Monday, August 29, 2016

Rust & Roses Grand Re-Opening ~ The Finale' Post

I'm finally at the end of my Pathological Picture Taking of the Shops... so funny you can see me in the mirror lining up this Shot!  *LOL*   I'm absolutely Loving my new Camera, Michelle I cannot Thank you enough for this Wonderful Gift!  I wasn't sure how proficient I would be with any new upgraded piece of Technology but this is so User Friendly I've be satisfied with my practice runs using it.  And Confident enough to leave my trusty Old Camera at Home!

That's hard for me... not having a reliable back-up when I'm doing anything with something New that I'm not used to.   But I know that in order not to Default to the Old I have to leave it behind and take the risks of just using whatever is New and getting used to it with Practice and Patience.  Are you like that too my Friends or do you Adjust rapidly to newer Technology?  I Confess that I usually need an Adjustment Period, you should have seen me when I first got my Smart Phone... I felt anything BUT Smart with it!  *LOL*

I was almost afraid to get Calls because by the time I figured out how to answer they'd usually hung up!   And I still have to solicit the help of The G-Kid Force to enter new numbers.  They've Patiently trained me, but by the time I need to input another new number I've forgotten how to go about it again!?  So I've got slips of paper all over the place with new numbers awaiting input!!!  *LOL*  Yet I see small Infants using their Parent's Smart Phones like a Pro!  Wait, is that a Six Month old able to navigate that Technology better than me, I'm marveling... Yes, Yes it is!!!   Oh the Embarrassment that I'm now not as Smart as a Baby when it comes to New Technology!!!  *Blushing!*

So though I'd received my Fab New Camera I was a bit hesitant to have Maiden Voyages using only it and leaving my trusty back-up at Home... just in case.  Nothing worse than merrily Pathological Picture Taking only to come Home, download the Images and realize you did a crappy job of it and can't use any of it!  I still bear the Shame of a Scenic Family Vacation to Zion National Park years ago, using a Professional Grade Camera my Brother loaned me, and not realizing I'd neglected to take the lens cap off until AFTER we got back Home!!!  Yeah, I can never quite Live that faux pas down!  *Smiles*

And let us not forget the time when we were still using 35mm film and I accidentally mixed up the new film with a used roll and ended up with an entire double exposed roll that looked so eerie and spooky you'd think we'd been Ghost Hunting on our Trip Photographing Vulture Mine!   *LOL*  With all the new Technology of coarse there is less waste or expense to Photography and the Delete feature coupled with instantly seeing your Images on a Screen does Help immensely.   But I'm very Picky when it comes to Photography, especially my own Photography, I harshly Critique my results.

And I'm much more fond of my close-ups ability than my panoramic ability, even with this New Camera.   But I must say I'm becoming a much better Photo Editor... and Editing in general, which has been a long range Goal of mine.  Slowly but surely with plenty of Practice I'm becoming more proficient at the Art of Editing... of Culling... of Curating... of Refining.  I may not be as adept at it yet as someone it comes Naturally to, since I have to make a conscious effort and it's not one of my Natural tendencies... but I'm a Work in progress.

It's one of my self-improvement Projects I have going on with myself so that all my other Projects have an outcome I'm more satisfied with.  With the Blank Canvas a New Home provided it gave me the Catalyst to Evolve my Environment to be more Simplified than in the Past.  Granted, my take on Simplicity is not Minimalistic by any means so a Purist might argue I'm still rather a Maximalist.  *Winks*   But for a person prone to Excess and the inherent Mantra of More is never Enough... I've come a long way lemme tell ya!

You wouldn't know that to look at my Garages right now... since the overage is out of sight and thus out of Mind most of the time until I can get around to it.   Then we'll see how much I struggle to Let Go of as much of that as I can tolerate of what has been stored away and probably won't have a place in my Just Enough Process??!??!   I'll be tackling that in the Fall actually, when I can throw the Garage Doors open and drag some of it outside while I Organize what is inside and try to make some Order out of the present Chaos.  And unpack... since my Goal will be to go thru every single box and crate and have zero storage except for Seasonal Items!  Lofty Goal, huh?

I'm just tired of storage, there seems to be no point to storage from a Logical standpoint.  How can I possibly be Attached to anything I've had stored away unseen and unused in a box or crate for Lord knows how long anyway?   And yet, I cannot for the Life of me do what my Dear Old Dad always did and suggested I do too... if it's been in a container of any kind for over a year, don't even open said container, just get rid of it without even peeking inside!  *Gasp!*   Yes, he did... and it didn't bother him one iota... my Dad, clearly I did not inherit that Gene of Detachment to stuff!   Dad was always so nonchalant about stuff and he could Care less if he even had any actually... he was the antithesis of Materialistic in fact!!!

Me... I have and Adore my Lovelies... my Collections and Decorating with them and beholding them, I Enjoy it.   But the taking Care of it all... not so much since I'm Lazy when it comes to housekeeping.   So my Motivation for Simplifying is not just in giving the Eye somewhere to Rest... I'm not so concerned about my Eyes Resting as I am about ME being able to Rest more!  *Winks*   When you've Simplified your Environment you've more Successfully Simplified your Life and probably Created less Work and things to Care for!

And yet... I know that my ability to de-stash will only carry me so far... because my mini Hoards of things are easily Organized and I just Love rifling thru them.   I've got those bits and bobs, those Smalls, that I just Enjoy having Too Much of.   There are some things I don't even Believe I CAN have Too Much of... contrary to Popular Opinion around the house.   I look at it as being an Impressive Collection, they look at it as an specific item Hoarded Up!!!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!* 

 I used to be asked how many Antique Rosaries did I NEED before it would be Enough... for example?  They don't ask me that anymore since I did at least quit buying any on a regular basis and even Sold Off some!  *Gasp!!!*   Mostly because when I was an Incurable Collector of them they were inexpensive to Source... now they're NOT... and the margins for resale are impressive!  So I could Justify said Collection as a Wise Investment!  *Yay!*  And they're one of those items that each one is different and therefore, I NEEDED each one because of it's Distinctions and Uniqueness or Rarity!  *Smiles* 

 And besides, for years it gave the Family an easy solution to Gifting... get her a Rosary, she'll LOVE it... and they were right... I did!   The Man would bring one back from every TDY and Deployment Overseas he went on!   I even had some Family and Friends Create Rosaries for me, which then had the added Sentimental Value attached to those pieces.  So in a way they contributed to my Delinquency and were Enablers to my Rosary Addiction.  *Winks*   

 It also propelled me for a Season to Create my own Rosary Line and Sell them or give them away to Priests that would use them on their Mission Field or to Catholic Friends as Gifts.   Then some of my Non-Catholic Friends began wanting some since my Rosaries were far from the Ordinary Variety... natch... coz you know me!  *Winks*  I began getting very Extravagant with the Supplies... using Semi-Precious Stone Beads and Sterling Silver Findings and Crucifix.   I also repaired or Up-cycled broken Vintage or Antique Rosaries.   And then the Arthritis in my hands and Diabetes affecting my Eyes began making it difficult to do Rosaries as an Art Form and so I stopped... just like that.

Which was Okay because I've often had to stop some things just like that when circumstances dictated it for whatever the reason.   Collecting of a specific item can be stopped just like that as well... and sometimes I'm not even sure why the Impulse has waned?  Or I just move on, still Loving whatever it is, but no longer Feeling any Urge whatsoever to acquire or even Find any more of it.  And if I fall out of Love with something, I can banish it ALL in a heartbeat as well with absolutely no remorse of Letting it Go en mass.  I have disposed of entire Collections when their Time has come and I'm out of Love with having it or Needing it!

In fact one of the best things is to find someone just beginning a Collection of whatever it is and Surprising them with the Instant Collection of it you're disposing of by Gifting it!!!   Because True Collections can take Time... sometimes a LOT of Time to procure and acquire piece by piece and not everyone Enjoys the Thrill Of The Hunt part of Collecting or has the Time to devote to it.   So an Instant Collection for some is a Gift unto itself... whereas for me part of the Thrill WAS in it taking Time to Find and Acquire piece by piece until it reached an Impressive Collection Phase of the Process.

So Yes, I've Gifted numerous Entire Collections of things when I Feel Called to give it away... rather than Sell it off piece by piece, which sometimes Feels Wrong.  Sometimes breaking up an entire Collection for the sum of it's parts for Profit just does not Appeal to me, I'm Weird like that sometimes with my Stuff.  *LOL*   Other times I've offered an entire Collection for Sale... but mostly Buyers aren't into buying entire Collections and Pickers only certain entire Collections or Hoards depending upon the items.  *LOL*   So parting it out piece by piece is sometimes necessary... and Profitable, when you're ready to Let Go.

But I must say I've never really Collected with the Intention of Profit or even Investment as the highest Priority of Why I'm doing it.   I just Collect what I Love and what Appeals to me Personally... and it's just an added Bonus if later on it gains in Value or becomes Trendy and highly Coveted by others in the Retail Marketplace.   Almost always it HAS been a better Investment than Money in the Bank, I have to admit, and as a Retired Banker I Hate to have to admit that actually.   My Return on Investing in my Stuff when I do Sell it off has always had way better margins than Money in the Bank and those lousy returns, in recent years especially.

I'm not a High Risk kinda Gal when it comes to what I Invest in you see because I worked hard for my Money... and most high yields in Banking carry high risk... so it's just not for me.  I'm sure that's why I've never been a Gambler and find no Joy in Gambling... just too risky and I'm more comfortable with a sure thing and the stability of sound value and having a solid return rather than sustaining and weathering a loss.   I applaud those who are Risk takers and manage to beat the odds though that aren't in their favor, high five to them... I just know I'll never be one of their Tribe.

The slow and steady has Served me Well so I'm Okay with Trading Up and Moving Up slowly but surely.   I stick with things for the long haul and that too has Served me quite Well in fact in many avenues of Life.   Being tenacious has it's rewards... so does avoiding the Temptation of Instant Gratification, which I Feel has been a downfall in Society because everyone wants what they want and they want it right now!!!

Patience might not be one of my particular Virtues really but Frugality certainly is.   I never want to pay too much, I never want to go in debt if I can avoid it, I don't NEED anything right now that I could actually wait for if it's not a Necessity and is merely a Wanting rather than a True Needing.  I grew up in an environment where long waits were the norm so I can be more relaxed about things taking due time without going ballistic.  I Smile to myself when I see such modern gadgets Invented to streamline an already instant process.  The other day I saw a contraption to microwave Instant Oatmeal, as if waiting the one minute it already takes isn't fast enough!!!  *Bwahahahaha!!!* 

I simply cannot even relate to someone who can't even wait a Minute for something!   Where sixty seconds would be too long and inconvenient for them!!!   What a Stress filled over-scheduled Life they must lead to be in THAT much of a hurry for anything!!!  I would think that complaining that a Minute was too long a wait would take more than a Minute to verbalize!?  *LOL*  And since something was Invented, Patented and clearly Selling {the Inventory seemed close to Sold Out on the Display} I guess there really are a Tribe of folks out there who are that Impatient and hurrying beyond levels of Sanity?!?  *Smiles*

Perhaps that is part of the reason why one-on-one Socialization is falling by the wayside, some might Feel it takes too much Time and energy to Invest in other people.  Especially for those who might need such a contraption as an Instant Oatmeal nuking device so that it would take less than sixty seconds to have their Breakfast prepared and ready to scarf down?!?   I also have to muse if those same peeps spend less than sixty seconds eating their speeded up Instant Oatmeal??!?!   Making it, eating it and rushing out the door in less than two Minutes... World Record!!!  It would be like the Instant Oatmeal Olympics!!!  A White Rabbit, "I'm Late, I'm Late for a very Important Date..." rushing around Type Personality!!!  *Bwahahaha!*

Of coarse when I've seen certain Shopping Frenzies of these same Types of Personalities I realize that every aspect of their Lives must be in hyper-drive and warp speed is the only pace they operate at!?   Is it even Enjoyable then, doing anything, when you're in THAT much of a hurry all the time?  Or does Enjoyment take too much Time too?   I'd ask, just out of Curiosity, but I doubt they'd stand still long enough to be questioned or even respond??!  *Winks*   And it makes The Man and I Glad that we grew up in a less Frantic Era and Simpler Time.  Where we take our Time to Enjoy being IN the Moment and not rushing quickly into the NEXT Moment and so on and so forth until ALL of the Moments are but a blur!

We like to frequent a variety of venues and demographics just to People watch and Observe.  We've noticed for example that when we're in a Restaurant frequented by mostly our Generation or Older... there is more of an emphasis on Hospitality extended to the Customers... because that's what our demographic expects and particularly enjoys.  People are actually talking to each other, often knowing each other whether Customer or Staff, as they dine and are interacting on a Personal level.  Yes, the Customer knows the Staff and vice versa and there is a Remembering going on.  They usually even know something ABOUT one another so that it isn't purely Superficial in nature.

If you go where mostly the Younger demographic dine, efficiency and leaving the Customer alone seems to be more the norm and expectation.  People are all on their electronic devices ignoring everyone around them, including those at their own table or those Serving them, it's very impersonal.  Staff almost seem shocked if you Notice them or acknowledge them kindly... and I find that Staff then Remember you, even in those places... and maybe particularly in those places where it is more a rarity and exception to the rule.   It's all very Interesting and makes me Wonder if they won't regret lacking in Socialization Skills and the Gift of giving anyone their full attention, once they're Older and have to slow down?

Even though my Children and The G-Kid Force we're raising are of those Younger Generations and demographic, we have raised them to be interpersonal with folks.  It's more than a Social Etiquette, this training to acknowledge others and give those with you IN the Moment your Full Attention and actually BE PRESENT in the Moment yourself.   We Believe it is an important part of the Human Experience and we wouldn't want them to miss out on that.  Even if many now totally ignore bygone ways of Socializing and don't seem to Want nor Need it or Practice it.   I think that is also why many from our demographic easily bond with and genuinely Like our Children and The G-Kid Force... they are like Old Souls in Young Bodies in their ways.

Here's to Celebrating Old Souls... and Beautiful Old Stuff too!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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