Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Birthday Daydreaming

I'm like a Big Kid when it starts getting closer to my Birthday, I start Daydreaming about what Present I'd like to have!?  *Smiles*

This year I think I'd like a Unique Necklace and so I've been perusing Online Artists I Admire and Local Artist Friends I Admire the Creations of as well.

Loads of Fabulous choices abound and so narrowing down which ones I could Save up for or request Family to help me Fund the Purchase of is my focus right now.

I'm really liking the various European Meerschaum Religious Carvings made into Altered Art Necklaces, I've seen some Beautiful ones Online.

And my Talented Friend Cyndie Creates them too and has the best price point to make it an affordable option for this year's Birthday Present to Self.  This is the one I'm gravitating to strongly.

But if it isn't available come August she has several more Beautiful Necklace Creations I'm J'Adoring and could consider.

And then there is always a long time Lusted after Line by Vicious Sabrina out of Japan... I have wanted one of these Creations for YEARS!  With a variety of Botanical Specimen Necklaces and Brooches.

Entomology Necklaces and Brooches. 

And various other Specimens including Minerals, Fossils and Skeletal Specimens in the Line.  Ordering Online Internationally is difficult for me since their site is exclusively in Japanese so conversions are confusing.

And some Favorite Artists and Lines are Lustfest worthy but outside of my Modest Budget so probably won't be an option this year anyway.

But I'm thoroughly Enjoying the Visuals of possibilities I could explore for the Perfect Birthday Gift to Self!?   Love the Packaging of the Vicious Sabrina Line, it's a Gift unto itself the way they Create a Special Laboratorie Style Box for each piece.

I think if I decisively wanted a Vicious Sabrina piece I'd opt for the Butterfly Specimen Necklace.

Or the Fossil Specimen.  In fact, each of their Creations is both a Necklace AND a detachable Brooch so serves double duty, which I really like, and the Packaging is very Display Worthy too, so it's like three Gifts in one!

The Japanese always Excel when it comes to Attention to Detail and Beautiful Packaging of their Products.   I'm all about the Details like that.

But even without Packaging any of these Necklace Creations would be Sublime to Own.   I've Shared my absolute Favorites, I don't know which ones might still be available?

I'm thinking it could be a close choice between this Vicious Sabrina Butterfly Necklace or the Meerschaum Sacred Heart Jesus Necklace as the two absolute Favs.

Although this one of the Patron Saint of Animals has Appealed to me for a while and Cyndie says it's almost as if it's been waiting on me to buy it.  *LOL, perhaps it has!?*

In any case, if by mid-August I have the funds available I do Plan to buy one as my pressy to Self.  If not... well, it will be a delayed Purchase for whenever I can Afford it as a Belated Birthday Gift.   Either way, it's all Good because anything worth having is always worth waiting for.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh Dawn, why don't you go into your vast stash of "littles" in the drawers, pick out those things that you treasure, give them to your artist friend to 'create' the YOU necklace. So much better than locking the goodies away. Besides-I want to see more from your stash drawers, lol. Sandi OH and Happy Birthday!


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