Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats ~ Part I

I actually felt very Good Today and so I had no trouble attending the SWEET SALVAGE 'Sweet Retreats' Event this Morning... Yay!  All of the Designers, as always, went above and beyond in bringing us jaw dropping Vignettes and Amazing Treasures.   But I have to Confess this was my Fav Vignette and those Sublime Architectural Salvaged Stained Glass Church Windows took my breath away!!!  OMG... as Obsessed as I am about Salvaged Stained Glass I was seriously Jonesin' for them ALL... these were absolutely Divine!  *Swoonfest!*

My Religious Collectibles are my oldest Collections and I still have a weak spot for Antique and Vintage Religious objects.  Even though I don't buy so many anymore for our own Home since I have more than enough, I'm still very much drawn to these types of Found Treasures.  I just Feel very much at Peace around Spiritual Style even if it's not in Church.

The Amazing Collection of Fine Vintage Madonna Statuaries with the backdrop of Gorgeous Vintage Persian Rugs and Divine Salvaged Stained Glass Church Windows was a slice of Heaven on Earth for me!   It was like we were ready to have some Church up in here!  *Smiles*   I lingered a very long time in this Space just soaking in the Beautiful Energy and Serenity it imparted.

I also thoroughly Enjoyed the vivid dried Bouquets tucked among the Vignettes, I might have to start drying some Flowers and Herbs again because I just like how they look.  Most of mine got damaged in transit and few survived the Big Move... it will also give me a good Excuse to buy some Fresh Flowers, right?  *Winks*

Nothing looks more Earthy to me than Bouquets of Flowers and Herbs dangling from the rafters drying.  If you do it right they turn out Lovely and last a long time, many, like Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, retain their Fragrance in dried form for Years.

In hindsight I probably should have picked up some more of these Flash Cards with Inspirational Messages... Loved this one.   But this Event I had no real Agenda for what I might come Home with and I was Content if I came Home with nothing at all really.  Not that I didn't mind you... *Winks*... because lets face it, after all I've been thru in recent days a bit of Retail Therapy was mos def in Order!  *Ha ha ha*  But I didn't know what I might hadda have until I saw it...

And then I saw IT... or should I say I saw him... The Amazing Goat Mount!!!  Now, I didn't know when I left the house this Morning that I'd be coming Home with a Goat Head... but for me anything is possible and especially if it's Weird and Wonderful. *Smiles*  In fact, you might not even know that I've been actually seeking a Goat Head for over a year and they aren't that easy to come by.  A Vendor Friend at our Antique Mall had one, not quite as nice as this one... but before I could Negotiate a Deal on it someone else went and bought it!  Who knew someone else in this World was also seeking a Goat Head??!  Go Figure!  *LOL*   But all things happen for a reason...

And now I'm Glad I didn't get the other one coz tho' it was Black and Curly Wooly, it wasn't nearly as Handsome as this Guy.  It was much smaller, the Horns and Beard weren't as Impressive... and the Price wasn't even close to being this low... so Booyah!   I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy yet so one of the Guys loaded him up for me and I'll have The Grandson bring it upstairs to my Art Studio Loft ready to hang on one of the walls.  I Plan to buy him a Monocle and an Antique Beaver Top Hat... he'll be wearing an Antique Vestment Collar... and if I can get a Cool Meerschaum Pipe to put in his mouth some kinda way he'll be smoking one of those too!?  *Winks*  Yeah, I did get some Curious startled 2nd Looks as I was driving down the Freeway with this Guy riding Shotgun!  *Bwahahahaha!* 

I had limited myself to a maximum of two Purchases and they both hadda be a Good Deal, so after the Goat Head I decided my 2nd item had to be this Killer Cement Pedestal Base.  I bought the one at the front and talked a lady looking at the one behind it to buy that one so I wouldn't be overly Tempted to snag them both.  *LOL*   We both wanted to use them as Cloche bases to Display some of our Fav Collectibles... Loved the Patina of Age imparted by the elements on both and at Nineteen bucks it was a steal because they're quite heavy and large.   Of coarse because I cannot lift wouldn't you know both items I bought were heavies Today.  *LOL*  But I Behaved and followed Doc's Orders and didn't lift any of it.

Buying both of my Treasures right away meant I could just relax and Enjoy the rest of the Event in leisure and Carefree, and not having to stand in long checkout lines.  So now I just soaked in Inspiration... it was everywhere.   I'm TOTALLY Stealing... ummm... I mean Borrowing... this Fabulous Idea of place settings using Ostrich Eggs!  Love it, so Creative and Cute, I would have never thought to do this and I have a Hoard of Ostrich Eggs at Home, you would think I owned an Ostrich Ranch!!! *Winks*

I'm always thinking of how I should Display my Natural Collections and this will be a more Interesting way to Display my Ostrich Eggs than the way I have them Displayed right now.    There is a napkin ring hidden in the foliage of the pedestal dishes so that the Eggs sit securely.   Bravo to the Designer that had the Inspiration for Creating this Vignette!!!

Lately my Preferred Color Palette is moving more in this direction and with Natural Elements abounding.  So I'm always Delighted to see some of the Designers with a similar Vibe and Aesthetic to the one I'm Obsessed with at the Moment.   When I'm ready to Source new Objects to add to my own Vignettes I know I won't have to Search high and low anymore, the Events will have what I'm looking for and needing now.   When the Colorless Palette was all the Rage it was almost Impossible to find Dark Elements, they appeared to not even Exist in Retail and I Hated that lack of Choice.

Now that Dark... Weird and Wonderful... and Botanical Style is being Appreciated and having a Resurgence of Popularity I can once again find what I'm looking for too!  *Yay, Color me Happy!*   Now I won't have to wait Years to be able to Source what I need in some Obscure 'Pick' God knows where!?   It's Hell having to wait for some Abandoned Factory, Museum of Objects of Curiosities, Derelict Mortuary, Caput Carnival or Mad Scientist's Laboratorie to open it's doors to find this stuff otherwise!!!  *Ha ha ha*

Not that I wouldn't be there with freakin' bells on if they do mind you!  *Winks*  I Live for such Opportunities... but in the meantime, knowing I have a Reliable Source to Hunt my Style of Found Treasures takes a lot of the frustration out of trying to locate what I want and need to Feather my own Nest.  These enormous Cloches filled with Fun Treasures just My Style were so Inspiring.  I am always on the Lookout for Amazing Coral Specimens along with Entomology or Botanical Specimens and Skullies.

And here they have it ALL so I was totally in my Element even tho' I had self-imposed Restrictions on buying Today.   Still saving up for that Trip to Cali to see Mom after all my Health Drama wraps up sufficiently to take a Road Trip.  The Good News is the City finalized their new budget for this year and told our Agent Yesterday that they Plan to make an Offer on the Old Homestead very soon now.  *Yay!*  So we'll do the Dance and see what happens...

And so perhaps in Months to come I'll have some discretionary income for those Purchases we want to make to Feather New Villa Boheme' exactly as we have a Vision for it to be!  *Yay!*   I've Sold Off a lot of what we used to have and keep Culling current Possessions because every Home has it's own Personality and Styling that suits it, so a lot had to go for those reasons and to Simplify our Style by de-cluttering.

I intend to have more of this... and less tchotchkes around the Home now.  In fact, it was so hard to leave these behind because they were so Perfect!  Well... mebbe later... because I would like to have one of each of the Butterfly and the Moth Specimen pages.


Loved this whole Vignette in fact, so Simple and yet so My Current Style of Decorating our New Home.  But I will probably go with the Specimen Pages rather than the larger Specimen Posters I think.  Note to Self: Next Event if they still have any of the Pages left, have a Mission Statement to get them!  *Smiles*

And lets see how Well you Know me... what in this Vignette was I absolutely Salivating over and couldn't bring Home?  I know... it's hard because there are actually a few items I J'Adored... but I'm Challenging you to pick the one that stood out from the rest and was Calling to me like a Siren's Song, but Alas, was too spendy for this visit.

But I'd of liked to have been able to bring it Home as a Trophy... wink wink... but the Goat Head was already bought and that was my slightly spendy Treasure of the day and worth every dollar.  So I was Content to leave behind some Killer Treasures that would have LIKED to have come Home with me too and just weren't within budget or the self-imposed Restrictions I was determined to adhere to.

Love it tho', it would have gone Well with my Collection of Vintage and Antique Loving Cups and they're so versatile to use... I use mine all of the time for a variety of Purposes.   I do Love to utilize them as Vases to hold Bouquets and Greenery, Paint Brushes, Utensils, Bottle Brush Trees, etcetera...

Well, I do Hope you'll come back with me for Part II of the Retail Therapy and Inspiration spree?  Because we've only just begun to have Fun Together!  The Event will run thru Sunday, May 22nd my Friends, if you want to behold it all in person rather than just Virtually!?!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you were up to going and what treasures you got!

    1. I know... my Down Time was brief and that was such a Blessing! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Well, I just love that goat head! Reminds me a little of Black Phillip in the movie The Witch. lol

    I've just finally gotten caught up on your blog posts, Dawn ... man, you have been through some crap lately! You totally deserve a few more days - no, maybe even months - of retail therapy IMHO. ♥


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