Friday, May 13, 2016

Not Zen Yet...

I'm not Zen yet... I'm trying to be... about The Man, The Grands and I taking turns lately being in Hospitals, Specialist Offices, having uncomfortable Testing done, Meetings with not-so-good News... yada yada yada.  We're rather at saturation point with the Bad News thang.

I've been deep in Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, taking long soaky fragrant baths and the like to remain in a place of Calm.  But I ain't gonna lie, it's like having Calm in the Eye of the Storm.  Knowing that while you manage to remain in the Eye you might Feel safer... but you really aren't, it's rather an Illusion of weathering an epic Storm without collateral damage taking place.  You can't just keep moving along in the Eye forever... at some point after the front end hit ya, the back end will too.

And when those Storms are fast moving they take you right along at a fast clip so you just remain in Reactive Mode and not Proactive Mode, which I don't like... not one bit!   What's transpiring is a maelstrom of events that have me almost out of breath to keep up with the endless series of Appointments, Tests, Procedures, Meetings, Game Plans etc. being hammered out almost on the Fly and without hardly any prior Notice to have any of it really soaking in.


Okay... so in a few short days I've hammered out the Game Plan for The Grandson's Mental Health Services for another year... The Grand-Daughter's IEP for next School Year and expanded Services she'll require since things ain't going so well... The Grand-Daughter's Gastro Specialist Game Plan... The Man's TBI Specialist Assessment being scheduled, which BTW they say will take EIGHT freakin' HOURS to complete!  *Uggg!*  Yeah, he's Thrilled about that one... NOT... and I don't even wanna Think about how I'm gonna get either of us thru it!?

At least we got him released from the Cardiologist for another few Months since he didn't need a Stint or another Bypass Surgery, Praise God!   His Coronary Artery Disease keeps progressing, but right now he's Stabilized again... Whew!  I had my Imaging Tests done... then Close-Ups requested since I'm a Popular Model lately... and they wanted a closer gander at the Abnormalities... like ANYTHING could be Normal lately!!!

But Normal is such a Subjective Term... so we're just Rolling with our Abnormalities as best we can right now... but it is like Rolling down ten miles of bad road.   So Today we drop off my Disc of the 'Ta-Ta Photo Shoots' to schedule the Biopsies... I thought maybe I'd get a brief breather before the Procedure?  Nope... they waste no time, so early next week, squeezed in between some of The Man and The G-Kid Force's Specialist Appointments already cluttering up the Calendar... Biopsies Scheduled and on a School Day... Crap!

I was kinda Hoping I could have that Nine Day Delay so that the Kiddos would at least be out of School for the Summer and I didn't have to worry about drop offs and pick-ups!  Not a chance... their sense of Urgency at the various Doctor's Offices is rather unsettling... so we'll concede and hammer those logistics out too... why not... my feet are hardly touching the ground now so we might as well keep in Fast Flight Mode 'til we can have a Safe landing.

Ah Yes... SAFE landings... like Parachuting over Crock infested waters... and knowing that the Wind will only take you so far before you have to land, Safe or not...    So No... NOT Zen yet... but I'm trying to be.  And Yes, I know... it's Friday the 13th... how fitting!  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are Woman! You are Strong! And you WILL have a safe landing! I'm praying for all the best for you on this end!

    1. Crap now I have a Helen Reddy chorus looping thru my head... ha ha ha... Marlynne you crack me up! Winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. "When you go through deep waters, I will be with you."
    Isaiah 43:2. Your water is pretty deep right now!! Keeping you in my prayers Dawn...

    1. Thank you for the Inspiring Scripture and for coming for a blog visit, all prayers are certainly appreciated! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh my Dawn...You are certainly NOT getting to enjoy that new house of yours!! I'm sorry for this recent turn of events...but, this, too, shall pass. It always does....I know you know that!



    1. I do Jo... and yes, I am waiting to be able to enjoy the new Home properly when all of the Issues of Life have Calmed down. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Sending lots of Zen blessings for peace, health and prosperity---like your plate isn't full enough. Amen, Sandi


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