Thursday, May 26, 2016

Itchy Munchies At Two A.M.

The new meds are doing their job swell... but it also means itchy munchies at two a.m.!   *Smiles*   Crawling out of my skin with itchiness and hungry as a ravenous pack of Wolves!   Good thing I won't be on them too long, I forgot how my body reacts to antibiotics or pain meds and why I'm usually in bad shape before I agree to take them.  I'm such a lightweight when it comes to any kind of meds since I'm the one reluctant to even take aspirin for a headache!  *LOL*

So since I'm up anyway... itching and eating... well, I perused my Photo Archives to see what loveliness never got a Post?  And still chuckling to myself... since I'm High right now and feeling like floating spaghetti... about the Doc forgetting I'm still raising Kiddos and suggested if I didn't have a problem with it, perhaps I should just go topless around the house for a few days since wearing clothing is painful right now.   Ummm Doc, I still got Teen Boys and Prepubescent Girls running around my house most of the time, I'm pretty sure that would put the kabosh on The Force's Friends being allowed to come over anymore ever!?   *Bwahahahahaha!*

Of coarse The Force had mixed reviews about that piece of hilarity and it's imagined visuals.  The Young Prince grinned broadly and said, "Yeah... NO... definitely don't do that Gramma... "   After all, you cannot unsee what you already saw, right?  *Bwahahahaha*   And Princess T was like, "We don't care..." and she really doesn't... care... in fact she probably wouldn't even notice or bat an eyelash as she breezes in and out of the room!  Her Shock and Trauma Factor is not easily triggered, Wednesday Addams Child that she is.  And Gramma is already Weird enough, so nothing I could do, wear or not wear would probably embarrass or Surprise her anymore anyway.  *Smiles*

So, the consensus is unanimous that I should keep my top on.  *Winks*  And after two bowls of shredded wheat I'm finally satiated since that sits like cement in the stomach.  But what to do about the itching?  Scratch I guess.  I don't wanna hafta put any more salves on than I've already got plastered on me for wound dressing, I already feel pretty much like a greased Pig!  *Smiles*  Which is an apt description since I'm eating like one during the duration of this med regimen!!!

And somehow I've got to get the motivation to go to the Store when the Sun comes up to buy more gauze bandages, since now I'm completely out and that's a problem unless I want umteen wardrobe ruined.  Several will have to be tossed already and I'm scoping out which pieces I don't mind risking as I peruse the wardrobe for something else to wear and then probably hafta Sacrifice until I'm Healed?   I've tried to solicit a few of The Man's old Tees to be donated to The Cause, but he's not willing to take one for the Team, he likes all his present wardrobe.   Besides, his only takes up a quarter of the big new closet so his Man Thinking cannot understand why I can't Sacrifice mine instead?!   *Ha ha ha*

So, more ample gauze bandages would be way cheaper than new Wardrobe and a trip to the Store is a pilgrimage I therefore have to muster.   Have to be off the pain management meds to drive tho', not looking forward to dealing with the pain again... so would much rather stay Home instead with it managed.  It sucks being the only one in the household who can drive... I can't delegate a run to the store to anyone else!   Dammit!   So I'm just waiting on the effects of the last dose to wear off so I won't be DUI and careening down the road feeling like floating spaghetti!   *Smiles*

What does that even mean Gramma, the Young Prince inquired about feeling like floating spaghetti?   *Ha ha ha*   I dunno, I'm not even making sense to myself right now... which is why I don't like to feel High... it's too Weird.  He thinks that's hilarious... since right now he's on a Bipolar No-Sleep bender and his own meds clearly aren't working to alleviate that sleep depravity Issue.  At least now they're out of School for the Summer so if he stays up it's a non-issue, he'll eventually crash...  but he's extremely animated until he does and that's way too much energy for me at past three a.m. now!

Can you go do some Yoga or something I inquire?  You know, to unwind and land your balloon Kiddo.... Ohhhhmmmmmm!   He gets the hint that I don't want to have this deep conversation at three a.m. about why I am still up too, eating my second bowl of shredded wheat, itching like a Dog with fleas and feeling like floating spaghetti!   He's Amused by it all... I am clearly not.  I'm also not looking forward to changing my dressing again since everyone else is too squeamish to, it's painful, gross and not at all pleasant, not to mention totally inappropriate for some given the location. *Ha ha*  Note to Self: Nursing wouldn't be my forte either!  Bravo to all Medical Professionals out there for your fortitude doing stuff that grosses the rest of us out!

And I am grossed out... things looking gnarly bother me... especially if it's mine!  *Ha ha ha*  I'd much rather it be Rainbows and Unicorn Farts right now, that's easier.   And for some strange reason now my thoughts have switched completely and gone to Fairie Gardens... and how I should make one... Yes, I'm mos def Feeling High!   And that trip to the store will have to be delayed for quite a while me thinks and I'll just have to improvise on the bandages and cut something up.  *Bwahahahaha* 

Soooo... as I'm looking around... I Wonder if The Man just happened to leave any of his Shirts laying around???  *He he he*   What!??!???!?   I thought you didn't Care about THAT one anymore Honey... you know, being you left it laying around where it shouldn't be... and now it's Ta-ta dressing... now I don't care who you are, THAT'S Funny!   *Winks*


Floating like Spaghetti here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well, hope the itching stops and the pain is less. My husband is very sensitive to meds while I could drink gasoline and it wouldn't affect me. Your plate is full dear. Take care.

    1. Itching has subsided and pain-free right now, yay! I rarely take meds so I do find my body is more sensitive to them than most people seem to be. I feel the aggressive treatment my Doc ordered will definitely help me to Heal at a better pace now the infection is getting under control. It was amazing how quickly I began to feel better. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I can't imagine what you're going through, but I applaud your humor throughout this hilarious post. I could certainly resonate with hubby's protection of his "small" wardrobe.
    Thank you for your lovely visit to my blog,
    Mary Alice

    1. I had Fun writing it, since I couldn't sleep anyway... but once I did conk out I had the most luxurious nap ever! *Ha ha ha* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Although I am sorry you are in pain and have an itch you can't scratch, I marvel that you made such an enjoyable post out of the whole uncomfortable process. I like the idea of feeling like flying spaghetti. For a while, anyway. I look forward to reading that you are healing and feeling better. This sounds rough.

  4. Thank you and so glad you found the Post to be as enjoyable as I found it to be writing it. I've always had a very Dark Humor and just see the hilarious in odd situations I guess. *smiles* I'm sure my body will respond to the treatments since the Doc is being aggressive with it to kick this infection's butt. Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. It is hard when your the only driver! my sister went thru that all her married life. Hope you've been to get your bandages by now! Heal soon!

    1. Thankfully I'd forgotten that after the Man's recent hospitalization they'd sent him Home with some to cover his surgical area so I'm using those and didn't need to make that dreaded trip to the store after all! Yay! That's about the only good thing I can say about he and I having back to back Surgeries! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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