Monday, June 13, 2016

I'll Just Have To Live With Too Many Favorite Things

There are some non-purchases that still Haunt me, like NOT popping on this Antique Gypsy Doll because she was too spendy.  Even tho' I really wanted her, I was just too cheap to pay a premium to make her mine.  I Cheap Out like that a lot actually, I always want a Deal... and some things can't be had at a Deal.  I still think about her and how she should have been mine.

Now that's not to say I haven't splurged on the rare occasion when I had to repress my haggle and just Pony Up for something really Special and coveted... and I've never regret any of those purchases, ever.  Those are the Treasures you might just have to bury me with.  *Winks*   Seriously, I'd have to be beyond hard up to part with anything that was a sacrificial purchase.

I have been quite willing and able to save up and wait to procure something uber Special and if it took a lot of sacrifice, I'm just not parting with it that easily, if at all.   Some of those purchases have skyrocketed in value so they turned out to be a wise investment, but it's not even about making money off them now, they're permanently NFS at any price.

But I have let go of some Treasures that took me years of seeking to accumulate, so at the right price, or the right time, I have relinquished some of my favorite things.   My Vintage Motel Chairs come to mind... I used to have quite a few and it took me years to build up that many for outdoor living... now I have Sold all but one.  It's not even the one that was in the best condition, but it is my favorite one with the best patina... and Sage Green with Rust.  The rest, like this one... long gone now.

But even with the vow I'm keeping to cull the Hoard and keep on Editing and Purging to Curate my possessions and Simplify Life, I'll just have to live with too many favorite things.   I've come to the conclusion that I will probably always have too many favorite things in my possession, it's just how I'm hardwired.  And I Find just too much of the Good Stuff to let it all go even if it could be mighty profitable to Sell Off more of it.

I am becoming a better Retailer of many of my Treasures, since I have the glorious affliction to just be permanently Junque Drunk, so I no longer even want to keep it all or have huge caches of it stored away.  So that's an improvement from before... however, loosening my grip on having too many favorite things I still keep is a Process and I'm still a Work in progress.  Selling Off the majority of it has padded the coffers and made it a profitable Hobby that I still thoroughly Enjoy.

So it's not as if I'm gonna stop any time soon... I may never stop and I've come to a Peace about that fact.   I just Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt too much... I just Enjoy Creating too much... I just Enjoy my Stuff too much!  *Smiles*  And even tho' there are Seasonal slumps in sales at times, I have to Confess that I also Enjoy offering up some of my Finds to those that might Enjoy them as much as I do.  So I weather the soft sales Seasons and resist the urge to close up either of my two remaining Spaces at the Antique Mall.

Now, that's not always an easy decision when you're not flush financially and the Retired Corporate side of you tries to convince you there's no logic in Retail Hobbies because they don't net enough profits to be worthwhile.  I try to stifle the protests of that side of me since I'm still having Fun and Hobbies you Love doing don't have to be all about the Benjamins!  Okay, so maybe a little bit about them... to keep funding the Hobby since my glorious affliction isn't likely to be Cured!  *Winks*

But I think most of us who Hunt and Collect, Gather, Preserve, Salvage and Scavenge don't really want or look for a Cure, do we?  I'm perfectly Content to carry on since I've always been this way and honed my skills enough that now I'm virtual Radar for locating the Good Stuff almost effortlessly... and that's not such a bad affliction to be terminal with.   And I truly believe it to be genetic, in the DNA of some of us, since my Parents were like this and the G-Kid Force are too, so we come from a long lineage of Hunter-Gatherers.

I see it on the Picker Reality Shows too... that several Generations end up carrying the torch... though some are more afflicted than others.   At least I can Let Go, I couldn't imagine if I was one of them that absolutely couldn't, because I don't wanna drown in my Stuff, no matter how Awesome it is!  *LOL*  And some seem to have no rhyme or reason to taking Care of it, Displaying it, Sharing it or even Enjoying it properly, which doesn't make sense to me.  But, I'm not judging, just observing the severity of how driven or disabling it can become.

I've always wanted to be Careful not to have any habit that becomes absolutely disabling or diminishes quality of Life.   Which is why I set limits for myself that I adhere to and assess, re-assess and keep assessing over Time.   Am I living with too much in the way of favorite things?  If so, Time to Edit, Purge and rotate some of the Awesomeness OUT so that it's all more Curated and Sensible!  Trading Up has always been my best Mantra when it comes to Collections.

So that over Time you keep upgrading to the point of the pinnacle of Collecting, where what you eventually end up with is the creme de la creme!   In some of my Collections I've reached that quality over quantity Nirvana of having the very Best of a particular thing.   Some things are more Entry Level if I just began to appreciate a genre or haven't become obsessed with it to the point of reaching a pinnacle.   In many Objects I'll simply lose Interest before reaching that level and may even get rid of it all once I fall out of Love... I can be fickle like that with things.

My Shell Chic Phase was one such example... still Love Shells mind you... but I don't Decorate with them as much nowadays.  So I've Let Go of some Killer Shell Objects and passed on Shell laden Treasures that previously I might have gone Ga-Ga over!   Shells Sell so when I come across some great Shell Art or some impressive Shells I still pick them up if I can make my money on the Buy and have those great margins for re-sale.  But few stay at Bohemian Valhalla anymore as permanent residents.

Are you so inclined my Friends that you'll just have to also live with too many favorite things?  If so, you're in good Company and the Camaraderie of those like us, well, it's just a Bonus to a Sublime Existence, isn't it?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hmmm, interesting post. I started my first pinterest board with "Living with Grandmother's ...*&$5%!"
    Then changed it to things. I do understand your 'hunter/gathering' affliction. And it is genetic. Having to deal with passed on goodies can be a trial, as you are dealing with someone else's love of 'things'.

    My favorite example of this is George Carlin's "STUFF" bit..which is long involved and hysterical. I know it's on UTUBE somewhere. Always enjoy your posts Dawn, and they always make me assess, my own 'afflictions' of blame it on grandma/hunter/gatherer syndrome, LOL. Sandi

    1. Oh yes, George Carlin's Stuff skit is hilarious and SO accurately a depiction of my affliction! *LOL* I am fortunate that my Parents de-cluttered their lives by their Senior years and had us just pick out the Good Stuff first that we wanted to Inherit and Cherished. I don't know that I'll do that since I didn't downsize homes like they did, but then again, I'm not in my Seventies Plus yet so it could happen. *winks* The good thing is that numerous Family Members also Love my Stuff... and numerous Friends, so I'd have plenty of folks quite willing and delighted to Inherit the majority of the Primo Stuff I will have left by that time... since The Purge will rid me of anything not sublime. Well, that's the Goal anyways... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. My most favorite possession was my mother's silver pin. When my sister-in-law and I were having some difficulty in our relationship (the glitch started over my giving a couple of her coffee mugs to her step-sisters, which I clearly should not have done), I gave the pin to her and told her that she is more important to me than anything I might own. I see the pin on her dresser and want it back so badly but I keep telling myself I did the right thing by letting it go. There's a purpose to loving something because when you let it go it is not done lightly but with real sacrifice and tears. Does that make sense? Being an adult is so, darn hard!


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