Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats ~ Part II

We're back at SWEET SALVAGE 'Sweet Retreats' Event for the second Post installment of my Thursday Pilgrimage for this Month's Themed Show.  I've noted a Metamorphosis of myself evolving, much like a Butterfly Transforming, same Person, different Look.  I'm suddenly being drawn to the Simplicity of Life and the Simple things in it to surround myself with at Home.  It is most Evident when I preview what I was drawn to most to Photograph and Share here in the Land of Blog.  And what I would have most liked to have had, like simple pages of Butterfly and Moth Species.

Yes, the Event was absolutely stocked to the rafters, literally, with the most Amazing of Finds that had been Sourced from near and afar, and Creations that are spectacular.  Those normally would have been the things I would have been most apt to gravitate to in the Past stage of my Metamorphosis... my insatiable Caterpillar consumer stage if you will.  But now I find myself gravitating towards the light and airy Simplicity of Life stuff that doesn't have to be off the hook.  In fact, it can be so basic and Simple it is refreshing to me.  Like these over sized gossamer Dandelion stems in simple Rusty cans.

They looked so realistic I had to go in closer and even touch them, Surprised that they were indeed faux stems!!!   I definitely want to get some of these in the Future.  And though quite a Simple thing to add to the List, I would be as Jazzed to Score some of these Delightfully Simplistic additions to my Decor as I would have been in the Past to Score something ostentatious. 

 Yes, I freely Confess that in the Past I was quite an ostentatious Decorator, I was much more showy, flamboyant and gaudy in my Tastes and Style.  I absolutely Loved the ostentatious objects that were over-elaborate!  *Smiles* But lately that is being tempered by a leaning towards Simplifying Life in general and it shows in what I now want to surround myself with more and more.   What I'm now incorporating into my World that was absent before.  Okay, by anyone else's Standards I'm probably still an over-the-top kinda Gal *Winks*... but for me I'm definitely noticing a Tone-Down taking place at a subconscious level I don't always notice immediately.


I think we all are constantly in a state of Evolution, if we look back thru our Photo Albums we can most notice what we used to be infatuated with that perhaps wouldn't fit in our World now?   It's Fun to Evolve and not become stagnant, I personally embrace the Changes I go through as Life goes on.  I wouldn't want to remain stuck in a rut of refusing to accept Changes or not trying something new and Fresh. 

 Especially when it comes to Style and Decorating, we can be the most Free in Changing all that up as often as we Feel led to.  In fact Styling and Decorating can be one part of our lives that we can dare to be the most Experimental with!  With very little collateral damage because it doesn't have to be something we live with indefinitely anyway or have any kind of lifetime commitment to saying, "This is my Style and I'm stuck with it now for Life!"!  *LOL* 

 Sure, some Experiments might not work out and so you can just abolish that experimental whim if the results aren't as desired as you felt they might be.  Or you just didn't feel as comfortable in that Transformed Environment you Created.  I've done that in the Past, tried out a Style, a Color Palette, Transformed an entire Environment only to Discover, No, just can't Live with this in Harmony.  *Ha ha ha*  It might have even Looked Fantastic, but just not Felt Right for us.  

 But other Experiments are a Glorious Success and then we can discover a Beautiful New way to Change up our World in a way that really becomes us Now... at this Moment of our Evolution of Tastes and Preferences.  One of the problems I will have in covering Events in fact is remembering to cover it ALL and not just that which I'm Personally drawn to and would Decorate our Home with.   I do have my Personal biases of coarse in what I just Love to behold the most at this stage of my Evolution... almost to the exclusion of anything else.

Because I am a firm Believer that Beauty is EVERYWHERE, in many different Forms, Aesthetics, Styles and Colors.   But not everybody sees it and to Intentionally Look for it, to Seek it out and Appreciate it even if it's not 100% YOU is still a lot of Fun and even Inspirational.  It gives you more Exposure to different Styles, different Tastes, Environments Transformed differently than you would have Imagined yourself. 

 For example, I've never been a Girly-Girl, not in any stage of my Metamorphosis thru this Life, guess I wasn't hard wired to be?!  *Smiles*  But I absolutely Love being a Woman and therefore seeing and Experiencing those ultra Feminine Displays and Vignettes.  Where a whole Environment is just estrogen laden and all that is Wonderful in Celebration of the Feminine Perspective is shamelessly Showcased in absolute Perfection by those Designers that do Feminine and Romantic Decor so exquisitely! 

  And Yes, it does make me just want to go Home and throw a little Femininity in the Mix from the Inspiration of it all!  *Winks*  And Yes, I could Imagine having a spot in my World that could look a little like this and it would blend seamlessly with my Eclectic Style which does often have a mish-mash of Decorating Styles that happen to work for me because I have many Loves.   I don't think I could say I've got a Pure Style and nothing beyond that rigid label of a particular Style could be invited in.  I'm just not that structured nor devoted to just one Style or Aesthetic I suppose. 

Almost anything Could Be in my World, depends on which direction the Metamorphosis over Time might take me?  And sometimes I am inbetween at different stages, not quite moved out of the Old and into the New completely... and that is Okay too, since I don't have to do an entire Transformation if I don't want to and there is no Time Limit or even a particular destination on this Evolution Process.  The not knowing is probably the best part for me... what will it all Look like in the Future? 

  I just don't know yet and so I Freely allow the Evolution to take place quite Organically on it's own and see where it takes me?   Right now it is the Organic, the more Simplistic and Natural Environment that is most Dominant at this Moment in Time for me... and I'm totally diggin' it and having a lot of Fun with it!

But has this Colorful Old Hippie Style Gal completely banished the Jewel Tone Elements and the Exotic from her World?  Heaven Forbid... Nope, it's still there, just kinda Eclectically Janis and Jimi blended with Sibella Court, Michael Trapp and Carol Hicks-Bolton, with a heavy dose of Morticia... for an Environment that suits me to a tee right Now.  *Smiles*

Because to me there are no Rules when it comes to Decorating and Style... do what you do... Love what YOU Love... and make no apologies for it my Friends.  It's your Home, Feather it all in a way that your Family thrives in the Environment and you have a Peace about how it all makes you Feel at your very Core!   You will Instinctively know at any given point in time the direction your Heart and Soul is leading you for the surroundings that will best be an extension of your Personal Essence and a reflection of who you are right Now.

Exploring all of that is a Wonderful Journey to embark upon and I strongly Encourage you to begin it if you haven't already?   And don't just Arrive one time and think you are done... because as long as you keep living it will continue... and you'll find Changes taking place constantly.  It doesn't mean you aren't being Authentic to Self to Change and embrace whatever Changes are taking place within you.  In fact, you'd be less than Authentic to deny them and pretend they didn't Exist and try to remain exactly the Same, when in fact you are in the midst of a Wonderful and Glorious Metamorphosis!

Go ahead my Friends... Transform... I can't wait to see the New You emerge in all your Glory!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Age 67 here - and very much evolving! Still.
    I've reread various parts of this post and recognize myself and my concerns about the changes happening in and around me.
    I especially like (and agree) with - "It doesn't mean you aren't being Authentic to Self to Change and embrace whatever changes are taking place within you."

  2. Lovely post. You have a way of encouraging people that is comfortable and very, very real. And, of course, sometimes your still life photos simply take my breath away.


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