Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Grey Kinda Day...

Last day of August... and I'm having a Grey kinda day.  Mostly because so much is pending... and still quite stressful in Epic doses.  The Young Prince's Specialist Appointment is still pending and a few days off.  I'm still worried sick about what might be wrong since it's a pretty serious physical Medical condition going on and he's barely functional due to it.  I don't want a succession of Emergency Room interventions to ensure his bodily functions don't crap out completely because of something unknown, it's stressing me out like you wouldn't Believe! And he's got to try to go to School as if nothing is physically going kaput with him!  More School Drama from those folks we DON'T Need!

My foot Surgery is still pending due to the Insurance denial Issue with the original Surgeon who wouldn't accept it... and running it all thru for Approvals again with the newly appointed Surgeon and his type of Procedure being Blessed is taking as usual... LONG.  And I've already waited a long time for it all to even get to where it was, so I'm getting Impatient and Irritated too.   I'm still hobbling around in pain and that makes ya kinda Feel Grey EVEN IF everything else was in Order, which it's so NOT.

We have a Purchase of the Old Property pending and a very serious Buyer... but Yesterday the property endured another round of break-ins and severe Vandalism and Theft.  Stripping all Copper wiring, electrical, cable and plumbing!  Sadly too common nowadays, even during New Builds if a vacant property isn't under 24 Hour Surveillance by on site Security.  That was disheartening since that could diminish value further, even tho' this prospective Buyer is more interested in re-development than restoration of a Historic property.  *Le Sigh*

  Which is Sad enough to accept, without low life Thieves and Vandals destroying something I Love in layers beforehand and costing my Family money we don't have to waste on running such constant damage control behind them.  Mostly Anger replaces Sadness... when any Historic Properties are ravaged and utterly destroyed by Vandals and Thieves would it be too much to ask for the Death Penalty as appropriate Punishment for them... or is that too harsh?  *Winks*

Seriously I cannot even contemplate how on any level anyone can rationalize or justify doing such things for 'fun' or meager profits, you have to be a really twisted, Sick, bottom feeder Life form to have reached that level of depravity. Yes, I'm Judging... because if you'd have been with us to Witness the carnage and destruction equating to thousands more of dollars lost and thousands more to repair... and not for the first time in less than three Months of being up for Sale, you'd perhaps stand in Judgment with us against the perpetrators of such Crimes!?  It is a Scourge against decent Society in general to be Victims of such Crimes, it's quite the Feeling of being Violated and it makes me Feel Grey.

When you've worked very hard and Honestly for anything and had it either Stolen, Destroyed or Vandalized by a Criminal... and especially when they don't get caught so there is no Justice and certainly no Restitution... you become quite Cynical about how they should be handled if and when they ever get caught.  Because so long as they're out there roaming around committing their habitual Crimes with little or no Consequence... YOU could be next... in fact you probably will be next statistically, it's just a matter of Time with how rampant certain Crimes are nowadays.  Many things are spiraled out of Control already.

And it's not just an Inner City Problem anymore, when I am inclined to want to Web Surf my Favorite Historic Home sites online, I'm appalled at how many Vacant Historic Properties meet with a similar Fate regardless of protective measures or where they happen to be demographically.   Is there a pervasive Mentality that if it's Old then it doesn't matter what we do to it now?  I Pray not... since I'm Old too now... and it can become a slippery slope because any Negative Behaviors Tolerated are Behaviors Accepted by Society.  And the Acceptance of any Criminal Activity is a precursor to Chaos and Fear reigning and becoming 'Normal'.

I personally refuse to accept abnormal or toxic conditions in Society as becoming my 'Normal'.  We have to Guard against what we can become Used to and desensitized to... to a point where it just meets with Resignation and Acceptance no matter how inappropriate, toxic or damaging it is.   We went ahead and Rescued what we could of what has been ravaged... and we'll have to go back and clean up and attempt to re-secure everything more Fortress-like this Weekend.  When we don't have so much on our Dance Calendar in the way of Important Appointments we can't delay further nor Cancel.

At least this time the Response time was appropriate and the two Officers, who were brand new to the Force, did their Job very, very well and with the utmost of Compassion and Sensitivity, taking it all Seriously and doing everything properly to Process the Crime scene.  Alas, that has not always been the case, but I'm so relieved this time it was and I commended them profusely, they apologized profusely for previous Negative experiences with their Municipality.  It's Nice when things mesh in a way that makes an already bad situation just not worse, you know?  I mean, one Outbuilding the Criminals couldn't break into because it was too Secure they just cut a hole in the freakin' Roof and dropped themselves in... then cut an Exit hole in the Wall to pass what they stripped out and Stole thru... Seriously!!!!!!!!!!  No Preventative Measures against that kinda breaking and entering!

I also finally got the follow-up for expanded Services for my Grandson from his Mental Health Provider to Assist us finally with this School Fiasco still playing out for 'Appropriate' Placement!!!   I no longer Trust his School due to their initial Alternative Placement suggestion which was on the far side of Inappropriate.  It will be a Process, it always is... you'd think by now I'd be just used to it and roll with it better, but I'm Passionate about the Rights of the Disabled not being trampled or outright violated.  And especially when they're MY Disabled... you know... then it gets Personal!!!  *Winks*  I'm trying to get over my Greyness, where everything is neither Black nor White but this muddy Grey Area to navigate and make Sense out of.

Okay, so when it comes to Decorating I'm a Fan of Grey, it's a Classy, Timeless, Soothing and Agreeable Color Palette that goes quite well with so many things and is something I can Live with.   But when Grey Issues and Mood pervade my World, not so much am I a Fan of having Grey kinda days.  *LOL*   They just kinda make you Feel Blah... and I'm not a Blah type Personality usually so it's just not comfortable to Feel it or Deal with it too long without it inciting Irritation for me.   Today's Appointment for The Princess should be a more Positive one, she's having preventative Dental work and is a Fanatical Tooth and Flossing Child so it should go Well I expect.  One day at a time Dawn... one day at a time...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You definitely need some closure to these big things in your life!! Praying for just that!!

    1. Thank You Marlynne, the Offer should be on the table soon from the prospective Buyer of the Old Homestead. The Princess Dental appt. went very well, no cavities and she's doing a superb job of dental hygiene, yay! They also re-scheduled my surgery for Sept. 20th so hopefully by Month's end I'll be prancing around in time for the Holiday Season?! *winks* All Prayers are as always so appreciated my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I am hoping for the best for you and your family. Having a firm buyer for the old house would be a great start! Selling a house is so stressful. Having to deal with all the other real life stuff is just cruel.


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