Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gone Pickin'...

I'm not used to not feeling good so often as I have been lately... and so I've gotten quite behind.  So on the days I feel pretty good I can't wait to get back to my normal routines.  Today was such a day as that, which Thankfully fell on the weekend, so that my Sidekick Princess T could join me for a Girl's Day Out... Gone Pickin'!

We didn't have any Agenda as to what we were looking for, just The Thrill Of The Hunt and a Good Deal for Inventory to stock the Showrooms so that they'd be filled before I'm 'down' for my recuperation after the procedures scheduled.  I'm assuming I'll have 'down time' since they don't want me to do any lifting or housework... I think I can Roll with that restriction.  *Winks*

I have never been much of a domestic goddess and so any justifiable reason not to do housework works for me!  *LOL*  Actually the New Home lends itself well to keeping Orderly and Clean, which is rather strange since it's so big... go figure.  Perhaps I have actually Culled enough of the Hoard of possessions to have reached that Ideal Balance of Maintenance being effortless for me, I dunno?

Perhaps it's all just so spread out now as to not look cluttered or messy to us even on our busiest days? But regardless, it is so nice to have it at least give off that Aura of being so effortless to Maintain and keep the way I like it to be, even while running a household full of people doing Life together under it's roof.

Even when the G-Kid Force have Friends over most of the day and I've got a house full of Young People, it never seems rowdy or unkempt to the point of me tripping out about it.  *LOL*   The Young Prince had his Best New Friend over for the entire day and so we left the house to the Guys and promised to bring Home some KFC for Dinner when we returned.

We're liking all of the Kiddos New Friends, very Nice Young People, very well raised and a Positive Influence.  With all of them typically retreating to the Upstairs living spaces we hardly know we even have so many Kids in the house or any Kids in the house!  *LOL*  I had worried with a new build if we'd have that same soundproofing that our fourteen to sixteen inch thick Historic Home walls provided?  As it turns out, if you buy a big enough Home you can't hear anyone in the other portions of it and I like that, loads of Privacy and Quiet!  

And even tho' I do still have some things on the floor... or waiting to be hung... or in piles here and there... even almost a Year in... it's not so noticeable that it even bothers me here.  Because I'm continuously In Process of Culling and Paring Down I'm not being hasty about hanging everything up just in case I decide not to even keep it?

And because the Outdoor Spaces were already Done when we moved in... we're taking our time adding our own touches to those areas too and slowly deciding how best to Plan and lay everything out?  This Inner Courtyard Wall for example is slated one day to have Tuscan Villa Stone facade.  Only then will I purchase some Vines and begin layering the space to give it Old World Charm, like it's been there a very long time.

I should know by the end of this Month if the two most interested potential Buyers of the Old Homestead will firmly decide to Close the Deal or get into a bidding war?   We've had several interested Buyers but it has to be a Cash Sale and so that often weeds folks out who need funding.  It is unfortunate that Lenders don't lend on Fixer-Upper Historic Homes, so many people would Love to own one and Restore them if they can get underwritten to do so.

There have been a lot of Showings and the City should finalize their annual budget soon and they too would like to be in the running to purchase it... so we'll see what plays out?   With the Economy still being pretty much stagnant there have been so many Short Sales and Foreclosures that it makes Selling a Home... not in distress or going to Auction... to Investors harder than usual.  Most regular folks can't pay Cash for a Home and you hate to turn them away, but we've had to.

For those flipping Homes it is easier to have those margins when you buy something cheap at Auction, usually way under Market Value, and Hope it doesn't need too much work or didn't get trashed when the folks knew they were losing it?  I spent over thirteen years of one of my Corporate Lives running Collections, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Departments for Major Lenders on their distressed Real Properties.  So I know what's typical when folks lose a Home and Lenders need to minimize Losses of Foreclosed Properties.

If you are someone Selling a Home  that you never defaulted on or own free and clear you can't really compete with Short Sales and Foreclosures. Because Lenders need to just try to cut their losses of distressed properties, recoup some money on the dollar they loaned, for their Investors, and Convey it back as REO property afterwards if nobody runs the bidding up and Purchases it at a Foreclosure Sale. 

  Typically a Seller wants to Cash Out on their Equity and turn a Profit, not take a Loss or break even.  Even with a lot of Equity built up, too many Short Sales and Foreclosures in any area hurts all other Property Sale Values since they will now be Comps.   Of coarse everyone knows the best time to Buy is when there is blood running in the streets and Economic instability because it tanks Property Values.  But I got my Deal on the Buy... so now I'm in Seller Mode and hoping the Economic Climate changes for the Good now.  *Winks*

But Today I didn't wanna Think upon Buying or Selling Real Estate... or anything related to Medical Issues or The Issues Of Life, I've had enough of all that lately.  Today Princess T and I just wanted to go out for a nice Lunch at our Fav Vietnamese Restaurant and then Go Pickin' for Inventory for my Showrooms... and we Enjoyed the whole Day just doing that... and it was Good...

To just lose ourselves in The Thrill Of The Hunt... Score some Good Deals and come Home laden with Found Treasures in time for the Sales Events at our Antique Mall this Weekend!!!  

 Yes, that's right folks we're having a whopping 25% Off in anything from a locked Case at BRASS ARMADILLO WEST!   And could I Resist not getting a lil somethin-somethin 25% Off for myself... Hell No... are you trippin'?!?  *Winks*

I HAD to Score this Vintage Charm Necklace... during my Era Charm Bracelets and Charm Necklaces were all the Rage and I was distraught when mine got lost in Transit during one of our many moves years ago.   So I'm recapturing some of my Lost Childhood Heirlooms when I can Score them at a Bargain like this... I think this one has about 28 really Cute Charms of Good Quality... some with small Semi-Precious Stones inlaid... others with moving parts.

I agonized over how best to Showcase it for the Blog Reveal since it is so long? I put it here and there... poor lighting this late at Night and lack of sufficiently tall Models was posing a particular Challenge.  When I wear it, well, it's hanging almost to my bellybutton!    

So forgive me for the lack of Clarity to the Imagery since we're too Impatient to wait 'til Daylight now!  *Ha ha ha*  I want this Post cranked out Tonight dammit!  *Smiles*

Finally the right Model came along... Mister Cadaver was Delighted to Model it... what a Ham 'Bone' huh?  *LOL*  My very Fav Charm is a Bluebird in a Gilded Cage sitting on a tiny Swing... alas, no Close-Ups are happening Tonight in clear enough focus to make the Grade.   And I also Scored two 1800's Quack Medicines in Amber Apothecary Bottles with Ornate Labels and contents still intact for 25% Off!   So... Showrooms are stocked back up sufficiently and a trio of Treasures came Home with me... it was a very Good Day!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. For the first time in years, I went looking at a local mall this weekend for frames. I've set my limit at $5.00 each. Found a few but looked at other things too. Mostly crap and at high prices. It was disappointing. You must have better places to shop.

    1. Oh we do, it's a Blessing that we have several unique small businesses that specialize in quality re-sale, architectural salvage and the like... I never go to regular Malls to shop. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So glad you had a GOOD DAY! Health and Pickin!

    1. Absolutely love having those Good days interspersed with the Not-So-Good ones, it brings some balance and bouys the Spirit. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment!
    What an interesting home you do have and so many interesting objects!!!
    I'm also always in the process of pairing down or decluttering (and I am not very good at housework!)x

    1. Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... and yes, the purge continues endlessly doesn't it? Smiles... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Bring one in, take one out. It's the latter that is the hardest. But if you don't you end up overrun!
    Sooo glad you had a lovely moment. Big hugs for the other days!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes... I now have a five to one rule, bring one in and FIVE have to go out... keeps me much more accountable from becoming overrun! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


  6. So wondering where those photos of the fountain & stone/brick walls were taken? Your new place? I REALLY like 'em!

    1. No, that lovely Zen Waterscape was at the Hospital that The Man was in when he had his Cardiac Emergency, I'd go there to restore my Calm the week he was in Cardiac Care, did Wonders for the Soul and yes it was Lovely! I do plan to eventually put in a Zen Water Feature at the New Villa Boheme' eventually, brings such Peace to a Space. Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. LOL...for a second there, I thought it was Steven Tyler----LOL... too funny---he needs a wig..with feathers.
    Great find, thanks for sharing all your fun stuff, Sandi


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