Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Botched... My Personal Episode

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I never liked how it looked when the bandages came off... but then again, I didn't know what it was SUPPOSED to look like since I've never had this kind of a Procedure before???   And since I felt so much better than expected the first three days after Surgery I didn't worry so much that anything might have been Botched or ready to go very wrong.

But it didn't look anything like I'd expected and had been hidden by the bandages the first three days, I'd expected a closed incision site and not a gaping hole the size of a dime!   Still, the handout I'd been given was followed to a tee and so I just felt Healing would take place Normally and maybe this was how it was supposed to be?  Well, almost Normally since being a Diabetic compromises ability to Heal as quickly as most folks.  But each day I thought I should feel better and better... not worse and worse!   Uh Oh!

But worse and worse came... The Man said it didn't look Right to him either and tho' not a Doc, at least he's been a Paramedic and Field Medic, so his Concern was something I took to Heart.  Pain escalated... and since there hadn't been any, even after the surgery, well, it was just weird to be a week out and have such intense pain, redness and sensation of being on fire now!   Unless that gaping hole had allowed an infection to get in?  I had wondered why they hadn't stitched such a large incision?  Especially on a bodacious body part where weight would be an Issue... but perhaps it was supposed to remain open, I just didn't know?

Ignorance isn't always Bliss... and my Instincts were telling me something was definitely not Right... in fact, it looked and Felt very Wrong!  I Cried all last Night... and I rarely cry.   So I went to see my regular Doctor on Base for a second opinion this Morning on Emergency Walk-In.  Since I felt the Civilian Surgeon's opinion might end up biased if things had actually gone Left and ass covering played out.   I've known people that had such outcomes, I wasn't gonna be one of them!!!  I Needed a more Objective Opinion than who might have jacked things up.

  My Instincts served me well once again... I was apparently having my Personal Episode of Botched!  She was duly alarmed at what was happening and what she saw... and agreed to run damage control and put things right.  But wanted me to let the Surgeon's Office know things were not going well and hadn't been done well.  So, Yes, I did go back to the Surgeon's Office to let them know things had gone South with this complication and look at the carnage.  Saw a different Surgeon there that concurred it had... and was a 'Rare Complication'... uh huh.   The putting things right entails leaving it open and exposed to drain what now is a Situation.  I don't like Situations... got enuf to Deal with regularly without a Situation.

I've always been gun-shy of Western Medicine and it's Practices... but some things I've had to seek Western Medical Intervention if I Hope to have Insurance pay for any of it and afford to Get and Be Well.   But I'm always Guarded... too often gone in Well and come out Not Well, especially for Preventative Medicine, which I'm told is allegedly going to Prevent Illness or something becoming worse or dire.   In Theory I suppose that would work well... but in Reality... sometimes it does not.   So now I'm on a slew of meds and rather High... which I'd rather NOT be either given I'm a full time Caregiver responsible for three people's Needs.   But I'm no longer in excruciating Pain... and that is a Relief... and I can finally get some Sleep.  And more importantly, finally begin to Heal!


Trying to Heal from my Personal Botched Episode... here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So Sorry! Not fair!! Glad you are now feeling better and hopefully healing!!

    1. Thank You my Friend... I am glad I heeded instinct and insisted on getting in to see my regular Doctor for her to evaluate the situation before it worsened. Hate taking strong meds, kinda feel like spaghetti right now... limp as a noodle! ha ha ha. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Really sorry to read this. Talk about bad luck! I hope it starts to heal properly and you feel better soon.

  3. One thing about being a Care-Giver is sometimes you need the care. Ministering to you and holding their own---will be good for all. So take the time to heal and they will all help, too.
    And sending oodles of good thoughts for healing...Sandi


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