very much either Bless her Heart... tho' it has to be a tough row to hoe for her too!   So not Fair!!!

Sometimes when she is being the Dark Beast Princess I have to recall what my Dear Pastor once told me, that people with chronic pain {physically or emotionally} have to try to be Nice on Purpose because it will not come Naturally when one is Suffering intensely almost all of the time.   When a Child has known nothing but Infirmity and Disability it may be their 'Normal' and they've known nothing else, but it doesn't make it any the less Painful to Endure daily. 

So Yes, I do go Hard for these Kiddos when I'm Advocating on their behalf, they are not yet capable of even remotely Advocating for themselves and any Vulnerable Adult or Child needs added protection. Along with huge doses of Compassion from those of us who will never have a point of reference to what they go thru every day of their Lives and attempt to overcome so that Quality of Life will Hopefully be better.  And as you can tell, this one is Miss Priss' Favorite Human and they're inseparable!  Though Miss Priss HATES Voguing for the Camera and avoids Paparazzi, only being Photographed Under Protest and duress!!!  *LOL*

For those of you who have stuck with me thru the Sad Story Line, Thank You... needed you to understand why I haven't felt much like Blogging lately though my Goal has been to try to Blog more!   I have a wealth of Imagery to Share of my Respite one day a Month Outing of exclusive Me Time too... several Posts worth in fact!  So perhaps while I'm Recovering from foot surgery I'll have nothing better to do but motivate myself to Blog more frequently... since I doubt I'll be doing much else.  *Ha ha*

Though The Man is a total TV Addict, there aren't many Shows I truly Enjoy watching on a regular basis, nor can I usually sit still long enough to get thru most anyway... or wanna wrestle the remote out of his grasp to have World Domination over what we watch.   Yes, those of us Grown ADHD peeps can grow Old and still be hyper and over-stimulated and easily distracted by almost anything and everything!   *Smiles*

To bring some levity to the Sad Story Line I'll tell you a Funny thing that almost always happens when we begin watching a Show together.   Even after all these years he actually thinks I'll finish watching it and not wander off!  *Bwahahaha!*   And I dunno why, but it bothers him that I'm missing some or most of it... so after I wander off he'll try to find me and tell me what I'm missing and give me a running commentary... like I actually Care!   *LMAO*   Because he never has grasped that once those of us with ADHD are distracted and Over something and it no longer holds our Attention, it no longer Exists to us!   *Ha ha ha*

I suppose that is why I require a lot of visual stimulation and activity... since I bounce from one thing to another incessantly and can be doing everything and nothing all at the same time!  *Winks*   I actually have a Fav FB Page called ADHD Tales of an Absent-Minded Super Hero ... if you are not similarly Afflicted you might not get all the Humor, but if you ARE of our Tribe it will have you rolling on the floor laughing your arse off with how you can relate to just about all of it being Shared!

A Sampling of just one of the Humorous Quotes Shared on Stacey's site... True that!!!    Too much... ME???   Yup!!!   Absolutely in every aspect of Life as I know it actually!  *Smiles*   Luckily I know MY People... and we Roll deep in our Muchness!  *Winks*

And that is why it is my Goal to have The G-Kid Force learn to recognize and know their People too and be fiercely Proud of and embrace not only who they are, but of their entire Tribe of peeps.   We all have OUR People... those Kindred Spirits and Souls we easily Connect to and mutually Celebrate without pretenses or posturing or any of that other Social nonsense that can go on to attempt to Fit In and be recognized or valued by the masses.

I read an excerpt from a book that included a section on Janis Joplin and a Friend of hers profoundly said that Janis couldn't figure out how to make herself like everybody else... Thank God!!!   Amen to that profound insight!!!

Well my Post has now come to a close... and the Finale' Post of this Month's Event draws to the ending, Thank You for patiently waiting on it.  I can hardly wait for next Month's Event since it will be the Wicked Faire Halloween and Harvest Inspired one, which is my absolute Favorite and just my Vibe!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It does sound like Home School is in your future. Maybe a tutor could do part of it. I know you need time alone too, like all of us! Hope your foot surgery goes well and you have speedy healing.

  2. Best wishes for the foot surgery. My heart goes out to you with all care giving demands on your time and energy. You do so much good for the people in your life.


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