Friday, August 19, 2016

Sweet Salvage Celebration ~ Top Five Birthday Celebration!

I took Princess T's Sage advice and decided to do a belated Birthday Celebration Yesterday while I simultaneously Celebrated SWEET SALVAGE's "Top Five" Birthday bash Celebrating their 5th Year and 60 Shows!   Humnnn... coincidental perhaps that their number of Shows happens to be so very close to my number of years on this earth?  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Yes, I got there early enough to secure a good place in line... can you spot me?  And just imagine my Surprise and Delight when they began handing out Birthday Gifts!   So unexpected... so GENEROUS... and it certainly made my Birthday Celebration all the more Special when I opened it and discovered a Gift Certificate for... wait for it...

A HUNDRED Bucks my Friends!!!   Can you Believe it?   I almost couldn't, I was speechless, which doesn't happen very often lemme tell ya!  Sure made up for the crappy 'Real' Birthday Day... Princess T was right, I could have an Amazing 'Pretend' Birthday Day Celebrated just on a different day!  *Winks*  Can I get a Whoop-Whoop!!!   Thank You to all my super Generous Friends at Sweet for making this Birthday Bash so Special that I could go Bananas in there and get myself a Fabulous Birthday Haul.  I was now scheming about what I might procure before I even walked thru the doors!   Mwah!!!

Miss Minnie was totally Rocking one of the Ensembles from her Fabulous Line, she's her very best Advertisement, she always looks so Adorable in everything so is the Ideal Muse for any Line!   Those Cute Lacy Shorts peeking out from the hem were the best Idea to Rock those Shorter Dresses and Tops you J'Adore and yet not have to worry about showing off the 'Good China' accidentally!  *Winks*

And Miss Cyndie had Created more Amazing Bohemian Bling from Fabulous Antiques, many with equally Amazing Back Stories!  Especially that Antique French Ex Voto Heart Locket... so here's the Fascinating Back Story to that one...

These golden hearts were part of a great religious event in Boulogne, France in 1938. All of the hearts adorned the basilica and were hung from fishing nets by long chains on the walls and the capitals! After the celebration, the hearts were distributed to pilgrims. This one was found at a flea market in the north of France!

And though it was totally Tempting to buy more Bohemian Bling for my Birthday... that Gift Certificate burning a hole in my pocket sent me on a Mission to seek out things I wanted but hadn't been able to budget for recently on account of School starting and August Grandkid Birthdays taking precedence.  So I'm gonna see if you can figure out in a series of Imagery just what I snagged?

If you couldn't Guess from the Panoramic shot since there were too many Lovelies that I probably would pick we'll narrow it down a bit... can you tell yet without cheating and scrolling down?  *Winks*

Yes, the Santos Crown came Home with me and now graces the head of Bear that lost his to Antelope, who reclaimed it, and which the Tiara was just not cutting it.   *Smiles*

So Santos Crown to fit Bear had been on my Wish List for things to go on the Thrill of the Hunt for when budget permit.   But with generous Gift Certificate I could now pick whatever one I wanted and this was the Perfect Style and Fit for Bear!   See... doesn't Bear look more Regal again now and not like he was a she and just won a Beauty Pageant or was having a Quincenera?  *LOL*

Okay, so lets see if you can spot what I Scored next?   This one will probably be easier to pick out I think... because it's something I was definitely Lusting after last Show and couldn't afford... was so relieved it hadn't yet Sold because I was Hoping it was still available now I was flush with Gift Cash?  *Winks*

Yep, the huge Fabulous 1907 triple handled and ornately Hand Engraved and embellished Silver Loving Cup!!!   Be still my beating Heart!   We took Bear's Tiara off and just set it on the base of said Loving Cup for now, til it graces the head of something more appropriate.   This is still in Tarnished condition, I'm probably going to leave it that way and not shine it up.  I know there are two distinct Camps when it comes to Silver... Tarnished and Shined... I tend to be among the Tarnished preference Camp myself.  Not only because I like the Look better actually, but also because I'm Lazy like that and Shining Silver constantly would be futile to me.

And the third goodie I snagged was this great hard to find coffee table Decorating book originally Sold at Retail Cost by Anthropologie called "A Life Less Ordinary" because I can truly Resonate with that Title number one... and also because...

I TOTALLY Resonate with the Style of the two Authors and Shop Owners who wrote it... every single page is filled with Eye Candy and a Decorating Style that I totally Connect to on a visceral level.   You know when someone else is Your People... these two Gals definitely be among My Tribe.  *Smiles*   So I was totally Jazzed leaving with my three Cherished Treasures!!!

And because I have to go to Work Tonight and also drop off a Dinner for The Young Prince, who has his first Away Game for Color Guard after School Tonight, so he'll be having a late bused ride back and forth late into the Night... I will have to cut this initial Peek into the Event short this Post.  *Awwww... I know... leaving you in Suspense!*   But rest assured we'll be back to finish it up... and even more of my Birthday Bash Adventures since I Celebrated my arse off this day to make up for sucky 'Real' Birthday Day!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh how special1 $100.00 free money! Couldn't happened to a more deserving person!

    1. Awww.. Thank You... yes indeed, it was such an unexpected windfall to be able to Shop my little Heart out with! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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