Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats

So, FINALLY after a Week over a Full Year we finally got another Taxidermy specimen off the Floor and hung up!   I felt so Accomplished... and now that we know the convoluted way to try to find studs in the walls of a New Build, mebbe I can feel Secure enough to get the rest hung up now slowly but surely too?!  *LOL*

You see, in our Historic Home ANY place on the fourteen to sixteen inch thick, solid as a brick shit house, Walls would be Secure enough!  So I'd bang things up effortlessly and know they weren't going anywhere... ever!  *Smiles* 

  But after the tragic mishap at New Villa Boheme' where Lil Dic-Dic bounced off the Wall with a vibration from a slammed door, well, I've been over-thinking every Wall hanging Project ever since for Security and Safety reasons!   *LOL*

Originally for example I wanted a two Mounts Vignette in this large Niche Alcove... but finding stud placement centered adequately for that Vision, well, it didn't work out.  In fact he's not actually properly Centered and that's coz NO freakin' stud was in the Center of this Alcove... dammit!   And since I'm trying valiantly to embrace the 'Less Is More' Philosophy I scaled back the Vision to just one... and not even the two empty Antique Frame Idea on each side since just hanging this was such a pain in the arse!  *LOL*

But I felt Accomplished just getting this one small Project FINALLY done and enlisting The Man as my Minion without either of us losing it in The Process!  Yay!   You have no Idea how enlisting the assistance of someone with TBI can be such a particular Challenge since his logic, moods and coordination are now so impaired and I had to keep my Calm while delegating his part in the Job.  As I simultaneously stood two rungs up the Ladder Of Death, which to me, is a Big Deal with my phobia of heights and the Vertigo thing I struggle with!  *LOL*

Holding my little Silver Hammer as he's raising his voice in frustration with my Girl Logic about hanging anything and appropriate use of tools... I kept having that Beatles Song looping thru my head... Bang, Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer came down on his head... *Bwahaha!!!*   Sorry, the Dark Humor just overtook me as I'm up there laughing hysterically and The Man is looking puzzled like I've lost my ever lovin' Mind!   I don't think he would have appreciated the Humor of it had I Shared the inside joke, so I kept it to myself.  *Winks*   

But we got it done... eventually... and as he quickly left the room to get back to his Shows before I could think up another Team Project, I foofed the Buffet Vignette beneath it and stepped back to Admire our handiwork.  Yes, it was Good and I could handle the compromise of the Vignette from the original Vision!   And one Project a day is probably all either of us can adequately handle anyway, so we'll just have to pace ourselves and not get Crazy about checking off the long delayed laundry list of things left undone for this past Year of Moving Into our New Home.

It's not Easy you know, the OCD in me wants to have everything done and in Order so I can just Enjoy the New Home and have every Room's Styling and Decor completed.   I want everything to be Functional and relevant... I want all the Storage to be gone thru and dealt with in the big ongoing Editing, Purging and Culling Process I began an Eternity ago!   I WANT a LOT, right... so what's New with that revelation?  *Smiles*

And it all will be in due Time I suppose... so I'm trying valiantly to Roll with that too.  In fact, the delays have been a mixed Blessing in disguise as I tweak the Vision and make it work as it slowly comes together.   And The Man, well, he did come up with the Brilliant Idea to wire the Santos Crown on the Mount's Head so it won't ever tumble off in some random vibration.   So Man Logic does sometimes come in handy, even impaired Man Logic... but wait a minute... wouldn't all Gals ascertain that ALL Man Logic is impaired... and vice versa?  It's all a matter of perspective I suppose!  *Winks*


And I'm Hopeful that after FINALLY getting ALL the Taxidermy eventually hung up and working together as Team Boheme', while reluctantly respecting each other's differences in how it should be done... well, we won't end up resembling this?!?!??   *Evil Cackle*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good for you! One a day would be fantastic!

    1. I know... pacing ourselves and slowly getting everything accomplished feels so good when we get anything checked off the laundry list of things left undone. Ha ha Dawn... The Bohemian


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