Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part III

Well I have a Treat for you my Friends... we're not only back at SWEET SALVAGE Today, but I'm also shooting the Event with a brand new better quality Nikon Camera that was a Surprise Gift from my Sweet Designer Friend Michelle!  So the quality of my Images is vastly improved and I can retire my poor little worn out cheap camera now.  I was practicing with said new Camera and even this first day out I'm pleased with the results.  They look much more Professional Grade and yet the Camera is User Friendly for Amateur Photographers like myself that tend to be Tech Challenged with new gear.

I like that this one adjusts to various light levels automatically and doesn't need to flash Photograph very much at all so you don't get flash glare.  I was like a Kid with a Favorite New Toy I tell you!  *Squealing Gleefully!*  As a Pathological Picture Taker and avid Blogger I had often Wished that my Photography would have the Quality that I see in the Photography of many of my Favorite Blogs.  So that I could truly capture the Moments as they appeared to the naked eye while there in person.  This Camera does a much better job of that and once practiced with it, I'm sure my skill set will improve using it.

I was a bit nervous when I downloaded the virgin voyage Images taken with it, not yet knowing how well I'd done.  Typically when I first get a new gadget I'm a long time practicing with it before I get desired results, if ever.   But when these downloaded, I was SO freakin' Excited at the Quality and ease of Photography with this New Camera!   I can't Thank You enough Michelle for this Gift that will certainly Improve my Blog, Coverage of the Events I Share here and the Love I have for Photography as another form of Artistic Expression!

Princess T was chomping at the bit this Morning for a Girl's Day Out Together since I'd been gone most of Yesterday attending my Friend Tim's Memorial Service and taking on an extra Shift at Work last Night.   Our first stop of coarse was going to be The Sweet... then she was going Shoe and Backpack Shopping for School, so she was totally Jazzed about the itinerary!  *Smiles*  First person she always hunts down at The Sweet is her Friend Mister Ron... they are definitely Besties!

She would have liked to have gone Tiara Hunting as well, til I reminded her the pesky budget only had room for two pair of new shoes and a backpack for School right now!  *Darn it!  LOL*   So we made it a point to seek out the Tiaras and Crowns she liked best and at least Photograph some to Share here in the Land of Blog.

Yes, she was duly smitten with Miss Pamela's French Reliquary Crowns too and thinks the larger ones would look better on our Antelope at Home.  Note to Self:  Save up for a larger Crown for Antelope since it seems to be a unanimous consensus!  *Winks*

So I had to seek out all French Reliquary Crowns by Pamela that I could find, she had brought more in to replenish Inventory... this indeed has been a very Successful Event!   And I Enjoyed seeing the New Vignettes that had been Created since my initial Pilgrimage on Thursday.

Being able to now Photograph Chandies without glare, and Panoramic Views without them being washed out with low light issues that happen with cheap Cameras, was expanding my options of what I could now Successfully Photograph and Share!

I know I could still use some practice, but very few Images don't make the grade now or have to be Edited and Photo Shopped a great deal before I can feel satisfied enough to Share them.  

I'm more Delighted with the Quality of my Images than before and I know I'll have a lot more Fun with this!  I'll definitely become an even MORE Pathological Picture Taker!  *Smiles*

But you know what I don't mind Hoarding up?  Photographs!  They store up on those tiny Memory Cards so well and take up virtually no space at Home.  Photography is also such Fun and can be a very inexpensive Hobby with all the new technology that has reduced the Cost of pursuing it, compared to the Old days when it was quite expensive.

And when my own results can now look this good, color me Happy!  I Love Preserving Beautiful Imagery thru the Eye of my Lens for future Inspiration and posterity.    The only thing as Pleasurable as attending an Event is looking back at an Event you Enjoyed so much and Sharing it with others.  Or having them Share an Event you couldn't attend thru the Eye of their Lens here in the Land of Blog or on Facebook or Instagram.

Remember when we didn't have the ability to Share things so freely or instantly?!   Yes, some Technological Advances I have to say I've embraced so wholeheartedly I just couldn't imagine not having them at my disposal now!

And actually, I think that Styling and Decorating our Homes with more Personality and Imagination is becoming more Popular now too.  Folks are becoming more Creative and Personalizing their Living Spaces to give their Individual Essence to the Environment they Live in.

And that is why I Believe Venues such as The Sweet are introducing even more folks to the prospect of using Unique Objects and Ideas for Styling and Decorating their Homes and the Popularity is soaring!  Preservation of the Past's Rich History of Found Treasures blending Beautifully with Modern Accessories to Create comfortable Environments with a Balance of the Old and the New.

Vignettes that we can Connect to.   I happened to Connect strongly to this one since I have a Love Affair with Old Ornate Frames, Old Ornate Mirrors and Garden Statuary.  I'm sorting thru my Ornate Old Frame and Mirror Hoards at Home and deciding how best to utilize them in my own Vignettes or to re-purpose some of them for Projects we want to Create?

In Future Posts of the Event I'll be blending Imagery taken with both my trusty Old Cheap Camera and the New better Quality One taken during both visits.  But for this Post I wanted to Treat you to what my New Gift captured thru the Eye of it's Lens.

Loving this Idea of an Antique Sconce wired into Salvaged Wood and framed by a Gorgeous Antique Ornate Frame!   A Unique and Creative way to add ambient Lighting to any Room and look like a Work of Art as well!

The Gorgeous Antique Meerschaum Madonna on Velvet Necklace was still available.   I've already been receiving many Compliments on my two Necklaces when wearing them, oddly enough, many coming from Young Men who find them to be Beautiful enough to stop me and say so!

Anyone who doesn't think Young Men actually notice Beautiful Jewelry, I think you could be wrong.   They are noticing... because it's not as if Yours Truly is at that Season of Life anymore that it would be anything BUT the Jewelry catching their Eye and receiving a Sincere Compliment lemme tell ya!   *Bwahahahaha!*

So picture this Young Ladies... Pretty Young Lady wearing Beautiful Jewelry is SURE to then get stopped and receive a Sincere Compliment and possibly a Phone Number from appreciative Young Men with a Good Eye... just sayin'!   *Winks*

And to prove that Point here is my Pretty Young Friend Aliyah Modeling and being the Perfect Muse to several of the Beautiful Fashions and Accessories here at The Sweet!   Aliyah you totally Rocked it all GF!   This is a Young Lady as Beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, the whole package Guys!

In fact I can barely ever get out of the Fashion and Accessories Boutique portions of the Event and I'd be in even more trouble resisting Temptation if I was a smaller size!  *Ha ha ha*

Absolutely J'Adored this Vignette!   In fact I've been contemplating banging up some Rusty Aluminum Sheets like this on one Wall of the Juliet Room Upstairs and therefore not having to decide on that secondary Color to Compliment the Black Accent Walls.   We'll see... if I find just the right Rusty Aluminum Sheets to do an entire Wall I might just go that direction instead since I totally Love the Look.

I'm just gravitating more and more to an Earthier Vibe to accompany my Black Accents lately.   I see a Metamorphosis of Taste and Style definitely taking place here at New Villa Boheme'.

Not to mention Valuable Input from The Stylist who has a very Critical Eye and isn't Shy about Sharing her Observations.  *Ha ha ha*   She's definitely Refining Gramma's Taste, or lack thereof.  *LMAO*

Anytime I'm inclined to mention that something would look Cool and she winces and give me The Look, I know that my Taste is now in Question.  *LOL*  And even tho' she is only 10, after she's Critiqued something and Assisted, it usually does look ever so much better I have to Confess!

Do you all have someone like that in your World my Friends?   It can be invaluable to Refine a Decorating Project to have some Objective viewpoints that sometimes differ from your own and you Respect enough to consider.  I like to march to the beat of my own Drummer, but I'm not beyond Valuable Intake from those I know possess a Good Eye for Styling and Decorating.

And I absolutely Love getting Fresh Ideas and being Inspired by how others would Decorate and Style a Space and what they would utilize.   BTW: I'm totally Obsessed with the Color of that background Wall on the Left of this Image, behind the Chain Link Fencing for Example!

Well, I think I've saturated your Senses enough for one Post my Friends... be sure to come back for more!   Today was the last day of the Event and it's already a Wrap by now, but we can visit Virtually for a little while longer and Enjoy all that it was!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! Your new camera does make a big differeence1 You have the most thoughtful friends!

    1. I sure do Marlynne, thoughtful and generous Friends... you all are the BEST! *Winks* I think the Clarity is what I Love most... and what I had admired most in other Blog Photography where the Imagery was taken with a quality camera, makes a huge difference. I'm so excited to have the proper equipment for one of my favorite hobbies. As always thank you for coming by for a bloggy visit, look forward to hearing from you. Dawn... The Bohemian


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