Monday, May 23, 2016

Gramma Are You Supposed To Be Lifting That!?

"Gramma, are you supposed to be lifting that!?"   Lately that burning question has been the bane of my existence.  *Le Sigh* The G-Kid Force have become The Lifting Police, keeping me accountable to adhering to Doctor's Orders.  Fearful that perhaps my left boob will burst open and spill it's contents all over the place if I lift more than five pounds?!  *LOL*   Well, have you ever tried NOT to lift more than five pounds during the course of a normal day?  I think it's impossible, I really do, we'll have to risk a boob explosion and I know they mean well, but they're getting obsessive about Policing me! 

 It's like they've become my Wardens and I'm on Lifting Probation for a week... I probably shouldn't have told them of any restrictions... but it was unfortunately necessary.  Since the demands of The Force can get heavy otherwise and I'm not totally ignoring the Doc's Orders to take it Easy as I can.  So... Princess T and I went Pickin', mostly because The Son needed a rendezvous point to hand her off to me after her weekend with his Family.  And I can only hang out for hours waiting on him being perpetually late at few locales without losing my Mind!  *Smiles*   So we picked my Fav Junquing Haunt to meet up at.  I was going thru Junquing Withdrawal anyway and needed a 'Fix'.  This taking it Easy hasn't been so Easy on me, even into my Senior years the ADHD limits me from being Still or inactive too long. 

 I start getting sedentary Anxiety from trying too hard not to do anything... I'll just have to Heal semi-active I guess.  So, I'm at the Pickin' Place waiting on them and it's the Motherlode of Smalls and Vintage Luggage this day.  I suspect that an Antiques Dealer must have thrown in the towel because several Antique Scores still had Antique Store pricing and descriptions on them!?  *Booyah!*  I didn't know what most of it was, but I knew it was Old... my Antique Radar went off immediately, so the descriptions remaining was helpful.  The Red wood block thingies say they're Plate Presses and they have neat Metal Number Plates on the side, which is what I liked best about them.  Even tho' it is doubtful I'll ever be Pressing Plates, whatever that entails?  But you never know... so... *Winks*

  Vintage Games were some of the best Scores, Love me some Vintage Games and their Packaging, most seemed complete too... other Pickers hadn't ravaged them... Rare when anything is boxed and not easily recognizable.  The Curiosity Factor always prevails and then it typically gets jacked up at the Clearance Centers since some Pickers are like Bulls in a China Shop scouring for their Scores.  I'm not kidding, many act like they lose their Minds and all decorum!  So a lot of the Good Stuff doesn't Survive to be Picked because it gets too manhandled by the ignorant who don't recognize it's Value and those who lack all self-control or don't give a damn. 

  Many don't supervise the Children they drag along with them and so a lot of Kiddos are also running amok or Shadowing you as you try to Pick.  I feel like an unpaid Babysitter constantly asking Kids where their Mommy or Daddy is since they should be the one watching them but are conspicuous by their absence!  One unsupervised Toddler was holding this Vintage Ocelot Wrap... and you know how it is when you see something you really want and someone else has it?  I go into Stalker Mode Hoping they'll lay it back down if it's clear they probably aren't gonna buy it anyway.  Yeah, ashamed to Confess I was Stalking a Baby waiting for him to lay the Vintage Ocelot Wrap down!  *Bwahahaha!*  I Smiled at him, Kids like me, and since Mom wasn't paying him any attention my Charm worked and the subconscious vibe to lay the pretty Wrap down kicked in and he gave it up when he grew bored with it, tossing it to the side where I immediately pounced on it!  *Smiles*   And Yes, that's a mini Barrel I also Scored... and wasn't 'allowed' to lift per Princess T!  *Le Sigh*  But I wasn't NOT Scoring it, you hear me!  Luckily she could pick it up and we finally ditched all the other people's Kids trailing us around!  *Whew*

 Sorry, but I can't do what I am there to do if I'm trying to watch out for the Kiddos of negligent Strangers, it's enough to look after my own!   Sometimes the Kiddos find the Best Stuff tho', which is why I usually have The G-Kid Force in tow on a Good Pick, Eyes like a Rat kids have... and they're closer to the ground so they miss nothing!  That stray Kid's Mom wouldn't Appreciate or Value a Vintage Ocelot Wrap anyway, hell, she doesn't even Appreciate or Value her Precious Toddler enough to keep him safe and supervised!  Tragic... but what ya gonna do, some folks just aren't up to the job of Parenting.  Letting their Kiddos run amok, no matter how young, is easier than being Responsible and a Fit Parent I guess.  I try not to let it bother me, but it always does and it's not so uncommon a practice nowadays, which is even more disturbing to me.

  Unfortunately, in the Scavenging Circles, there are a lot of Parents with Kiddos in tow that are more focused upon their Agenda than upon keeping track of where their Kids are!  The Shop Owners do bilingual announcements all the time to keep Kiddos with you... to no avail, it mostly falls on deaf ears.   I know most of the Staff and it's the bane of their existence, to try to shame some of the Parents into doing their primary job Parenting as they seek out the stuff they intend to hawk.  I think that's also why the Staff like and indulge my Grandkids... and any Children that are Polite, well behaved, have manners and are not neglected or running amok!   Anyway... my pet peeve of bad Parenting aside, I Scored some pretty awesomeness as you can see.  And Princess T Scored some of her own as payment for being my Helper this day.

  And yes, all of the laden Vintage Suitcases were mos def over five pounds... and so I was constantly reminded, "Gramma, are you supposed to be lifting that?!"  *Winks*   And so she Volunteered to be my Pack Mule to transfer it from Cart to Vehicle... making her my Favorite right now... and Revealing she's stronger than she looks!  *LOL*

And we have even more Fun once Home wading thru our Haul and deciding what is a Keeper and what will be hawked?   That Old Slate mini Chalkboard really is a piece of authentic Stone Slate!   And I'm utilizing the Trophy Toppers as Bottle Stoppers which I see all the time on Pinterest and really like the Idea of since I can Find these things all day long and have a huge cache' of Old Wine Corks.  I mean, who doesn't, right?  *Winks*   And No, kidding aside I did NOT drink all the Wine the Corks might have sealed... anytime I find Wine Corks I pick them up to use for Projects.  I have not yet become an Old Wino... but it could happen... *smiles*

I bought one that somebody else at our Antique Mall made and then decided I needed to just make the rest of them myself for the Art Studio Loft Storage containers I wanted to utilize them for.  Otherwise it could get too spendy and I'm on that dreaded Budget thang still. *Le Sigh*  Cute tho', huh?  And finding Vintage Bottles is a snap too so I have an abundance of readily available Supplies to make as many as I Need.

Out of all the Vintage Luggage this one was my Fav and will mos def be a Keeper... along with the Anri Italian Nativity Set.  There were other Cool Finds that I'll probably end up Flipping tho', like the Buddha Copper Lighter, Antlers, Old Garden Tools and British Axe Pick Salvaged top.  I had to dismantle a trashed Old Chandie that had no Hope but had a wealth of miniature Lead Crystal Prisms to Salvage.  Will add them to my ongoing Hoard of Crystal Prisms in all shapes and sizes.   Some of the Vintage Luggage and a 1950's Globe will also be Showroom bound to re-stock Inventory.  

Sorry for the Poor Quality of Imagery, but this is one of those wee hours of the Morning low level Lighting Posts again.  *Ha ha ha*   I'm Conflicted on whether to Flip the Vintage Aunt Jemima Note Holder since who doesn't Love Aunt Jemima, her Pancakes and Syrup were a staple of our diet growing up!  Plus, I've never seen one of these so must have been a Promo Item and who knows if I'll ever see or find another?   So I'm thinking of attaching a Magnet and putting a new Note Pad on her near the Landline Phone in the Kitchen.

Anyway, everything cost me less than forty bucks and I can recoup that with just a couple of the items I'm definitely Flipping so the rest is Gravy, whether I Keep or Sell it... and that made for a very Good Day my Friends... well, except for constantly hearing that burning question that has been the bane of my existence since the Procedure and I practically hear in my Sleep now!  *LOL*  I'll be so Glad when Wednesday arrives and my Time Limit of No Lifting is up and I'm Paroled from being Policed and having live-in Probation Officers watching me like a couple of Hawks!  *Smiles*


Blessings and Happy Pickin' from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad the G-Force is helping you as well as reminding you of your restrictions! Yes for sure keep the Aunt Jemima Note Holder!

  2. When I did a Google Auction search for the Aunt Jemima Note Holder I saw that they were from the 1950's era and the average Sold price was about fifty bucks... so yeah, keeping her! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. It is ways hard to follow doctor's orders but in the end, we are better off for doing so. Take it easy and you will recover more quickly.


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