Friday, July 22, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part I

Yes my Friends, it was time once again to make the Monthly Pilgrimage to the SWEET SALVAGE Event on the 3rd Thursday of the Month.  This Month's Theme would be "Where In The World" and being an avid Nomad, well, that's right up my Alley, I was ready to take the World Tour of Found Treasures!

Now, since I'm a person prone to being all about the Details, I notice the obscure Inspirational Ideas one might miss if you tend to be the Marathon Shopper at such popular Events that you gloss over the layers to frantically seek out the obvious Best Stuff before it's snatched up by others!?  Since I don't need another thing in this Lifetime I go slowly and am Okay if you Score More!  *LOL*

So I'm Testing you in these first trio of Images of this Gorgeous Vintage Madonna, did you notice the obscure Inspirational Detail I did?  It's Okay to Cheat and go back if you missed it.  I noticed that Divine Crown she's wearing was an upside down filigree Votive Candle Holder!  I have tonnage of those, thus now, after being duly Inspired, I have tonnage of wee Gorgeous little Crowns!  *Yay!*  A Thank You and debt of Gratitude to the Creative Genius Designer who was Inspired with this Idea to do this simple Transformation and re-purpose a Vintage Votive Holder!

It looks quite Natural, it looks like it came with the Statuary, I could have easily missed that important Detail had I been in a hurry.  Lucky for me I'm rarely in a hurry anymore when I'm having rare Free Me Time so I can malinger as long as I want to.   Well, sorta, I do confess I got there earlier than usual to stand in line in the sweltering heat that was already upon us that Morning, because I was on a pre-Birthday buying Mission for Self.  Because come August, my Birthday Month, G-Kid Force begins School and some of my Grandchildren also have Birthdays that Month so there will be considerable outlay of funds then.

And even, if like me, you Scour the Websites for placement of where things might be that you were wanting or intrigued by, once those doors open, you better be like greased lightening my Friends and head straight for where you think it is?!  In fact, this Wonderful Vignette that was a Fav of mine Online, I never even saw it once I got thru those doors!!!  *Gasp! Confusion!*  Honest to God... and I made several passes around looking, since Squirrel had Intrigued me and I wanted to see the whole yummy slew of Treasures firsthand.  But, it eluded me and Lord knows where it was or if it all got Sold stat and that's why I missed it completely?!??!

So, since The Man had Encouraged me to get myself a couple of the Coveted Necklace Creations by my Talented Friend Cyndie of VINTAGE ENVY, one from him and one from the G-Kid Force as my Birthday Gifts from Family, well, I was making a beeline!   I had scoped out the Mannequin Models online and done Recon on where I thought their Placement might be at the Event?  *Winks*

Easier said than done when you have Sensory Overload as you walk thru those doors and all that Fabulousness hits you full force and is an instant distraction from your Mission seemingly Impossible!  *Smiles*   But I located Meerschaum Sacred Heart Jesus after I located Sweet Cyndie to show me the way.  Therein is a Secret I'm Sharing, if you know who the Designer is of a Vignette or a particular Creation, they might have Intel that can point you in the right direction or take you to it, since they are superb with Customer Service at The Sweet.  You can Thank me later when you no longer have to stand there like a Deer caught in the headlights.  *Winks*

Now the Necklace that would be from The G-Kid Force was easier to spot since I was also Interested in Vintage Millinery, which sadly I had to pass on this Month, and both were on the same Mannequin in the Recon Images Online.  Spotted it from across the room, literally, I have Eyes like a Rat sometimes when it comes to scanning vast Panoramic Views of Goodness to spot a single item I'm Fixated upon and on a Mission to Procure!  *LOL*

Much like I'm on a Mission right now to get this Post out even though I'm surrounded by The G-Kid Force and The Man constantly interrupting me and there's unfinished housework and general untidiness all around which I'm also trying to Ignore!   *Bwahahahaha!*   Hey, I gotta Work Tonight at our Antique Mall and slept in since Working Nights necessitates that at this Season of Life, so I've gotta have my Priorities in Order, right?!  *Smiles*  It's after One p.m. and I'm still sitting here in my Jammies gelling and Feeling Post Creativity rather than Domestic Goddess Dutiful folks!   *Winks*

And The Young Prince waited til the absolutely last minute, natch, to tell me he's got a Lock-In of some kind at the High School Tonight and needs Supplies so could I go to the Store to get them... surely you Jest my Child?!?   Better scrounge up you some Supplies that already exist around here is my Advice, coz there is no longer sufficient Time for a Supply Run to the Stores... we be livin' Rural now Kiddo, remember... not a Store for miles!  So Enjoy the Solitude, Relax and I'll drop you off at your Lock-In on my way to Work.   The Man is just Delighted at least one will be Locked-In somewhere else in my absence Tonight!  *Bwahahaha!*

But I'm determined to get this first of the Series Post out, of this Wonderful Event my Friends, I didn't get an ounce of Peace to last Night, so I'm Ignoring everything and everyone this Afternoon so I can get it done before Work!  Now, I will also be gleaning some Imagery from the Facebook Pages to mingle with my own so you can see subtle differences in how Vignetting continues well into Opening Day and actually until Closing day.  It is a constant Visual Transformation, so that too can throw you off a bit when you're looking for a Specific since Vignettes continuously Evolve like a Living Organism!

I was Intrigued by this particular Vignette because I was Lusting after this Fireplace Mantle.  In a Perfect World, with the Old House proceeds in my Bank Account, that Mantle would have been MINE lemme tell ya!  *Smiles*  But, being the Deal with the City fell apart at the last minute... and now negotiations are beginning with other interested Buyers, I'm in a Holding Pattern for now to Feather this New Nest the way we Envision it to eventually be.  *Le Sigh*  Dont'cha HATE that my Friends, to be in a Holding Pattern Financially when you see the Ideal OOAK Items and have to Pass!!!!!!?!??  

Sure, I could have put my Birthday Necklaces back and switched out for said Mantle... like that was ever gonna happen, right?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Priorities my Friends, Priorities.  *Winks*   But I must say original BLACK painted Antique Mantle with Rusty Victorian Ceiling Tin Centerpiece... that was simply Begging to come Home to New Villa Boheme'!  It was Meant for this Villa's new Decor Styling I've got in Mind!  It WANTED to come Home with me, it really did! Dammit!

But lets face it, if you've ever been to one of these Events, there is SO much that Wanted to come Home with you, isn't there?   I ain't gonna lie, I can go to many other Events or Shops and not really see much, if anything, that I desperately want to drag Home to my lair and become Fixated upon owning.  But every single time I come to The Sweet I am not disappointed in there being a Wealth of My Style of Goodness in the Objects they've Sourced and Styled Superbly!  I NEVER have come away saying there was nothing I wanted or Desired, even if I couldn't have it right then and there... NEVER!

And that's why I Love Covering each Event because Preserving the Vignettes thru the Eye of the Lens gives us all continued Inspiration and Eye Candy Treats to our Senses long after the Event is over and it's a wrap.   I had to Hunt down the Meerschaum Madonna on Velvet Necklace Creation by Cyndie even tho' this one would not be mine.   Loved how it was Displayed, another of my Fav Vignettes actually.   Yeah, I have Several Favs, always happens too!

In fact, a Crew of these Designer Friends would come in mighty handy here at New Villa Boheme' for all the Styling and Vignetting going on around here.  Or in the case of Today, NOT going on around here and languishing in piles, baskets, Storage Containers etc.!  *Le Sigh*   Does anyone else have Projects stack up to the point of Absurdity too?   Please weight in then so I don't Feel so much like the Lone Ranger in my obvious state of falling so far behind to where there are the days I am rather Overwhelmed by it all and opt not to tackle any of it!

I mostly and generally Imagined that having a brand New Home and Blank Canvas to build my New Vision upon would just Motivated the Hell out of me to where it would be Done in no time!   Didn't happen.   So I Commend and Applaud these Designers at The Sweet for building this Complete Vision from a totally Blank Canvas Month after Month and doing an impeccable job of it!  I don't think I could do it, I really don't, I'd be a Stress Mess.  *Ha ha ha*

And then after about a Month of such Hard Work Sourcing and Styling their Hearts out they can then look so stinkin' Cute, Poised, Cheerful and put together like this!   You ALL, every Single one of you, {including ALL not pictured this Month} totally ROCK my Friends... you Inspire me beyond the boundaries of my Imagination!!!   And that's pretty vast Inspiration because my Imagination barely has boundaries or inhibitions!  *Ha ha ha*

Yeah, I am a bit Melancholy that I Passed on said Fab Corsage of Vintage Millinery due to Budget Constraints and didn't have a chance to change my Mind later since it seemed to have Sold.  *Pouting*   I had originally intended to get it, but there was a secondary Mission Statement to find a Crown for my Antelope since I'd swiped it's Santos Crown for The Bear to wear.

So all Vintage Millinery bets were off the table this Show... which sucked since so much Fab Vintage Millinery was available.  So I'll just have to Hope for some more at a Future Event when I do have the Funds Squirreled away to buy some more.  One can NEVER have too much Vintage Millinery... but typically my Price Point for it has to be scaled back to Justify another Purchase since I do have a lot already and don't really NEED anymore.   Do you have that Rule too my Friends when you already own a lot of something?  Has to be such a Deal you would be a Fool to Pass it up... so your Price Point for Purchases is lower than when you first began Collecting it and barely had any.

And since I could be known as The Bag Lady, since I own so many Unique Bags *LOL* and also Create my own Bags as well as Collecting those other Artisans make... it is hard for me to pass up a nice one by a Fav Artist.   This one case in point, couldn't Believe I left it behind since I knew the Artisan is one I've Collected some Creations of and even once received a Surprise Gift of a Bag from her.   The Designer Confirmed my assessment that it might be one of that Artist's and came out of her own Private Collection, which she's Downsizing.  So many of us are now, right?  *LOL*

And Passing on any of my Talented Friend Anne's Creations from DOS FANNIES is never easy either.   I do have a Cherished Collection of Anne's Work in my Bohemian Bling Stashes that I've added to over Time.  *winks* But, speaking of Time I'm running out of it for this Opening Post of the Event, since I have to go to Work soon so better get out of my Jammies, right?  *LOL*  I'll be Sharing much more in Future Posts, including the Wonderful OOAK Crown I got for my Antelope!  So be sure to come along with us again my Friends, the Fun has only just begun on our 'Where In The World' Tour!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a wonderful place!! The Madonna is breath taking!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. I just could not be tempted so often! My funds would crash for sure! What a very clever idea for crowns! I know you were thrilled!

  3. Dang, we have nothing here that I have found that beats this event. Scour though I may, I haven't found such a venue. Bits and pieces here and there---but nothing this gorgeous. I would be dead busted broke every month.Thanks for sharing these Dawn, grins, Sandi


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