Monday, July 18, 2016

The Tech Challenged Dinosaur I Am

Hi, my Name is Dawn and I'm Tech Challenged... they should have Meetings for folks like us, the Tech Challenged Dinosaurs of another Era!   Because damned near everything is done Online now and some things I just can't fathom nor figure out, even with the Help of The G-Kid Force.   And that becomes problematic especially when School starts again for them!

Starting School means another voluminous Mountain of forms to fill out for each Grandchild.  More for me since both Children are Special Needs and have IEP's, Resource Classes and forms their Doctors are required to fill out for their 'Given' excessive absences throughout the year due to their disabilities and health issues.   Also, many things are required for Parents or Guardians to fill out Online exclusively... and I have to try to get Waivers when I just can't do it that way!

Hey, I've Embraced the Glorious Mess that I am, but that doesn't mean the entire School System Administration has lemme tell ya!  *LOL*  I hear it from other Kinship Placement Families where the Caretakers are Seniors, we've fallen too far behind, given that we haven't even been in School for longer than some of the Teachers have even been Alive, never mind ALL of the Students!  *Smiles*

The Man and I haven't even taken College Classes since about the late Sixties, early Seventies... and now he has Brain Damage he cannot really assist the Kiddos at all when it comes to Academics, he started from scratch learning basic Life Functions after his catastrophic accident.  He's coming along at about a similar rate as our 10 year old Grand-Daughter who is in some Special Ed Classes to try to get up to speed with her peers Academically!

And I used to Think I was a well Educated and Intelligent Woman... but when I'm struggling to assist with Grade School Homework, well, I know that The Young Prince is totally screwed when it comes to me assisting with High School Homework!   Not to mention, he's been deemed a Genius and double Gifted, with a much higher IQ than I, since I'm not of the MENSA Grading of IQ for sure!  *LOL*   Yet due to the nature of his Mental Health Diagnosis, mainstream Education for him is not working out, he fails everything... except Tests, Aces those, go figure!

If he can shake his Chronic Depression, occasional Psychosis and significant Social Anxieties Issues enough to even roll out of bed and meet each day in any Public Space, well, he's at least given it his Some, which some days has to just be enough for him.  Teachers don't always get that if they haven't had the Training for Special Education and Dealing with Students with Serious Mental Health Diagnosis.  Once there he has to try to block out the Sensory Overload that throws him into Panic and Anxiety Attacks, Deal with People in general {not easy for those with Borderline Personality Disorder} AND try to do the Work expected and not always taught to him in such a way as he can Process it adequately and Learn.

Because he is also ADHD, sitting still is torturous and paying attention enough to focus long enough is a crap shoot!  Depending on whether or not they've Engaged him enough to Dial him into it and not check out Mentally?  Being ADHD myself I totally get that part of the equation since if you are talking to me, on the phone especially, if you don't get your point across in the first 20 seconds, my Mind has already Wandered to a thousand different places already and I couldn't tell you what the Conversation was about!??!?   This is why I Hate Cell Phones being a Modern Leash and abhor answering Calls, its hard for me to get through!  So are the Kiddos IEP's so I DREAD them!

I mean how long can you sit thru a lengthy Meeting hearing all the Negatives about what is wrong with your Child(ren) and is NOT working?  Regarding Medical Disabilities with no known Cure that you are already painfully aware of and Personally Dealing with every day of your freakin' Lives twenty-four-seven and three-hundred-sixty-five?!  With a group that you don't really have a Sense of being on your Side?  So I always bring the Cavalry with me in the form of the Kiddos Therapists and Caseworkers whenever possible to even the playing field even remotely in our Favor and make sure their Legal Rights to an Education aren't being Violated and the IEP is even in Compliance thruout the year??!??!  

Now, I don't Envy Educators and Administration having to Deal with this burden since so few are Trained to actually or even really want to, Truth be told and many make that clearly evident.   For the Mentally Ill Child and those with Significant Behavioral or Academic Issues due to it, there are no Resources like you'd receive for a Physically Disabled or Retarded Child that are solidly in place in the Public School Systems now.   Not that I Wish these Kiddos had those particular Issues just so they'd have better Resources, but I do Wish every day that they could get thru School like regular Kiddos without Disability Barriers have the Blessings of!  But they don't and they can't, that's our Reality.

I want them to have a Healthy Self-Image and I personally Believe with all of my Heart and Faith that their Individual Gifts imparted by God will make room for them in this Life in spite of their Challenges and the hand they've been dealt. Which is a rough one to play, odds stacked heavily against them Succeeding ie: Winning.   They are Intelligent Kiddos and so they recognize they are Different and due to Social Stigmas, Prejudices and Biases they prefer to fly under the radar when they can... as being Special Needs... since it's not so apparent to the naked eye.  Yet they also don't want to Feel Shame about it either, nor should they be made to, by anyone!

The little one is Excited about School starting, at the Grade School level typically these types of Children are better Served and some things therefore Work to help them have a measure of Success and Advancements.  Things aren't so hard yet and my Experience has been that the Educators of the Grade School Aged Children extend Hope and are more Positive about Outcomes and their Future.   By High School they've typically Given Up on your Child and so often the Child has resigned themselves to Giving Up too.  What's the Point if nobody Believes in me except my Loved Ones at Home... who aren't here at School to Advocate for me when nobody knows and sees what goes on or seems to Care?

The Young Prince and I often have those Heavy Discussions, usually just before School starts, since he's so Weary of Failing and nothing Working that has allegedly been put in place to Help him to Succeed?   Maybe I'm a Lost Cause he sometimes Wonders, am I Gramma?   I told him the Thomas Edison Story:

  It’s true that Thomas Edison’s teacher called him addled or difficult, that his mother defended and home schooled him, That she had a big impact on the man that he became.

I told him that not everyone Learns the same way but that doesn't make them a 'Lost Cause' so don't ever Believe that you are, you're brilliant in fact.  It's not that he can't be Taught, we both know that.  When he's had the right Instructors, those that noticed and knew how to Reach and Teach him, he not only Thrived but Excelled to levels that boggled the Mind actually and had him profiled in a Scientific Journal as a Teen Prodigy!   But Beautiful Mind People are not that easy to Reach and even they don't always have an inkling why?

And I'm Hopeful that this year for Princess T, having a brand new Special Ed Teacher won't skid her to a stop?  She did so well under the Tutoring of the previous one, who was Superb and so Kind, sadly he left the School for another Position.  The really Good ones always seem to leave prematurely and the Void left is sometimes never adequately filled and that always makes me Nervous for how the year will play out?  I'm Guardedly Optimistic for her at least... for the Young Prince, not so much. 

 Since already the School has called me this Summer and suggested busing him to an 'Alternative' School, tho' the Staff arranging that Transition didn't even know he had an IEP... WTF?!   Uh NO... we'll be discussing that in more detail at the next IEP Meeting then because you SHOULD have known he was Special Needs, it should be a Red Flag on his Transcripts in fact so you even know what his Point of Need IS??!!!   I don't need to think I Sold everything to move to a better School System in Vain so he can be bused to another crappy rated School, possibly with Kiddos on House Arrest or something... he's not THAT Kid, you know, that's NOT his Point of Need!   That's what I mean about The System prematurely Giving Up and trying to Pass The Buck where-ever, even without adequate Information to Guide them into whether or not it's the Right Choice or not?!?

I get Angry and am NOT that Parent/Guardian you can coerce or intimidate or is Clueless about Disabilities Laws in place to Protect these Children ... and yet I don't wanna show up at such an Important Meeting Pissed Off from the Get Go either!   So along with filling out Mountainous piles of necessary Paperwork to drop off this week... and figuring out how to get Waivers about Online Stuff I cannot figure out or do without assistance... I'm trying to reach a place of Calm.   To be Centered and in a Good Place Emotionally for the Mandatory Meetings I abhor and know totally Suck every time I've ever been to one.  And I've been to decades of them, having raised FOUR Special Needs Kiddos over my many years of consecutively and concurrently raising two Generations of Children! 

So, is it better than it USED to be, you know, in the Past?  Well, sorta... by a slight margin... perhaps... Okay... so NO, I don't really Believe so actually... the deeply entrenched Social Barriers remain firmly in place actually.  Which just makes double barriers for those already trying valiantly to scale those that their Diagnosis presents daily... while they Hope one day for a Cure... so that they don't have to Deal with all this crap every day... for the rest of their Lives.  Thanks for allowing me to Vent and release some of the Frustration this day my Friends... you guys are so much cheaper than Therapy!  *Winks*  And I Hope you've also Enjoyed the Pleasant Imagery of our Home, some of my Fav Shops Vignettes and Creations... didn't want it all to be a Downer!  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. We are here for you! Vent away, it's got to be good for you!!

    1. Awwww, Thank you so much my Friend, it does do the Soul good to be Heard! *Winks* Otherwise you bottle it up and go off like the 4th of July eventually. *He he he* Certain times of year are just a whole lot more stress filled than others, this being one of them right before School begins. Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. PS....for the young Prince...Albert Einstein...couldn't remember where he parked his car, nor if he actually drove it to work that morning.

    I had/have a child (adult now) with a short term memory issue, and this was always his favorite-comparison. Let the young Prince do his own research on how his brain works---eventually you will find the secret to success. For my son, it was a tape recorder/and mini notebook. He had to tape all his lectures, and used a mini notebook on all his jobs. Writing down the smallest of instructions from a teacher or employer.

    This year he will enter management training at the company he has been with for fifteen years. You see---he is a very good instructor---for new employees...because he knows how it is---to be labeled unteachable. Smiles, Sandi

    1. Loved your Inspiring Story of your Son's Testimony, Congratulations to him and to you for being a Mom who Believed in him! Bravo! And Loved the Einstein story, that's so ME, hey, mebbe I am a Genius after all??? Winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Rant away. You know I get you!
    I'm enjoying reading " Your rainforest mind" by Paula Prober. "A guide to the well being of gifted adults and youth". It's always nice to see a positive angle. She also has many practical suggestions at the end of each chapter.
    I hope The Young Prince can keep himself intact despite the erosions to his learning environment. There is nothing wrong with him... He just doesn't fit in their box!!
    Warm hugs Dawn. Hope today is a better one with less online forms to fill.
    On a lighter note...I adore the crocodile with the bloody red necklace. Brilliant!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. You always make me Smiles, glad you saw the tongue in cheek placement of the Bloody Red Necklace in the Mouth of the Beast! LOL And I'll have to look up that Author, need Positive Angles to reinforce our own Beliefs that just because one does not conform to the confines of the box, does not mean it's a Negative thing! Dawn... The Bohemian


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