Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Rust And Roses Fix To Last Me Thru Summer

Okay, so RUST AND ROSES closes for part of the Summer Months and so I had to make my last days Pilgrimage there to get a Fix to last me thru Summer!  It helped ease what will be R&R Summer Withdrawal that they were also having a 20% Off Sale of everything in the Shop!  So needless to say I just couldn't leave empty handed, the Mannequin Head had to come Home with me!  *LOL*

Why couldn't my Bank account have been healthier for this Mega Sale tho' I lamented?   Because truly there was a lot I would have like to have snared 20% Off to Feather New Bohemian Valhalla with in My Style, which is in abundance at this Shop since these are my Tribe of Gals.

This Vignette alone I was having a Lustfest with the Black Antique Mantle, the Black Victorian Gingerbread Architectural Salvage Railing, the enormous Ornate Architectural Salvage Corbel and the Antique beaded Wall Pocket.  Yes, I could have filled up the Truck with Treasures at a hearty Discount... if only... *Le Sigh*

But Restraint in High Gear I just overdosed on Inspiration and Eye Candy instead.   The Mannequin Head only came Home with me when my Friend Punkie reminded me the whole Shop was 20% Off.   Yes, she contributed to my delinquency, I refuse to take all the blame.  *Winks*

But Cali Trip Fund firmly in Mind I strolled right past a plethora of Creepy Cool Doll Heads made into Old Bottle Stoppers... that were already a great price even before a 20% Discount!  *Gasp!*

That one on the far left on top of the Oil Lamp looks so sad because it desperately wanted to be Adopted and come Home with me.  It was so difficult to see that little Creepy petulant face and say No... you can't.  *LOL*

And the one thing I desperately wanted to add to my Wardrobe from my Friend Katie's Line was that long Dress the Dress Form was Modeling.   The only solace I took was that it looked like it might not be a big enough size to fit anyway... at least that's what I keep telling myself now.  *Winks*

Dontcha just HATE it when there is an Awesome SALE and you cannot partake due to circumstances and/or the dreaded Budget?!?   It almost made me not even stop in... almost... and then Punkie called The Man at the house and asked him to contact me to remember to stop by.  What can I say, that swayed me enough I lost all Restraint and just HAD to!  *Smiles*

After all, I so Enjoy Socializing with the Gals in my Tribe, so even if I couldn't buy I could talk Shop... and Fashion... and Art, and whatssup with everyone.   Sometimes I have to Live vicariously thru their Travels right now since I haven't been able to be on the open road for so long.  So in actuality the Cali Trip, tho' for a somber reason, will at least be a long overdue Road Trip to a Fav Destination.

Since The Son will have just Celebrated his 30th Birthday {WOW, is my Baby of the bunch really that Mature already?} before the Trip, we plan to make the Journey Memorable and as Enjoyable as we can on our way to see his Nanna for perhaps the last time.   I Wish more of the Family could make the Journey with us so everyone could say Goodbye to Mom.

I am already moving thru some stages of the Grief Process beforehand, because in many ways I will be Happy for her no longer suffering and having a diminished Life, as she readies herself to be absent from the Body and present with the Lord.   Mom has always been such a vibrant Personality and so Active, she could leave me in her dust even into her Eighties!

I know that Heaven will have an Incredible Hospitality Host when she arrives. Mom has the Gift of Hospitality in abundance and bestows it generously upon everyone and anyone.   She definitely always has been the Life Of The Party and so everyone always wanted her to be present at their Celebrations.  Where she held Court to the Adoration of anyone who met her, since everybody Loved Mom.

I could tell even in the Nursing Home that she had Charmed all the Young Male Nurses, they brought her Gifts and Treated her like their own Mom or Nanna.  She always has been a Shameless Flirt and it pays dividends... can't tell you how many times she got a complimentary Dessert at our Favorite Restaurants by Charming our Young Studly Male Waiters!  *LOL*

Oh Love, she'd say... she called everyone Love in her Charming Gaelic Accent... could you ripple those muscles and give an Old Woman a Thrill?  *Wink and a Big Seductive Smile*   Ah, if only I was Sixty years younger, you'd be swept off your feet she'd say... too late, they were already swept off their feet and Adoring her, bringing treats to the table and doting on her.  *Smiles*

And I Believe it was because her Sincerity shined thru the Jokes, she'd always find that flattering thing about a person that made them Attractive and more importantly, truly FEEL Attractive.   Mom Believed there was Beauty everywhere and in everyone but most people just fail to see it... she saw it... and people responded to that Gift she bestowed upon them about themselves.

Mom was always supremely Confident, she once told me she entered a Beauty Pageant just as a Lark because every Woman who had entered was actually more a Classic Beauty than herself and didn't consider her remotely any Competition for the Win.  But she wanted to prove that Confidence and Love of oneself shines through and can trump superficial Beauty.   Mom was very Exotic and in my Eyes a more Non-Traditional Beauty and of coarse an Incredibly Beautiful Spirit within... needless to say she Won the Pageant!

And Mr. T had nothin' on Mom when it comes to layering on the Gypsy Bling and Exotic Styles lemme tell ya!   She could blind you with the Bling she flashed on ears, fingers, wrists, neck, attached to clothing... where ever she could Bling It she would Rock it!  *LOL*   And there wasn't a Fashion she was timid about being Fierce and Confident about Modeling.  Her Mantra is if you Love it and are Confident wearing it, it will Show... and it does... Amen!

And so she will Enjoy me regaling her with our Adventures to places I know she would have Loved to join us visiting and many she might even remember.  She and I used to Paint the Town together when we'd make it a Girl's Day out and she'd literally wear me out, I couldn't keep up... EVER!

I am Hoping anyway to be able to Share Experiences with her... my Brother said she doesn't remember much now that the infection has ravaged the brain... and she might not even recognize or remember us... but it matters not... we remember who SHE is and that's the point.   As the Matriarch of our Family she taught us so much about Life... and about People... and about the Old Ways of Reading People and Reading situations with uncanny accuracy.

Mom could tell you stuff about yourself that would make you Blush, because nobody else knows and you'd never uttered these things to a living Soul, even your closest confidants!   She liked to Joke that a lot of Americans were unsettled by it, especially in the Old Days, when they thought her a Welsh Witch or something frighteningly Pagan!  *Ha ha ha*

But in Secret, when nobody else saw or would know, they would come to the House and ask her things, because certainly her accuracy intrigued them and fascinated them and overrode initial fears that she was using it to any evil.  Which she wasn't, I'll make that perfectly clear to those skeptics that Believe and interpret everything they don't understand to be evil and wicked.   We always laughed about that too together, she and I, since my Parents were some of the most authentically Spiritual Souls I've ever known and had a Beautiful Relationship with the Lord.

They both Loved people, as I do, and Believed you Walk Out your Faith in ACTION, not mere Words and just attending an occasional Service on a Sunday Morning.   They were more concerned with having Relationship with God than just having Religion or a denominational Label affixed.   When asked what they 'were' they would simply respond a Child of God who Loved and Served Him, as one should.   I'm very Glad of the Spirituality my Elders imparted to us to have close Relationship with the Lord and not just a form and a fashion or the dogma of legalism.

Coming from Culturally different and diverse Ethnicity than most people we knew, we realized we were quite different and often misunderstood or judged by biases and petty prejudices some held and Believed.  It can make you an Outcast at times, but my Parents never allowed that to be an excuse to be Unkind to others. Or not be fiercely Proud of who we are and what we are with no apologies or conforming to be anything other than your authentic self... in an attempt just to fit in or be accepted.  You won't be anyway really... just sayin'... so just be YOU. 

And we LIKE being us, as quirky and strange or odd as it may sometimes appear to others.  *Smiles*   We Celebrate our Differences and I think everyone should, I really do.   Similarities are Nice too, but it's the Differences that make the Variety of Life that Spices things up.   Don't be timid about Doing You... too many people are you know... I've so often had folks confide that Secret of conforming, not because they necessarily want to... but from a place of Fear!  And that is so Sad because only they can do them Perfectly as they were Created to BE! 

And I think strolling thru Life being authentically yourself and filled with Love and Kindness towards others is Contentment at it's best, it just doesn't get any better than that.

And so I'm absolutely Fearless about Loving what I Love even if it's random and Weirdly Wonderful.   I absolutely J'Adored these dried Artichoke Blooms, I want some and will certainly get some.  I've seen them growing in Gardens and want to try to grow some of my own to Harvest them regularly since they look Beautiful Living or Dried.


And I still Love Tattered Taxidermy and have it all over the house, Pimped Out in Fabulous Regalia of coarse.  *Smiles* 

And even tho' we have an Epic Collection of Antique and Vintage Spiritual Art of all kinds, I always find more to add or to Sell in the Showrooms.  It was the earliest of my Collections and the most Beloved, even to this day.

And of coarse Vintage and Antique Fabrics... an abiding Passion of mine for Creating things.  Which reminds me when I beheld Katie's Gypsy Curtains that I am still in the delayed process of Creating more of my own for all the Windows of this New Villa Boheme'... damn it has a LOT of Windows, so I'll be busy Curtain Making for perhaps years to come!  *LOL*

But I haven't been busy Creating too much lately... too busy still unpacking the towers of boxes in storage spaces.   The longer it takes to unpack it all tho' the less Attached I am to the contents of each and able to Let Go of most of it.

But I do think of Creative Aspects I'd like to add to New Villa Boheme', like perhaps putting Victorian Ceiling Tin up in the Juliet Room Studio Space... since that will be the Space I'll be painting the walls in Black and ... well, I'm still conflicted on the second hue but it will either be Deep Red or Pale Slate Grey.


Most other rooms are awash in Beautiful Sepia Hues that are so Calming and Serene that I'm totally diggin' it as the Mainstay Palette for Villa Boheme'.  I'm finding that the Family is Calmer around Sepia Environments with lots of Natural Elements.

So my preferred Palette is Evolving still to suit this Home... and I'm liking how it's turning out very much... and I'm Okay with The Process being very slow so that it Evolves without being contrived or forced.

Natural Evolutions are the Best anyway, to go with your Instincts and visceral reactions to things and colors... and even Relationships.

And I certainly got my 'Fix' of R&R before the Summer Closing... and they will re-open right near my Birthday, which of coarse is Perfect Timing.  *Winks*

And mebbe Katie will still have this Wonderful Ensemble for me to try on and perhaps buy then... I dunno...  Wish I couldda gotten it 20% off tho' and known it would fit... ah well... que sera sera...

And now I'm getting ready for a Pool Party... even tho' I'm still not able to Swim in a Pool or use a Spa due to the very slow Healing process going on from the botched biopsies.   Ironic, huh?   But who doesn't love a Party and I don't want to disappoint the Hosts by cancelling due to a medical complication that has gotten in the way of having Fun without limits.

And since Father's Day is Sunday this will be Nice for The Man to get out and practice Socializing a bit, he's getting more comfortable and less anxious about that.   And the Young Prince will be visiting his Dad and Paternal Family tomorrow for Father's Day, so it's only Today we can all be together as a Family doing something Fun.

And I will be Celebrating and in Remembrance of my Dear departed Dad Tomorrow... I may even try to visit the Mountainside in Arizona where his ashes were scattered.  It's a most Beautiful Spot, since I couldn't get back to the Reservation in Oklahoma where he would have preferred to have his Ceremony of being set Free to the Winds.  We are contemplating where Mom wants to be set Free, I know she would prefer North Wales, her Homeland.

We may have to candidly talk about that during our visit, since she has already made it clear she's ready to leave this Earthly realm and join her Ancestors on the other side.   It is Beautiful to me that they've come often to receive her, and patiently wait until she's ready to accept crossing over with them.

Death is something that many Cultures do not Fear nor Dread, but Welcome when their Time is near... I'm Glad I was Raised that way... and to Celebrate and Honor our departed even long after they have crossed over during various times of the year.

But until that Glorious Day comes for me I shall look towards what is Heaven here on Earth for me... yes, still a Vintage Airstream to Pimp my Pull one day, tho' I have no place but our Ranch up North to put it now... so may have to one day seek out a closer locale to permanently park my Version of the Vardo.  Maybe that's even our next Adventure... who knows?


Blessing from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. So glad you have a firm date for your trip to see your Mom. Sounds like your son is going too that is good!

  2. What a loving, expressive, post about your mom. I know you wandered around the edges, but when a passing is impending, it sort of takes over everything you see and do. And I can see where giving up Sweet Salvage for even a few months would be difficult. I audibly sighed when you said that, because then no posts from Of course you can always share the goodies, you unearth as you unpack...I know I have to get up in the garage attic and tackle more totes from my mom's. Happy unpacking...and visiting, thanks always for sharing, Sandi


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