Thursday, August 4, 2016

Let It Go...

The first day of School went well for Princess T, only she took a bad fall in the playground and came home with considerable road rash on hip, side and elbow.  She was so excited to be back to School I just think she had trouble slowing her Roll!   Sometimes moving at warp speed has it's risks... not that I have to worry about that anymore at my Season of Life, my Pace is slow mo' nowadays!

Since The Young Prince couldn't start on the first day of School after all, because we don't even know where he's supposed to go or when yet and nobody is returning our Calls... I took him out for Breakfast after my additional Lab Blood Workup.  Nothing takes the edge off quite like a good Meal when things are off kilter and you just have to Let It Go.  Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberry Butter can make me forget about almost any problems!  *LOL* 

I've been going thru the Photo Archives to dredge up some unused Imagery I took quite some time ago since I haven't had time yet to go on a Photography Spree with my New Camera.   And remember, I'm supposed to be Blogging more as an Anxiety and Stress Reliever.  *LOL*   My Techniques must be working because actually I Feel quite Calm, as does the Young Prince, it took a day, but we Let It Go and will allow it to unfold as it will.

I have even been Dealing with some more Insurance messes from unpaid Medical Bills from way back in April, when The Man was Hospitalized for a Cardiac and Respiratory Emergency, and felt Calm making the necessary Calls.   Usually I get more Upset when the Insurance is messing things up again and not paying Providers for their Services so I'm getting the bills and Collection Calls that should be covered.  Maybe it's just become such a common expected occurrence that I Roll with it better, I dunno?   Long process so I just go at it methodically and don't get worked up that it's causing so much Work to fix.

I do sometimes have to Wonder if Health Insurance Companies don't mess up on Purpose Hoping that unsuspecting Clients won't realize they aren't responsible for the charges that should be covered by the Insurance and will just pay them out of pocket by rote?   I'm one to read my Policies and Coverage carefully so if something doesn't line up when I'm getting billed for something my Policy is supposed to pay, I'm making Calls and having them run it thru 'til things get done right!

Is there anyone else that does find it rather unsettling and annoying that so few things are done right nowadays and have to be questioned and corrected so often?   I realize mistakes can and will be made by human error, but it just seems to me that it's rampant incompetence or indifference prevailing in the workplace of many Companies that should have it together.  The skilled and dedicated employees handling matters seem to be the exception to the rule in some Companies that provide Services.

It would be Nice if the Coverage and Services you pay Premiums for actually Honored the terms of their Contractual Agreements for example, without having to endure a dog and pony show to have it done without hassles, confusion and so many Administrative errors!  All of us need and should have Medical Coverage but it shouldn't have to be something you worry about being done right to pay the Medical Bills almost as much as having a Medical Need or Crisis! Enduring the Illness, Procedure or Crisis shouldn't be easier than Dealing with Months of the Provider not getting paid by the Insurance afterwards and you having to sort it all out!

I had one Medical Inpatient Emergency bill take over a year before the Insurance finally paid the Doctor what was owed to him and sorted out their Administrative Mess that caused non-payment!  I spent an entire year battling that very large bill that wasn't getting paid on my behalf!  No wonder so many Providers have had to quit accepting certain Insurances that don't or won't pay on time... or ever!  I'm apologizing for the crappy Insurance that replaced The Man's earned Benefits all of the time it seems.  I cringe whenever we have to use it... will they pay this time... or will we have to go to battle yet again?!

Maybe it's the Retired Banker in me that takes any debts owed in our Name so Seriously, but I do... so when I have Coverage and it should be getting paid then by God I won't rest 'til it does get paid!  *Smiles*   If it's my responsibility to pay it I do, on time, simple as that.  But I'm not going to pay something I don't owe out of pocket because a Policy in force that I pay Premiums on should be covering it fully and isn't!  What good is having an Insurance Policy that does not Honor it's commitment and Coverage?!

Medical Costs being so high and all, especially Catastrophic ones, that most folks couldn't possibly afford to pay for it out of pocket, makes it absolutely necessary to carry Medical Insurance.  So when you're Insured you should have Peace of Mind that when you get Sick it will only cost you whatever the terms of your Coverage Promises... without you being hassled about non-payment or denials.   In a Perfect World I suppose it would play out like that.  But until then, I have to just approach it with the Let It Go Attitude that I can't change the System or the Employees creating the messes and mistakes.

I am Glad I have my Happy Distractions to turn to when daily Life gets complicated by such things that aren't going right.   Being able to Let It Go is a Process I really do Hope to become more adept at doing Naturally, without even trying to.   When I'm able to and just have a sense of Calm even if things aren't going well it's just so much easier and more Pleasant despite Circumstances that might not actually be.

So Tomorrow, after my Doctor Appt. and Blood Test results are revealed fully we have decided to take a Field Trip, the Young Prince and I... to try to Locate this new Alternative School he's allegedly being enrolled in which isn't anywhere close to our Home... so that we'll finally have more answers than questions about it all.   And so that he can finally start his School Year... and unravel some of the Mess and Mystery causing the Late Start we never expected or asked for.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed your photos while agreeing with you experience with insurance companies. It's interesting that we're paying more for less competent service.
    Hope your Prince is able to get settled into his new school without more difficulty.
    Mary Alice

  2. Blessings again! So glad you've learned to go with the "Slow" flow of the insurance companies! Those pancakes are calling to me too!


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