Sunday, May 1, 2016

Retail Therapy

I finally got The Man Home from Hospital after a three day stay... diagnosis was that his Coronary Artery Disease is getting progressively worse.  He's had it for a long time, had a double bypass Surgery well over a decade ago for it, is stubborn about his Med Regimen or seeing Specialists regularly enough to keep it adequately managed.  But he will now be on a new Med Regimen and see a new Doctor on Monday for Test Results to be gone over in more detail.  I don't know what that will mean or entail, but it probably won't be good.  So I needed to just get out and have a bit of Retail Therapy... not much, since I'm still Hopeful I'm saving up for that Trip to Cali eventually to visit Mom... but just mostly to visit Fav Shops around Town and get a lil somethin-somethin.

There was the added Bonus that The Young Prince's Dad had agreed to take the G-Kid Force for the entire weekend!  *Yay!*  Natch it didn't LAST for the entire weekend, since Princess T decided she didn't wanna spend the Night after all and we picked her up early.  *Le Sigh*  But it was enough I got a few hours all to myself sans Kiddos and while The Man rested up at Home since he was still sore from the Angioplasty... ahhh, Bliss!   I could roam around such Favs as TATTERED NEST VINTAGE MARKETPLACE where several of my Friends are Vendors.   Loved my Friends Leslie and Mike's Vignette with the Sweet Jackalope and Entomology Displays!  *Swooning*

Visit JACK AND CAT CURIO at this link if you want to see more of what Leslie and Mike have in Inventory!   I had totally missed the "Spring Fling" Rag & Bone Decor Event on the Evening of April 21st that they'd had at the Shop.  But then I miss almost all Evening Events happening around Town.  *Pouting petulantly* So I wanted to at least get out and see some of the Spring Vignettes in person when I was already over on that side of Town dropping the Kiddos off at the Paternal Relatives and was just blocks away and Kid-Free.  *Smiles*

The Vignettes still had some really great pieces and I thoroughly Enjoyed my Window Shopping foray.  Without a whining Child in tow it's ever so much more Enjoyable and Zen to go where YOU wanna go and take as long as your little Heart desires to mosey around and Socialize with people about mutually Enjoyable things uninterrupted!  *Winks*   Of coarse I did a Marathon flit around Town because I had a hunch that chumming with a Teen Brother and his three year old Little Brother weren't gonna be as Entertaining as Princess T had Envisioned it might be.  *Bwahahahahaha!*

No matter how Special his Dad's Family were going to make the Invitation for her to join them all I was positively certain she'd fade and want to come Home prematurely.   The Young Prince's Little Brother was going to be attending his very first Dance Class... she Loves Dance so was jazzed to get to go with them.  Of coarse it turns out the Little Brother DOES NOT Love Dance and was the only Boy in the Class... so we suspect it could be his first and last Dance Class since he refused to participate?!  *Ha ha ha*  Much to the chagrin of Princess T who thought it a total Waste to send any Boy to Dance Class anyway... and would much rather have had Dance Class be all about her... of coarse!  *Winks*

When you're Ten and Maturing you find it mighty hard to share the Spotlight with an Adorable Three Year Old... they have the advantage of being in their Prime of the Cute Factor going on... and she doesn't Share Center Stage very well.   It's probably a very good thing she doesn't have her four younger Sisters to compete with on a daily basis and they're a whole Country away or she'd probably lose her Mind with Sibling Rivalry!?  *Smiles*   She realizes she's not the youngest child, but in this house she is... and she's quite content with that.  So Home she wanted to be... where she feels the entire Universe revolves around her.  *LOL*

Of coarse I got The Call from her Brother about the time I was picking The Man up to take him out for a Romantic Dinner I'd Promised him once he'd rested enough, just the two of us... that almost never happens... it being just the two of us.  *Le Sigh*  So, the busy Saturday Night at the Steakhouse we were waiting to get into was out of the question, the wait was gonna be too long.  Even after he'd called and we agreed to pick her up early, so he could finish out his Weekend with his Dad's Family, I knew she'd soon be doing the Follow-Up Call when she'd timed how long it should take us to get back over to that side of the City!  *LOL*

Of coarse I had Bribes set up already for just in case... AUDREY'S had been Celebrating their 5th Birthday Anniversary and handing out these Sweet little Gourmet Cookies a Friend's Bakery had Created for the Celebration.  I was also able to buy the coveted Honey Sticks the Kiddos have been Jonesin' for and 'Sprouts' had been completely out of now for weeks!  *Whew*  Along with a Jar of the Golden Spring Desert Bloom local Honey... Yum!   It's also a great Natural way to build up an Immunity to local pollens if you have bad allergies, which this trio do.  So every Spring I always Invest in a good grade tasty Local Honey where the Beekeepers have kept the hives in the Natural Desert to gather their Liquid Gold.   Now that we live in a new Home with Natural Desert all around us the Crew here has had more allergy issues.  Got 'em out of the City Smog and in fresh clean air, so here they are struggling with the Pollen and Dust of the Natural Desert more... go figure!  *LOL*

So... anyways, The Man and I settled for 'Boston Market' Dinner close to where we'd be picking her up... we like the food and there were no long lines of people waiting for a seat.   With less Sensory Overload in the restaurant The Man did better anyway and we could get finished before that third call from the Kiddos would come in asking where we were now?!  *Winks*  Kinda makes me feel like they're our Wardens and we're temporarily out on Parole, huh?  *Smiles*

And so... what little bits of Retail Therapy did I indulge in you might ask?  Coz you know I wasn't out and about Scavenging unencumbered and coming up empty handed, right?  Or that I wasn't gonna neglect to Reveal my Cache of Found Treasures... I mean The Finds are our Trophies from the Thrill Of The Hunt, right?!?!!!  *Winks*  Well, for starters I Scored this Awesome hand-made Down Pillow in Crushed Velvet, Linen and embellished with a Belgian Velvet Vintage Doily... just My Style... and at such a Bargain I could hardly contain my Excitement!  Yeah, I know, I'm an Epic Pillow Hoarder and didn't need yet another one... but Seriously, can one ever have too many Beautiful OOAK or Vintage Pillows... I think not!  *Winks*


And when the Kiddos are with me I get huge sighs and the rolling of eyes and Complaints if I wanna stop in at Hobby Lobby and trawl the Sales there.  *Smiles*   So you know on the way to our Antique Mall to quickly foof my Showrooms and add some New Inventory while I didn't have an entourage in tow this day I HAD to stop by Hobby Lobby to see what was marked down 50%-80%!!!   I know it's inexpensive re-pops of Styles that are currently Trending but I'm no Purist if the Look and the Price are right!  And I J'Adore their selection of Artist and Craft Supplies, which are also often on deep discount.  So I got four Wood-Rubber Stamps at a deep discount and these Adorable Miniature Olive Buckets for Art Studio Storage 50% Off!  The very small Vintage Mason Jar I'd Scored at EVERYTHING GOES... along with the Cute Trinket Box that will be in the Image below.

This little painted Wood Trinket Box was inexpensive but had a great Italian Tole Rosette and Vintage Velvet Millinery Leaves and Rosebuds around it.  Sorry the Image doesn't have great clarity, but I'm trying to Photograph some of this after Midnight so the lighting isn't Ideal.  *LOL*  I think Prince D's Little Brother must have worn The Princess out because it wasn't all that late but she had fallen asleep in the Jeep on the way Home and didn't even finish her McDonald's Happy Meal!  *LOL*  I might have to borrow that Grandson every now and again to slow her Roll and have her retiring to bed early!   After spending a day with busy Little Prince B now she knows how I Feel after spending a day with HER!  *Winks*

And last but certainly not least I Scored this Antique Gilded Gesso Mirror at a very low price... I have this 'Thing' for Antique Mirrors, especially if they're at the right price!  I wanted to make a Wall of Mirrors somewhere around here at New Villa Boheme'... but so many of the Antique ones are so heavy... and after that episode with falling Taxidermy off vibrating walls, I'm hesitant!  Forget about bad Luck with broken Mirrors, I'd be Heartbroken to have any of the Antique Mirrors in my Collection come crashing to the floor... so I'm settling for propping them up around the house to reflect Vignettes and my Pretties.  I know... eventually I'll learn to anchor heavy items to Modern Home Walls, but for now I'm skittish... and too used to the solid Historic Home Walls I Trusted!

And so... most things that should be hung up are still languishing all over the floors or propped up against things here at New Villa Boheme' for now... 'til I get Brave... and Ambitious... which is a Tall Order to have any particular day when I'm Feeling both!  But it sure is good to have The Man back Home... and we're keeping our fingers crossed for two things on Monday... that his Consultation with the New Doctor goes well... and that the Meeting with the City and our Realtor about the Purchase of the Old Homestead goes well too!  Both will definitely be answer to Prayer for Yours Truly!

It's been a very long Good-Bye to our Historic Home... and with every ounce of my Being I will certainly miss the Property and all of it's Odd Quirks... Century Old Rock Masonry Walls... 

Acreage of Mature Desert Landscaping and huge very Old Cacti that Created my very own mini Desert Botanical Garden to Enjoy for so many years...

And Rustic Railroad Tie and Rock construction... they don't make 'em like that anymore and so it is my Hope that whoever does purchase it will Preserve this piece of West Valley History that tells the Tale of how the Wild West was tamed and Settled by the Early Pioneers of the area who built this Community around their Dreams.

It was once our Dream to make this our Forever Home and completely Restore it.  Alas, some Dreams only partially come true and to fruition, so you have to know when to Dream something Fresh and New that is now possible with present situations and resources.  And let Old Dreams go... reluctantly... but knowing that every Dream had it's Season and Reason.  It was a very good Season while it lasted... with many Memories to Cherish Forever...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh sweetheart, I feel for you. This is such a time of flux.
    What a cute house with all that history.
    I'm so glad you had a few hours to yourself and you made such good use of it!
    I love that pillow and those gorgeous mirrors. Yum.
    Thinking of you both tomorrow. xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thank you my Friend... hoping for the best possible news and a quick closing of the deal. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Have you tried the OOK brand of wall hooks? They have a great selection, and you buy them by the weight you will be hanging on them. I used them all the time in my house with drywall walls, and never had any problem, I think they even guarantee them! Prayers for you and your family! Delaine

    1. I'll have to seek out that brand of hooks and see how it works... I had even visited Taxidermists to see what they hang their largest mounts with but apparently there aren't specialty hooks designed just for that. I'm trying to get over my nervousness about hanging things... having one precious Mount that fell and got damaged was so heartbreaking. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh Monday does sound stressful! Praying it will go smooth and successful on both counts!God Bless You!

    1. Me too... Hoping for the best. Dawn... The Bohemian


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