Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats ~ Part III

Since I was pulling an extra Shift Saturday Night to cover for my Friend Wanita having a Surprise Birthday Celebration at Work, we decided to get together with Family and Friends earlier that day to have some Fun and meet down at The Sweet, before I had to go in to Work.

We didn't corral all of the Family to join us since the Teenagers were all doing their thing... but it was good to get together at the Event with as many as could come.   It was amusing to me that The Son's lifelong Friend David, coming for the first time to the Event, told The Son that the place looks like your Mom's House!  I take that as a sincere Compliment David, Thank You!  *LOL*

I have to admit there are many similarities to what you'd probably see at our house and definitely My Style of Decorating abounding in the various Vignettes Styled with these similar objects.  *Smiles*   I'd never really thought about it though... how very much of it actually DOES look like being in our house!  That's a good thing... and perhaps why I always Feel quite at Home at The Sweet and it's like a Home away from Home.


We couldn't stay long since The Son and Family were taking Princess T to their house for the weekend and I was taking The Man to a Romantic Luncheon, just the two of us, before I had to get ready for Work.  Nice to have that Alone Time Together, it's so Rare that we have the opportunity.

And Yes, I did pick up three Pages of the Butterfly and Moth Specimens since they were almost Sold Out!  *Whew*   The Man liked the largest Wall Poster Sized Sheets mounted to Wooden Dowels, but I opted for the Mid-Sized sans Dowels... since all of the Moth Specimen Sheets of the Smaller Sized pages had Sold Out already.  I'm Glad now I got the bigger pages than the original ones I'd wanted, I think they will Display better.

But that's all I picked up, just the three Specimen Sheets... two being different Species of Moths and one being Butterflies.   I'm using quite a bit of restraint lately when I'm out Shopping and holding firm to my self-imposed restrictions keeping Retail Therapy to a bare minimum.

I've definitely switched to Seller Mode dominating my Agenda rather than Buying Mode and so now possessions are being Culled quickly and effectively.  I'm moving closer and closer to the eventual Goal of Curating possessions severely.  I'm becoming more accustomed to owning less and liking it.

There have been times the Fam has said, "What, you don't wanna Buy anything?!??!" when we go out to the Shops or Events... and sometimes it's True, I don't want nor need to.   There's no sense of Urgency to acquire anything in particular nor the expansion of any particular Collection.

Though I have been looking at Paint and Refinishing Supplies a lot more lately since I do Intend to Make-Over some things and give them New Life.   The Color choices and Brands of Paints now are so Awesome and much more the Palette I prefer and ways of Finishing I like.

I dropped the ball this Season to get the Garden and Courtyards Transformed and plantings in before the fierce heat of Summer began to roll in... so I'm just not gonna bother this Year.   That actually gives me sufficient Time to go over my Plans and make adjustments to Fine Tune the Vision.

I've already scrapped and re-imagined so many Ideas that the delays are actually a Good Thing until I'm more decisive.  *Smiles*   That's the problem when you have a slew of Ideas, you have to narrow down the field of Creative Imaginings considerably!

The Man likes to Joke that I have so many Ideas I should be Selling Ideas along with Selling Inventory!  *Ha ha ha*   I just like to Dream stuff up, I think that for us Dreamy and Creative Souls it's the fuel that keeps us going.  I can never relate to someone saying they have no new Ideas they can think of off the top of their head.  I seem to have too many all vying for the brain space and limited Time that might bring them to manifestation!   Many have to just get killed off because otherwise it would be a messy avalanche.  *Smiles*

But it's Fun to Imagine... then re-imagine... and sorting thru the Ideas to decide which ones are the best... which need tweaking... tossing... or put into Action when the Timing is right or I Feel the most Ambitious?  Uh oh, yeah, there's the stumbling block Word... Ambitious... sometimes I'm just NOT!  *Ha ha ha*  So then the Ideas just get so tired of waiting for Action that they hibernate or get Forgotten in the labyrinth of Thoughts flooding in around them or crowding them out.

Having an overload of Ideas is also hard on those around us as we constantly change our Minds, our Vision and our Strategies at warp speed!  *Smiles*  I thought you were gonna do this, that or the third they might ask... well, that was Yesterday, Today is a brand new day and now I got a BETTER Idea!  *Winks*

There's always a Better Idea ready to take over and change the course and direction of a potential Project!   Which is exactly why I sometimes have to allow things to percolate and Mature on the Canvas of my Imagination a while first.  To see what Ideas abide and get altered to the point of being ready to Manifest now.

And why being Inspired is so very Important because Inspiration has a way of allowing the Fine Tuning of Ideas that Appeal to you most.   It might just be a Simple Nuance that you consider and changes something in a way that makes it even more extraordinary an outcome.

And so Ideas keep flowing and eventually I'll settle upon some for certain... and disregard the rest.   And the whole Process is just so Enjoyable because it keeps a Dreamer fueled in just the Imaginings of it all.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow your last picture with the green bottle in a metal carrier was neat!

    1. I love those European Demijohns, I own four of them, but don't have the metal carrier. Only one of mine came with carrier and it's more Basket weave style. Dawn... The Bohemian


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