Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part I

So Today was Opening Day of the SWEET SALVAGE Summer Lovin' Themed Event.  Yes, Summer is upon us and so all thoughts go towards a Seasonal switch of what we Love most about the months of Summer and Decorating for it!

I have to confess that I Love something about every Season, there is a certain Charm, Distinction and Vibe about each that I thoroughly Enjoy and look forward to.  So as each new Season rolls around I'm ready for it and the particular Essence each has etched upon my Memories.  Right now my thoughts turn to Summertime and everything Glorious about it!


With the flux of still Moving in ever so slowly, unpacking and being spread pretty thin right now... well, our New Home doesn't have the Transformation I typically make with the changing of the Seasons.  I've fallen behind... so I suppose that is why I'm particularly Enjoying what everyone else is doing to prepare for Summertime Decorating. 

I know most of my Wonderful Summertime Decor is still packed away somewhere in the towering boxes in the garages... and now it's just too hot to bother trying to locate them and get it all unpacked.   But it's perfectly Okay, so much Glorious Summertime Decor is abounding everywhere else, so I can still get my 'Fix' of this Vibe without all the Work!  *Smiles*

In fact, so many of my Talented Designer and Artist Friends have done all the hard Work to Wow us with their Summertime Vignettes and Inventory, that it was just as thrilling as when I have the time and energy to do it myself at Home!   Yes, I Love Decorating and Styling, but sometimes I lack the time to do it as superbly as those who do it for a Living.  So this Summer I'm living vicariously through their Summer Lovin' Visions.

And I don't know how they can all look so Fresh and Cute after I know they've spent the past few Weeks so hard at Work to prepare for this Month's Event and Transform everything into a Summertime Fantasy!?!  My Friend Minnie has a brand new Summer Line of Fashion, Furniture, Bedding and Decor she's Created in Soothing Cool hues and Fabrics.

This was my Favorite Pillow Creation from the Bedding Line for this Summer... Crisp and Fresh Linens with Vintage Lace accents and some with a touch of Bling... in Restful hues that I just Love for the Boudoir's Summer switch.


And the Girl found the time to Create a Bed!!!   A BED!!!   I feel like such a Slacker now!  *Smiles*   This Magnificent Headboard {which had an equally Magnificent matching Oatmeal hued Linen upholstered Bench} had once been a Antique French Settee before it was deconstructed and Transformed into the most Sumptuous Bed fit for a Queen!   Yes, this Gal is indeed a Creative Genius and absolutely Tireless in her Creativity and Production!

And who doesn't think of Decorating with Natural Elements when Summer rolls around... especially Treasures from the Sea.   The array of Corals and Shells and Beach Cottage Style abounded!

Along with Wonderful Maritime Elements.   I don't own a Cottage on the Beach, the Boardwalk, Lake or in a Fishing Town, but if I did I could envision Decorating exclusively in this Style because it's such a Vacation Getaway Dreamscape for me.  I have many Happy Summertime Vacation Memories centered around trips to the Ocean, the Lake and particularly the Beach!

These Boat Models were particularly Stunning Decorative Elements for Summer and were the Real Deal.  Such Unique Inventory Sourced for each Show's Theme is what keeps us all coming back and never able to get enough of these Monthly Events!!!  You just never know what you're going to see and Find that you just don't think you could Live without?!  Or at the very least be totally Inspired by!?

Now I'm not a Hat Person, though I Wish I was... but if you are and totally Rock Hats, there were some really Cute ones for Summer and to shade your noggin from the intense Desert Sun.

In fact, Summertime is the epitome of Casual Style for me since when it gets really Hot, I want to keep it Simple and Comfortable, yet Stylish, no easy feat sometimes.

And though I rarely Decorate with it at Home anytime but Summer, I do have a total Love Affair with anything Aqua hued.  It goes so great with Sepia... and that being my Mainstay, it is an easy way to Transform a room just by adding a single Color Element you Love and want a Pop of Color for a particular Season.


Aqua and Seafoam Green to me are definitely my preferred Colors of Summer.  But I have been Wowed by Vignettes of a variety of Summertime hues, some Bold and some more subdued shades.

And even some of the Colorless Palette variety!  If ever there was a Season I could Live with more White and a Colorless Vibe it would have to be Summer.  White just feels so Cool and Fresh, so Clean and Light.

I was having a Love Affair with this Natural Sponge, it was Huge and so intrinsically Beautiful!

And though I have an enormous stash of Antique Frames... I was totally diggin' this Ornate Antique one, which was also Huge and had a Beautiful Aged Patina.  I could envision it framing one of my Taxidermy Mounts on the wall... well, whenever I get them hung up on the wall and off the floor that is!?  *Bwahahaha!*

Now, I do Love my Kitchen at the New House, but I also have a preferred Dream Style of the Prairie Kitchen in mostly White with some Vintage Industrial accents... think Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Style of Kitchen Decorating.    Which mine is definitely not since it's more Tuscan Inspired to go with the rest of the Home's synergy... but if ever I was to have a Kitchen Makeover, just sayin'...  *LOL*

This Gorgeous Needlepoint was very, very hard to walk away from and not take Home with me... my restraint this Month was Tested lemme tell ya!  I wrestled with myself a lot to just walk away from some great pieces... keeping the Cali Trip to see Mom firmly in Mind.

How Cute was this Vignette... and the Plaid Summertime Vintage Picnic Cooler in Yellow and Black was Perfect with the Bold Aqua Garden Room Furnishings.

And a little Summer with Frida... yeah definitely Lovin' this Summer... be sure to come back for Part II of our Journey thru an Arizona Desert Summer Event...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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