Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part II

So we are back for Part II of our Where In The World Tour of The Sweet.  I Hope to be able to get the Post out this Morning, since I'll be attending a Memorial Service this Afternoon for a Co-Worker Friend that passed much too soon and fill in for another Co-Worker Friend Tonight at Work.  Any time someone you know crosses over it really brings with it a sense of one's own mortality and how fragile Life really is for any of us.

To have been working, having Fun and socializing with someone one day and then be given the news they passed just a few days later, is one of those things that skids the Mind to a stop in order to Process.  My Friend Tim had a profound Love of Old and was Masterful at Creating Re-Purposed Treasures out of Architectural Salvage.  He had Restored Historic Properties and the last day we spent together he had shown me a Quaint out of State Victorian Home that he and his Son were interested in putting a bid on.  He was excited at the prospect of another Restoration Project and making Plans for the Future.

We all assume we will have a Future you see, even if we know there are risks associated with many Life Issues some of us have to confront and make important and often difficult decisions upon.  Tim passed after a medical procedure that had been one such important and difficult decision to confront. We miss him already and our Prayers are with his Family during this difficult time.  Usually I go back to The Sweet on a Saturday with The Stylist since she enjoys her Monthly visit and Opening Day is just too intimidating for a ten year old.  But she knows Gramma wants to attend Mister Tim's Service and then has to Work, so she was Okay that we wouldn't do that this Saturday.

I wanted to Show her all the Magnificent OOAK French Reliquary Crowns that my Friend Pamela W. of STUDIO ANTICA has Created for this Month's Show.  Pamela is the Queen of Patina too so if you are as Obsessed with Patina as I am, check out her Websites!  On my Bucket List of potential upgrades to New Villa Boheme' would be to Commission Pamela to paint at least one wall {or more}!!!   


I fell in Lust with every single Crown, especially the larger ones, but due to pesky budget constraints and the fact my Antelope needed a diminutive sized one I got this smaller one... for now... will definitely want to upgrade to some larger more ornate ones later.  *Winks*

And this is why... every one of these Magnificent Creations is breathtakingly Beautiful.   Images don't actually do them Justice, Believe me when I tell you in person they're off the hook Stunning and it's virtually Impossible to choose just A Favorite!

Though when it came to the larger ones this was the one, by a very narrow margin, that I was drawn to strongest due to it dripping with Vintage Rosary parts!  *Swooning*   And I don't Care what Taxidermy Head at Home it might fit, since I would probably use it anywhere as Divine Decor!  *LOL*

You can drape these anywhere really and can one really EVER have too many Crowns or Tiara's in your Collection?   I think not!  *Smiles*

I actually think I missed noticing a lot of other Treasures because I was so Enamored and blinded by the Bling and the Crowns during this Event!  *Ha ha ha*

And it's a good thing my Mission Statement wasn't Furniture because I would have been absolutely spoiled for choice my Friends.   J'Adored this Chair... and several others Truth be told... so I probably would have been tempted to swap out Chairs and Sell Off some I currently have to replace them with Villa worthy ones that I fell in Lust with!  *Winks*

I'm not exaggerating, Gorgeous Vintage Linen upholstered Chairs of all kinds abounded and in the Future I'd like to replace some of my Antique mismatched seating with this Style of mismatched seating for a more cohesive mismatching.  *Bwahahahaha!*

Hard to choose which Linen Hues I liked best tho' each had it's merits, from the Oatmeal to the Grays for my preferred Palette Aesthetic!

I'm embracing Gray as a Complimentary Hue to my Black... Loving my Sepia Hues abounding and it has Tuscan warmth... but do I really want too much inside WARMTH in the Desert???!!!?   *LOL*   The Black and Gray is cooler!  But enough about my Color Palette inner conflicts.  *Winks*

Here's the Crowned Antelope.   Cute, huh?   Princess T thinks it needs a larger Crown... she could be contributing to my Future delinquency then in Justifying a larger Crown purchase, you think?   *Ha ha ha*

Yes, definitely go Larger she urged me, and Please, lose the Floral headband Gramma!   Aye, The Stylist has such a Critical Eye doesn't she?  *Le Sigh*  She's definitely not Feeling this French Reliquary Hippie Look and keeps staring at it in disgust... to the point where now I'm questioning my own Taste in Antelope Styling!!?   *Bwahahaha!*

And put the beads how Miss Pamela had them before she suggests, they're looking like Bug Antennae now!  So now I'm trying to refer back to previous Imagery of how my Friend Pamela actually had said beading arranged since Bug Antennae Look is not what I was going for!   *Bwahahahaha!*

And while I'm Dealing with my Critics here on the Homefront, lets just go back to the Show and see some more Eye Candy I Lusted after shall we?   Loved, Loved, Loved this Black Settee with Grain Sack Embellishment!

Paired with one of Pamela's Reliquary Crowns it surely doesn't get much better than this in My World!

Actually there were so many elements of Style I could have dragged Home to My World and they would have fit right in!

But the diversity was such that whatever Your World looks like, you could have found it on this Where In The World Tour my Friends!

From the Colorful to the Colorless Palette People there was something for every Taste, Palette and Aesthetic... and International Feast for the Senses!

I'm always drawn to Pillow Creations even though I already have far too many and need to de-stash some of my Pillow Hoard!  *Ha ha ha*  But what would likely happen... I'd Sell Off some of the Pillows I'm 'Over' and buy some new replacements I prefer now.  

I'd be preferring that Oatmeal hued Grain Sack Bolster with the Ticking Ruffles in the middle Thank You.  *Winks*

And let us not forget my Friend Minnie's newest Summer Bedding Line!  So crisp, clean, Ethereal and Fresh... a Midsummer's Night Dream!  It's making me Sleepy just beholding it, Yes, I could mos def curl up in there and catch a luxurious Nap!

But I have to stay awake to finish this Post and then re-energize myself for the rest of Today's itinerary.  It's going to be a long day, so I'm glad I got some Eye Candy dosage to fuel me onwards.

And The Man is suggesting rather than me flipping Chairs like a Crazy Woman... why not reupholster those you already have?   Like I have Time for re-upholstery Projects, right?  *Bwahahaha!*   Easier to flip and buy a completed item IMO at this stage of the Game!   I already have a slew of Projects in Limbo laying around Bohemian Valhalla in various stages of benign neglect!  *Smiles*  They lay in Project Pergatory awaiting Rescurrection!


I was so Surprised that as Custom Pillows were flying out the doors that MY Favored Pillow remained... perhaps it was waiting for me to redeem it, I dunno?  But Today was not the day for adding to Pillow Hoards at Home that I already have so many of I don't know what to do with most of them so they're closeted waiting rotations into Service.

And because the Diabetic numbers have not been lining up lately I HAD to unfortunately resist the scrumptious Goodies in the Warehouse... dammit!  The Berry Scones are my absolute Favs!

And now I'm running out of time so I have to get ready to attend my Friend's Memorial Service and then go to Work Tonight, so I must leave the remainder of the Post Tours 'til Later my Friends.  Come back and join us for more Reveals of this Month's Show!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I agree need a bigger crown1 But I'm sure that crown will look just right somewhere else!

    1. Then it's unanimous, bigger Crown it must be! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Oh Dawn, so sorry for your friend's passing. So sad to see a vibrant person snatched away.
    But spirits of those 'creative' souls, seem to linger in our thoughts when you see something you just know they would love and so you still share. Gorgeous post...and how could black,gray and sepia be a bad combo, when all the antelopes in the world seem to wear those colors---so regally, among the dried 'tuscan' yellow grasses. Sounds like a perfect color palette to me, thanks for sharing, Sandi

    1. Yes, I agree Sandi that the Natural Palette is appealing to me more and more lately, maybe because I've moved rural to where Nature is so very evident again without so much of it spoiled by us humans. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I need to find a place like this.
    Your antelope looks perfect! Had to laugh at the bug antennae comment. Artistic eye there...hmm wonder where that comes from ;-)
    Hope your long day finished well.
    I love the sound of your colours. I'm painting today and deciding on changing to white from green. Also getting a quote on shutters for the whole house. So exciting!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Home Makeovers are always such Fun and exciting to contemplate! You will have to Share your Finished Transformation! Dawn... The Bohemian


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