Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Persian Garage

So... what does a Pimped Out Duck have to do with the Persian Garage you might be asking?   Well... we'll get to that later, gotta have a Hook Line Title for any Post you know, and it does have relevance to this Post, I Promise!  *Smiles*  In the meantime Admire my latest cheap Taxidermy acquisition added to the ever expanding Collection of one of my Passions... cheap Taxidermy I can dress up.  *Smiles*

The majority of my Taxidermy specimens are quite Old, many are Antique and not in their Prime anymore, but that makes me Love them all the more because Time has imparted much Character to each animal.   Many have been given to me or Traded for other Lovelies because frankly they were unwanted and would have surely become Orphans and not found a permanent Home otherwise.  Condition is a non-issue for me in anything I Collect, I'm a Weird Collector like that and just the opposite of most who Value Condition as being everything!

Benign Neglect and the Patina or Character of advanced Age and having a long Life with a less than Ideal Back Story and History are way more important to me than each piece being Pristine or Mint Condition.   Velveteen Rabbit pieces have major Appeal to me over the Carefully protected Collectibles, Life shows ON them and through their scars and imperfections.  So I was totally Jazzed to bring Duckie Home, since I wasn't even searching for anything when I Found him... or should I say he Found me!

And now on to the Persian Garage Story... we've decided, since we cannot fit the New Truck in any of the three Garages, that we'll just convert all of them into usable and functional Living Space eventually instead.  That means all of the cement flooring with eventually be covered in my stash of Vintage and Antique Persian Rugs.  This is my newest Beautiful huge Persian Rug acquisition which I Scored for a mere $7.99... I know, unbelievable, huh?  That's seven dollars and ninety-nine cents folks and not seven hundred ninety-nine bucks, which is at least it's REAL Value, mebbe more?!   The Young Prince is amazed at how adeptly I can throw any size and weight of Persian Rug over my shoulder and make off with it without even buckling... a skill I've honed in my many years of Collecting them.  Usually stumbling upon a Find when I don't have anyone to help carry them!  *LOL*

I'm like a Persian Rug Soldier... NO Persian Rug will be left behind on my watch!  *Winks*   Some more of the stash is awaiting unrolling and laying them down on the Garage floors when I clear out all Storage that is still not yet unpacked from the Epic Move.  We have the craziest and most unexpected things in our Garages and Neighbors often look startled if they glance inside when the doors are open.  Could be why we don't get any Visitors, I dunno?  The Addams Family didn't get many Visitors either and when they did, well, not many came back, right?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*  If there's a humongous Goat Heat in the Garage, there's no telling what she has in the House, right?  *LMAO*  

I found a Cute hand-painted Sign done on an Antique Drawer Front in Wonderful Circus Lettering that says "OPEN" and that will hang up in one of the Garages too.   And I was jazzed to Score an Old Commercial Stamp Holder for some of my Vintage Commercial Stamps to use in the Studio.  We're converting the double car Garage Space into a partial Inventory Pricing Station slash Play Space for the Kiddos as we clear it out and get boxes unpacked.  I may also eventually Sell some of my Treasures out of the Garage at Private Picker Showings to offload larger pieces I don't wanna drag to my Showrooms.

But I Promise more Treasures are Showroom bound than are staying behind and I'm utilizing the Summer Slump in Sales as an Excuse to Experiment more with my Inventory... just because I can.  *Winks*  I want to gravitate more towards the Weird And Wonderful anyway, so when Sales are soft is the best time to load up on a completely different Aesthetic and Vibe and see what happens?  If the Weird And Wonderful Sell well during dry spells, well, then I can go Full On Me when things pick up after the long, Hot Summer, right?  If you're into Vintage Creepy Carnival and Circus Clowns, Showroom 114 has you Hooked Up and totally Covered! *LOL*

But, not everything the Kiddos and I Sourced recently made it into Inventory for the Showrooms, I ain't gonna lie, we kept some... couldn't Help ourselves.  Like this Victorian Pincushion in a Divine Sepia state of decay... which I Scored for a mere five bucks and didn't wanna let go of since I can use it in my Fabric Studio for pins!   But that also meant for every one thing that came in, my five to one Rule applied and five hadda go out... so I still felt Accountable and not too Guilty... it will more than Cover the cost of everything kept and put money into the Cali Trip Fund which is scheduled now the first Weekend in July.

Not everyone is going on the Trip so our Costs have been streamlined and expenses will be Shared with those of us who are making the Pilgrimage to see Mom.   We are hoping she can last until we get there and the Trip is scheduled close to her 84th Birthday, which we Hope she can Celebrate with us before she passes from Time into Eternity?   When I think of Metamorphosis of Form I often think of Butterflies... and I picked up a couple of Specimens on a recent Pick for a Song... so cheap in fact I Wish they'd had more!  *Smiles*

But I had to settle for two and will check back to see if this Vendor gets more in?   I'm always seeking out Vendors and People of Interest that are hawking or Letting Go of what I Love to Source for both our Home and my Showrooms.  It's also New Kindred Spirits to Bond with over our mutual Love of the Good Stuff.  Too many Vendors are going the way of mass produced or swap meet Junk and so it's a breath of Fresh Air when a new one appears who carries what I Hope to Find and Appreciate the Aesthetic and Styling of in their Spaces.

Our Antique Mall has attracted some such New Vendors for the Summer and my Hope is they will not only Survive but Thrive!   I will both become a Customer and Loyal Promoter of their Product because I would like to see more Vendors of the Good Stuff Prospering and sticking around.   Lord knows we've got enough of the Big Box Store mass produced Junk and knock-offs around, so let us Support and stand behind those Small Entrepreneurs willing to carry the Real Deal and Good Stuff... those who will Inspire us with their Art of Display and Eye for what is Trending in the way of Antiques, Collectibles, Salvage and Vintage Lovelies!

And now that I have a nice New Truck to haul stuff with again... you can bet not many Found Treasures of any size will be left behind now!  *Winks*  Back it up and load it up... Booyah!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How Fun! Using your garages for special rooms! The rug is gorgeous> I can see all those on the floors BEAUTIFUL! Your truck is outstanding too!Yeah for You!!

    1. I'm so enjoying having a truck again... now I can haul anything and no Treasure left behind! winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Persian rug covered garage?! That's the most fantastic thing ever and only you could think of it - Dawn, you're a force of awesome decorating nature!!

    1. Thank You my Friend for the kind words and compliment! Dawn... The Bohemian


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