Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bouncing Back From Blogger's Block

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I still Love to Blog... and so when I get to a place of Blogger's Block and not feeling like Creating a Post, it's strange to have such a difficult time bouncing back from it and Posting again, or even Visiting the Land Of Blog.   Writing and Photography has always been something I enjoy doing very much and so combining the two via the Land Of Blog has often been a part of the day I thoroughly look forward to.

Only sometimes I don't, sometimes I just am 'off' when it comes to Creating anything and just have to wait 'til I'm back 'on' again.   Those are the times I completely avoid the Studio Loft or the Computer.  Which is often a mistake since the Creative Outlet of both always Uplifts and I can so easily get Lost in the Moment and forget all about any Troubles we might be up against regarding various Issues of Life that come.  And lets face it they always come, that's a Given.

In recent days I've been more Mindful of that Fact.   In recent days, even if I don't feel much like Creating anything at all, I've gone upstairs to piddle around with my Art Supplies and to unpack or organize those from the Big Move that have languished in a protracted Procrastination that has gone on much too long!  The very Odd thing being that once I begin, you almost couldn't tear me away with a team of Wild Horses!

So Why do I so often stick my head in the sand like an Old Ostrich and completely gloss over that I'm avoiding those very things that Feed my Soul and so easily bring me back to Center?   Those things that I derive so much Enjoyment and Purpose from even if they are sometimes rather mundane activities and don't have to even have a Creation completed to show for it?

Is it perhaps that with so many allegedly 'important' things to do and things that simply must get done that it's just so much easier to push aside those allotted times for devoting to whatever it is we just find to be simply Joyful and deeply Relaxing?   To feel as tho' we simply don't have the luxury of the Time for that... what with all the obligations we might be up under and the battles that must be fought with the tough stuff of Life?!

I have decided that I need to bounce back from being too focused upon the Serious stuff of Life almost all of the time.  To find and more importantly make the Time to be balanced enough to set aside the equally important time for whatever I have a Love for and Purpose to be doing.  Even if it seems frivolous or takes time away from the daily grind of things I must do and have priority.

I Meditated upon the Reality that if we knew we had a set time on this Earth, and exactly what the expiration date would be, what would we be doing with it?  Would we still be doing things exactly as we are now, or would there be a shift of priorities and more Time spent doing what we're not making Time for now?  Yeah, that's a Heavy Contemplation isn't it my Friends?   Assessing that puts things into proper perspective for YOU specifically, irregardless of anyone else... after all it's YOUR Time we're talking about.

Time is valuable, probably the most valuable Commodity that each of us has... and sometimes it can almost be wasted just devoting it to the Serious Stuff of Life.  No, I'm Serious about that... sometimes we push too hard to be so Responsible and Obligated that we can forget entirely to have enough Fun as well as we Journey through Life!  To also spend our valuable Time doing the Fluff Stuff some of the time... maybe even MORE of the time?!

Caregiving is indeed Important... raising the Grandkids I've Adopted and taking Care of The Man are high priorities in my Life.   Yet sometimes I get so caught up in it all that I just don't take and make the Time for the Fluff Stuff for myself.  And without those valuable deposits... after all the withdrawals Life takes out of you... there is the risk of bankrupting one's Self and what you very well might feel most Purposed to be doing. 

Life is no dress rehearsal after all, each of us only has the one shot at it... what we chose to do with it is on us really.   Our choices add up and Life unfolds accordingly to the series of them, either voluntary or involuntary and usually a combination of each along the way.  As sometimes the choices or circumstances of others can throw a wrench in Personal Choice being totally voluntary in the way we'd prefer to choose and imagine things will play out.

This day choose to strike a Healthy Balance though... of the Serious Stuff of Life and the Fluff Stuff that makes your Heart Sing, boosts your Spirit and Feeds your hungry Soul!!!   Bouncing back from Blogger's Block has just been one of many things I'm tackling as I strike that Balance for myself whilst also Dealing with the Serious Stuff of Life simultaneously.   Finding the Fun again is always something to look forward to no matter what else you may also be Dealing with that ain't no Fun.  *Winks*


Here's to us Finding the Fun, where ever it may be waiting on you... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Amen Amen Amen!!! My feelings exactly!! Even though you know this it was so healthy to put it in words on your blog! It is crucial to my well being and yours I'm sure too do something creative just for me every day! God Bless you on this journey!

    1. Creative Energy is always such amazing positive fuel, being around Creativity inspires me to Create all the more! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You too? I am trying to tidy up as the grands are coming for a few days. I just don't have the energy. I used to think the song about mother's little helper" was about valium but now I think it was about speed. Which I think I probably need to get my get up and go. Oh well.


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