Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hello Land Of Blog...

Hello Land Of Blog... I know, time has flown by again... I've been MIA for a few days even tho' I vowed to Blog more since Blog Therapy does the Soul Good.  I had a Birthday in the interim, it sucked, but not because I was another year older.   I totally embrace and Celebrate the privilege of growing Old and attaining yet another year... it sucked because of some serious tragic turn of events which I won't go into right now in order to keep the Post Positive and Uplifting.  Lord knows how the Birthday Day turned out was anything BUT Positive OR Uplifting!  *Le Sigh*

But that was Yesterday... the Birth Day that sucked and ruined my Celebratory Mood almost right away.   Today is a brand new day and thus I was doing more Uplifting things to counter the Negativity of Yesterday's Birthday letdown of Stress and way too much unexpected Drama!!!  Princess T with the Sage Wisdom of one who is Ten told me to just forget Yesterday was my Real Birthday since it sucked and just Pretend Today was instead.   We sometimes forget to Pretend when things in Reality don't work out so swell don't we, good reminder then to receive the Wisdom of a Child.

Now I couldn't actually Pretend Yesterday didn't exist or play out as it had... since I had so much damage control to run Today on account of it and get it all done this Morning.  But I did manage to distract myself with some inexpensive Retail Therapy in the form of some $1.99 Velveteen Pumpkins in Violet and Dark Brown... luscious... I added Bohemian Bling immediately of coarse!  *Winks*  And the little heavy ornate silver plate Sugar Bowl will eventually hold a Bottlebrush Christmas Tree closer to that Holiday... it too was less than two bucks!   Lord I Loves Senior Discount Days whilst Goodwill Hunting!  *LOL*


I also enlisted the assistance of The G-Kid Force while I was up the Step Stool Ladder of Death to hang more Wall Art in the Guest Bedroom as another distraction from unkind Realities.  Which is really only about two rungs up off the floor but still I envision cascading to my Death from... or at the very least succumbing to a broken hip: ergo Death in six months anyway, according to the stats of my Friend Chris who works at the Medical Examiner's Office!  *LOL*   So I had these 21 Vintage "History Of Fashion" French Art engravings from Paris that I was supposed to Sell but couldn't Let Go of since I Love them too much.   And I was too lazy to measure to group them in straight lines so The Young Prince and I hung them randomly but from most recent Era {1920's} to Oldest Era {1100's} so there's some semblance of Order to the Chaos of the Project!  *Winks*

Same Guest Bedroom... opposite blank canvas of a large expanse of Wall that was bothering me being empty... we bang up part of my extensive Antique Collection of Convex Bubble Glass Religious Icon Art.   I've been Collecting these for decades and probably should Let Go of more than I have relinquished to Sell Off.  But I'm justifying my strong Emotional Attachments to them, thus up on the wall they went.  If they stayed in piles around the room any more than this past year they've languished, well, the justification would be too weak.  After all, once a nail hole is in said New Home Wall, it's a Keeper, right?  *Winks* 
 I Wish I could show you a Panoramic of said Guest Bedroom, but it's still a Hot Mess and I'd rather you have an Illusion of my housekeeping skills being up to par.  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   Let's just say if you were Guesting here... we'd HAVE to treat you like Family coz that Room you'd be staying in... is a disaster and not five star accommodations right now!  But the Visual Gallery is looking better if you just keep your eyes on two walls and watch your step!!!   *Winks*

So... it's not as if there hasn't been some minor Progress and Positives amidst the stuff I'd rather not have to Deal with right now.   But having to Deal with any unpleasantness on your Birthday, well, it's a real Downer lemme tell ya!  The only Party I was having that day was an Epic Pity Party my Friends... along with the snotty Cryfest 'Release' at one point late in the day... after I'd Dealt with everything and managed to finish my Shift at Work too.   And one of those Happy little Miracles happened directly afterwards when I'd composed myself sufficiently to step out of the vehicle where I had been able to have my Private little Meltdown.   I was hungry, I'd forgotten to eat during all the Drama playing out, been too consumed and pressed to have time to eat actually.  So I stopped at a Fast Food Restaurant... the Drive-Thru was too long but inside nobody was dining at that late hour.

The young man behind the Counter took my Order but when he gave it to me it had double the order plus he didn't charge me for the drink either!!!  I reminded him to catch the drink cost {thought he'd forgot} and that the order was double... he shushed me and said it was his Gift to me and he covered it!!!   What?!?   I had never seen this Young Man in my Life, he didn't even know it was my Birthday or that it was the only Gift I had actually received that day either... or what a crappy day it had been!!! {BTW: Gifts to myself don't Count, I know I was really Good to myself this year!  Winks}  I tell him it's actually my Birthday and Thank him, he was Surprised at the coincidence, began beaming with a broader Smile and said it was the Perfect way then to Celebrate a Sweet Lady.  I almost got Emotional again, but for entirely Good reasons this time... sometimes there are Angels with Flesh On put in our Path at just the right timing and I consider 'Divine' Coincidences!

So Yes, the Birthday had begun beyond Bad... far side of Bad actually... but ended on a small Sweet Note that Touched me deeply.   Just when I question the direction some of humanity is going you are given a glimpse of what the very best of humanity looks like.   I don't Believe that to be coincidental at all actually... it's a little Reminder from the Creator himself IMO to NOT grow weary in well doing and to keep the Faith despite all the obstacles that the Issues of Life may put us up against each day... especially on the most crappy ones! 

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."-Psalm 30:5.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Bless that young man behind the counter and Thank You Lord for showing your face to Dawn on this most horrible/special day! Good deal on your wall decorating! I know that must have lifted your spirits too!!

    1. Oh yes my Spirits were lifted considerably by that young Man's gesture and in getting some long overdue decorating completed! Thanks for coming by my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I'm so sorry about your birthday, but I agree with Princess T and am very thankful that God sent that thoughtful young man to be so kind to you. Celebrate your birthday, and I hope it is wonderful!! Happy Birthday Dawn!!

    1. Doing that Today and taking my Grand-Daughter's advice... Celebrating the entire day away in fact. *smiles* Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Hello, and thanks for stopping by.A happy birthday to you; I'd just do it all over again on a better day.

    1. I am actually having my belated birthday celebration today in fact and I expect it to go splendidly! *winks* Thank you for coming by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Your Granddaughter is very wise. Your photos, as always, are a joy to behold. I am sorry the actual birthday didn't go well.


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