Friday, July 29, 2016

A Dreadful Kinda Day

Dreadful in a Good way... *Smiles*... since while The Stylist and I were, well, Styling parts of the Home, getting rid of piles laying around and unpacking, we always wanna have Fun with it!   So she donned some Dreads we came across as we moved some Storage out of a Garage... sure Wish I could look this Cute in ANY Hairstyle!!!

I've found that especially when you're tackling Dreaded Projects *Sorry, couldn't resist the Pun* you have to interject some Fun and Silliness into the Work to make it Enjoyable enough to do for any length of time.   She and I were determined to get at least one Room of New Villa Boheme' Transformed, Organized and devoid of piles and misc. clutter laying about.   Natch she was in Charge of Organization, since Chronic Disorganization is one of this Gramma's weaknesses.

She even got reluctant Grandpa in on the Act, under mild Protest, he donned the Dreads.  Me thinks he really wanted to wear them... only he knew his Wifey the Pathological Picture Taker would NEED to Preserve this Moment thru the Eye of the Lens and Share it with the World!  *LOL*  I think he pulls the Look off Well, Seriously I could Roll with My Man Dreaded Up... throw some braids and beads in that Beard and he'd be positively Artsy in an Aging Hippie sorta way, right?!  *Winks*  He's a Great Sport, that's why we Loves him so!!!

But because faux Wool Dreads itch, after a bit of Fun it was time to Undread and finish up our Work.  Notice background mini piles here and there... and freakin' everywhere it seems!  We've been buying School Supplies... hundreds of dollars worth of Back to School very specific crapola!!!  Lord have Mercy we'll need a mini U-Haul to deliver it all to School that first day!  Those Lists are so LONG no Child can carry that much crap in a backpack without having Sherpa strength!

That's why we NEEDED that Day Road Trip the other day, to decompress after School Shopping and parting with a couple hundred bucks just like that... and for just ONE CHILD to start School!!!   Have to wait for the August checks to hit before I can afford to take The Young Prince to gather whatever long list of supplies he'll need for his Junior Year of High School?!?  Oy vey!!!

So are you Enjoying the Fantastical Ray Villafane Sand Sculpture Art that we saw on our Day Road Trip to Carefree and Cave Creek my Friends?   Ray is such a Sculptural Jedi, the Young Prince, who also is Blessed with considerable Natural Sculpting Artistic Talent, scrutinizes every display to hone his own techniques.  If ever Ray were to Host Sculpting Classes, I'd sign the Young Prince up to be an Apprentice in a heartbeat!   I know he could do this Quality of Work with the right Mentor Guiding and Teaching him.

The whole Display was a Mouse and an Elephant in a Game of Chess... but I'd only brought the Camera Phone and forgotten New Camera at Home, dammit!  Usually my Camera is like an appendage and I've always got it with me, but gathering up the entire Family for a Road Trip takes such logistics that forgetting something is unfortunately a 'Given', I'm Lucky I left with my Sanity!!!   *LOL*

The other Sculpture was an Owl with her Owlets, at least I think that's what Baby Owls are called since spell check didn't correct me!?  *Ha ha ha*  It was a fiercely Hot day so strolling around the Lovely Park in the Center of Town we had it practically all to ourselves, with the exception of other die hard Art Lovers who braved the heat to see the Exhibit.   I'm guessing that when the Monsoon Storms roll in this will all dissolve away unless it's Tented for inclement weather?

I don't know if Ray will be adding to the Exhibit or not, I do know that if he's doing another Pumpkin Carving Exhibit this Halloween, we'll be there!  Last year he did some Carving Lessons and I think the Young Prince missed coming with his Sister and I?!?  I'd have to look back upon Photo Archives to be sure, but I think it was our Girl's Day Out and we had High Tea at the Tea House across the Street from the Park, which wouldn't have been a thing the Guys would have been 'Into'?!  *LOL*  In fact, this day I couldn't talk the Guys into High Tea either!  *Le Sigh*

Altho' we did mutually Muse about what type of Brick and Rock Facade we'd like for New Villa Boheme' eventually and decided upon the upper Stone and Brick Style {sans the Field Stone lower section} that is on this Grocery Store Archway.   Yeah, we could definitely be unanimous in this Look as Architectural Accents in the Future Transformation of the exterior of parts of Villa Boheme'.  Fun to Imagine all the Possibilities... we always want to put our Stamp on any Home.

But this day it was more about what we were doing to improve the interior of the Home.   At least no longer was The Stylist turning her Critical Eye upon Antelope's New Crown since I hadn't yet fixed the Bug Antennae Look nor removed the Millinery Headband.  *Shhhhhh!!!  Mebbe she won't notice?!*

We had decided upon beginning in the Main Dining Room since we do a lot of our Artwork, pricing Inventory, paying bills, Reading, eating etc. around that Table for now and needed it uncluttered and better Organized.   We wanted all piles off the floor and anything that didn't yet have a place banished to the Garages for now from that Room.  At least in the Garages I don't HAVE to look at any of it, which is good for the Psyche and not Feeling Overwhelmed by what isn't yet done.

We stashed Gypsy Trims and Fabric that will eventually be part of that Room's Gypsy Curtain Project in less conspicuous places for now.  So I can still easily find it yet not feel it's unceremoniously dumped in piles on the floor of that Room!  The Curtain Project is something I can Work on slowly since all sewing and pinning of Vintage Fabrics and Trims can be done while the Main Blank Canvas of a Curtain hangs on the Arcadia Doors leading to Inner Courtyard and across same Room to the Back Yard spaces.  So it can be a Work in Progress continuously really.

Mule Deer hangs just to the Left of said Curtain in Progress right now and is Inspiring me to continue with this Room's Transformation since it's slowly but surely coming together nicely.  I think when one Room is Complete I will have momentum to move on to the next and so on and so forth until whole Home is eventually DONE!!!   I know I'm only a year in, but I'm already impatient to have everything in Order so I can just relax a bit and Enjoy Life without pending Projects.

Remember, New Home was SUPPOSED to mean less Pending Projects, right?!  Yeah, we were quite Delusional about all that weren't we... us being US and all!  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Did Ray move down there? He used to live up by Alden, about 35minutes from us. We actually put his house in this years Halloween bucket list. Figures when we would have the time all together .it would be too late.

    1. I don't know Sherry where he lives now, but I do know he's done some amazing Work around here now so he could have a place near that community? Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Did Ray move down there? He used to live up by Alden, about 35minutes from us. We actually put his house in this years Halloween bucket list. Figures when we would have the time all together .it would be too late.


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